The Adventures of Cryden and Samillithe

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Cryden The Lazy

Moments after Samillithe left, Cryden decided that instead of getting to work, he would take a nap. He plopped down on the couch and fell asleep almost instantly. He got caught up in quite the strange dream where he had walked into a grocery store and everyone there was him! Worse than that, they all begun to chase him around and he got very exhausted. He had eventually gotten away, but he still wasn’t safe. The ground beneath him begun to dissolve and he fell in, screaming the whole way down into the deep darkness of nothing.

Cryden woke up still screaming and he found Samillithe starring at him in a very concerned way.

“Cryden, are you alright?” Samillithe asked his friend.

Cryden stopped screaming and whipped the tears from his eyes. Samillithe smiled.

“I’m alright… ugh… what time is it…?” Cryden asked.

“Past 5 PM… Did you go to work?” Samillithe asked.

“Oh no… umm… I got sleepy…” Cryden said.

“I brought the Dodo… It took me awhile to get home and back by foot,” Samillithe said.

“Which is why you’re going to stay here…” said Cryden with a yawn.

In Samillithe’s arms was a medium sized light bluish-silver bird with a thick yellow beak. She squawked at Cryden when she noticed him.

“I think the two of you are going to be great friends,” Samillithe said.

Cryden slapped himself to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming. This really was happening; the stinging from his slap was real.

“But wait… I don’t understand how you got to your home and back carrying that bird without anyone questioning you…” Cryden said, reaching out to take hold of the Dodo.

“Ah… well… I guess that’s only for me to know…” Samillithe said.

Cryden patted the bird on her head.

“What type of business do you happen to work at where they don’t seem to question where you are when you don’t show up for work?” Samillithe asked.

“One that understands that I am Cryden and I need my rest…” Cryden said, rolling his eyes.

“Well… I’m going to my room to see how I like it…” Samillithe said, wandering off and leaving Cryden alone with his new bird.

“Woo-hoo! I think I like this room already! It has a bed and a mirror!” a call came from the other room as soon as Samillithe had arrived.

“Wasn’t there a bed and mirror in your home?” Cryden asked.

“Uhhh… well… Nope! I slept on a stack of blankets!” Samillithe called out.

“What does the Dodo need to eat?” Cryden asked.

“Berries, small stones, and certain types of leaves,” Samillithe said, returning after plopping on the bed.

“And she’ll be alright if I leave for work?” Cryden asked.

“Certainly, just make sure she’s out of reach of any valuables. She may want to swallow them,” Samillithe said.

“I think I’ll head to work, they may need me. If you get hungry, feel free to raid my fridge… I’ll restock it when I can,” Cryden said.

“I kind of doubt I’ll want to eat everything,” Samillithe said.

“Well, whatever you want,” Cryden said.

He got up and tried to go to the door, but the little Dodo followed him, pulling at his pant-leg to try to get him to stay. Cryden looked at the bird and smiled a little.

“She doesn’t want me to go away…” he murmured.

Samillithe took the Dodo and started walking away from Cryden so he could leave without the Dodo following him.

“Thanks, Samillithe,” Cryden said and left.

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