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You remember Harper and Marco. Well get ready to figure out the mysteries. What happened to Harper? Marco runs the Mexican Cartel and he never goes down without a fight. ©MISSCL CONSEQUENCES 1 AND 2 Copyright owner. Do not use or take anything from this book. I have created my own world with my own characters and ideas. If you find someone else is using anything inside this book. I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1


Welcome to book 2. This is exciting. Don't get me wrong but I wasn't planning on writing a second book. I hope you enjoy.

One of the many places on earth. Dangerous. Unidentified. Not a single person has stepped foot in this territory. An area as deadly as the Bermuda Triangle. Devil's Triangle. Well what about Diamonds Gate? Unexplored depths of the earth that no human would dare to check out and take a look at. Nobody a part from Harper. Half human, quarter lioness, quarter fairy. How that could be possible she asks herself staring down at what she would usually identify as a map in a geography lesson but this isn't no normal lesson. This is true life. A weird and bizarre version of what she would identify as life as she swoops down. Her body is being carried much like a joey being carried by its mother in her pouch. The difference here is that one second she saw Marco, the next was darkness and then she saw the amazon rain forest. The biggest forest in the world. Miles and Miles of land that she's travelled for weeks now and not figured a thing out. All she wants to do is see the man who was there for her. That man who would save her using all his power. That man who proofed out of her vision to be replaced by fairies who reminded her of her favourite television show the smurfs because they all had the same deep purple hair. She's the odd one out. It's bizarre.

The area they live is called diamonds gate. The reason why it's called that is because their houses are hidden behind a big blue gate that sparkles yet you cannot see it in a helicopter or using sattilite.

The good news is that Harper had learned how to control herself. Her eyes now shine a beautiful purple when she flies high in the sky, her hair flows down her head in waves and she can control all of her powers. The negatives that she does face is that her hair is still brown but she looks beautiful, when she moves, she travels in slow motion to all the other fairies. Another odd characteristic that she does carry is that her left eye is like a lions eye. Odd yet very special and unique. Green mixed with orange when her feet are on the floor.

The new place that she attends is fairy school. Her new home where she learned how to unlock all of her abilities. The good thing is that she fits in with all of her peers and seems to be happy.

Dropping her, Journey flips to face the opposite direction and travels away from Harper. Harper lands on her feet lightly and waves her right hand.

"Thanks. I'll go and work on the candles." Journey shines her ring to tell Harper that she heard her loud and clear before flapping her wings and shooting off away from her.

"What candle?" Harper jumps back startled and grins at Mission who crosses her arms. As mentioned all the fairies look exactly the same and Harper is the odd one out. They all have blue eyes, purple hair and wear different coloured socks so she knows who is who. Journey has one yellow and one pink sock whereas Mission has one blue and one purple sock. Plus their personalities are different. It's like trying to separate twins but on a larger scale.

"Oh mission you scared me." Harper touches her chest exaggerating and Mission smiles holding her hands together while twisting her body around from left to right.

"Just the wealth candle." Harper replies and Mission nods her head as Harper walks through the tall grass making her way to her small white house that was built for her. Mission follows closely behind her running.

"How do you make it?"

"Oh. Just lavender, one avacado, a pinch of salt, quarter of a lemon, two spoon fulls of gold, one chip of a diamond, one piece of grass, a little sprinkle of sherbet and two grapes." Mission stares at her blinking and Harper shrugs her shoulders.

"How do you remember that?"

"I don't know. I just do." Harper tells Mission honestly and opens up her blue front door. Mission waves to her before walking away.


"This is the book." Xion passes Marco a brown leather book and he opens it up to find the pages empty.

"How is this going to help me?" Marco glances over to Xion who shrugs his shoulders. "I found it."

"Pointless." Marco slams the book down on his kitchen counter scaring his cleaner who stares at him startled. He gives her an expression which tells her to stay quiet.

"Well surely there has to be a way." Xion sits down on the breakfast table metal and black leather stool as Marco picks up a glass of whiskey and downs it. He closes his eyes as he feels it burn his throat.

"She's gone, I've blocked her out." Marco hears and rolls his eyes sighing.

"I don't know who put you as my spirit guide but I would prefer it if you could fuck off and disappear!"

"I wanted to be your spirit guide now suck it up." He hears. A sharp headache thumps inside his head as he grabs the kitchen counter top and groans out with his eyes tightly closed.

"Spirit?" Xion asks Marco who nods his head before pinching his arm to overpower his spirit guide, him taking over.

"What do you want us to do?" Xion asks and Marco shrugs.

"Just get back to work. I'll figure out another way." Xion gives Marco a sympathetic smirk and turns on his heels leaving Marcos house in his black combats, black round neck t shirt, black boots and his machine gun laying on his arm. Marco nods once and twists the tap to get some cool fresh water to splash his face with. He wants and needs answers but doesn't know where to get them from.
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