The Adventures of Cryden and Samillithe

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We Can't All Win

Cryden had driven himself to work at a tall building with tinted windows. In his arms he clutched a brief-case which must have held something of great value to him. The thing he didn’t notice was that he didn’t look like he was ready for work at all. His short blonde hair was all ruffled and his clothes were too casual for his work place. Along with that, he hadn’t shaved and he had stubble growing down his neck.

He entered the building and some people turned to stare at him as he passed. He smiled, unknowingly as he got into the elevator. Standing hunched over in the corner was a lady who had fallen asleep and probably had just been traveling up and down in the elevator for a long while. Cryden didn’t notice her at first, but then she snored and he turned to see her.

“Umm… Ms. Donno,” Cryden said, nudging her.

She woke up and screamed just as the elevator stopped at the floor Cryden was going to get off at. When the doors opened, everyone had turned their attention on it.

“I didn’t hurt her, I just woke her up,” Cryden explained as he left the elevator.

Everyone returned to work. Cryden walked over to an empty display table and started setting things up.

“Hey Mr. Jameraltin, you finally made it! What do you have for demonstration today?” asked a young man around Samillithe’s age.

“Something we’ve never thought of before. I promise you that you will not be disappointed and neither will are customers!” Cryden said.

“I sure hope so because I’m inviting the boss to watch you. Your last product wasn’t too bad,” the man said.

“Thank you, Mr. Samson. Good luck to you on your next project,” Cryden said.

“Good luck to you too, Mr. Jameraltin,” Mr. Samson said and walked towards the elevator to visit with the boss.

Cryden then placed an aquarium on the presentation table. A few people started pulling up chairs to watch him work. He connected a watering hose to a faucet and stuck the other end into the tank in order to fill it up with water. While he was filling the tank with water, the elevator stopped and a tall older man got out. He was dressed in a fine black suite with a gold tie. With him was Mr. Samson. Cryden looked up at them and smiled.

“Mr. Jameraltin, you aren’t looking very professional at this moment. You seriously have a neck-beard?” the boss asked.

“Sorry sir, I kinda was in a hurry to get here,” Cryden said.

“Your product better be good… If not, you are wasting my time and you will be punished. However, if you do amaze me as Mr. Samson says you will, I may give you a pay raise,” the boss said.

Cryden nodded and went to turn off the faucet upon noting that the water level in the tank was high enough. He removed the hose and opened his precious brief-case.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present my newest piece of work. It’s the latest, it’s the greatest, and it’s Bubble Phone!” Cryden said, whipping out a seemingly normal cell phone.

The crowd stared in confusion, unsure of why such a thin phone would be called a bubble phone. Cryden waited a few moments, hoping for an applause. After receiving none he shrugged his shoulders.

“Why is it called Bubble Phone?” one person in the crowd asked.

“Ah, now that’s the question I was looking for!” Cryden said, “You see, this isn’t your regular old phone. No, this phone has a special feature built in that gives it protection that no other phone has had before!”

“But what does it do? Get on with it already!” another person prompted.

“You see, this phone was built to automatically inflate if dropped in water, thus protecting it from water damage. I’ll even prove it, that’s why I have this tank prepared,” Cryden said.

Cryden was just about to plop the cell phone into the tank when suddenly, the elevators opened again. A very odd looking man stepped out of the elevator and started snooping around. Nobody but Cryden had noticed. He watched the man carefully and then they got closer and closer to a secret cabinet.

“Hey you!” cried Cryden, “Stop what you’re doing!”

Cryden accidentally dropped the cell phone into the tank and ran off to stop the man. The cell phone did not inflate as it was described to. Instead, it sank to the bottom of the tank. Everyone in the crowd was angered by this and they still hadn’t noticed the stranger who broke in. Cryden reached the stranger and grabbed him by his coat.

“What are you doing?!” the man asked, protectively pulling his coat away from Cryden.

“Better question, what are you doing?” Cryden asked.

“I am searching for someone, or at least files on him,” the man said.

“Well you can’t just barge in and snoop around!” Cryden said.

“Trust me, this is important business. There is a dangerous man on the loose and I must find him and stop him. He’s also known to be a master thief,” the stranger said.

“We know nothing about any such person, so get out of here now or you’ll be in big trouble!” Cryden said.

“Oh? And who made you Mr. Big-Hero?” the stranger asked, snarling.

“I’m not, I am merely a man trying to get his job done in peace,” Cryden said.

“Fine, but if you ever find this man,” the stranger said, holding out a small photo for Cryden to see, “Then tell me right away.”

Cryden stared at the photo a moment and shook his head.

“His code-name is Mr. Apple, by the way,” the stranger said, also handing Cryden his phone number in order to call him in case he found the suspect.

After that, the stranger dashed off, looking around cautiously before returning to the elevator.

“Oh dear me…” Cryden muttered.

The boss showed up behind him, looming over him menacingly. Cryden turned around slowly.

“Y-y-yes sir?” asked Cryden, gulping nervously.

“Your phone failed and you were distracted, you’re fired!” the boss yelled.

Cryden coward when his boss yelled at him, not even daring to wipe the spit off his face; he was completely terrified, afraid that he would be smacked. He ran to the elevator quickly, abandoning his favorite brief-case.

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