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After her mother death Aara life changed miserable. how she solving the problems in her life?

Mystery / Romance
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Crown heirs Episode one

Main characters

Kim Aara lee : female main lead

Leo shin : male main lead and So min elder brother.

Jimmy Lee : Aara's elder brother.

so min : friend of Aara , they are childhood friends and Leo's little sister.

Jin Woo - actor

Jay : step elder brother of Aara and Jimmy

Sana : actress and she have crush on Leo.

Mr. Lee : X industries chairman.

soo young : 2nd wife of Mr. Lee and Jay's mother.

Mr. Tang : He is a Chinese and advisor and lawyer of the Lee family and one of director of X GROUP

Daniel and his guards : Lee family security team .

Stevenson : he is incharge of all duties at lee mansion.

Grande : senior care taker of the lee mansion.

Mr. Gong : director of X GROUP and first lover of Aara's mother.

Mr. seung ho :He is close friend of Aara's father.

yeri : girlfriend of Jay


(3 years before one day)

whole Lee family is sick because young master Jimmy is missing.

Tae : stay alert everyone, I want to know where is young master Lee we have to find him where is he? let's search him .

Daniel : we Searched already whole city and friends Houses but young master is not there.

Tae Yang : okay let's scan where he is, with using his IDs

Daniel and his securities : okay we are ready.

suddenly phone call from strangers

Tae Yang : yes this is lee enterprises what you want?

stranger : we want $10million within one hour, if you say no to us, we will kill future heir of lee family.

then the call is cut and Tae Yang and Daniel and securities are panicked not because of that kidnapers call.

Tae yang : did you guys done tracking?

Daniel : yes sir we got it but we have problem too.

Tae yang: what is that?

After they checked another tracking thing from same kidnapers place that is Aara.

Tae yang : okay get ready we have to save our heirs of lee family.

Daniel and the securities went to save them but Aara is already reached there to save her brother Jimmy. she went with her bike to save her brother, kidnappers are all shocked Because she is little teenage girl so they laughed after seeing her.

Aara : I'm here to fight, why you guys wasting my time?

kidnappers : what? fight? who are you?

Aara : why you want details about me , do you want extra money after you injured?

Jimmy : don't underestimate her guys I'm elder then her but she got black belt when she was 15.

kidnappers : so you are daughter of lee... not bad. we have jackpots now.

kidnappers laughing to them and but Jimmy looking cool.

Jimmy : Aara why you are here?when you came back in London.

Aara: oppa do you think it's easy to come here? it's really hard to find this place too, why you don't even call me when I was there?

Jimmy : Aara don't kidding, get out of here, its dangerous.

Aara: they are nothing , hang on 10 minutes.

kidnappers : you guys speaking toomuch, let's catch her.

Five or more fighters running towards to Thara and trying to catch her but Aara is not easy girl, she kicking their ashes and punching their faces.

Aara: I thought you guys are difficult to handle but you all chickens.

kidnappers : how dare you...

they fighting eachother and Aara is look like super girl. After she catch the kidnappers within 10 minutes Daniel and securities came to rescue them.

Aara: you guys are late.

Daniel : we are sorry for that.

Aara calling Tae Yang and informed ,then the securities catched kidnappers and handover to the police.

Aara : uncle Tae Yang you are late , I already catched them.

Tae Yang: listen Aara don't do this again, what if anything happened to you. why you don't inform us that you are in Korea.

Jimmy : she not going to listen your words.

Aara : don't worry about me uncle, I'll take care myself.

Tae Yang : come with us.

Then Aara takes her bike and left away without response.

Tae Yang : it's been 4 years but nothing changed in her (sigh)

Jimmy : let's go and welcome her.
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