The Adventures of Cryden and Samillithe

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The Bad News

On Cryden’s way home from work, he couldn’t help but look at the little picture again. The man in the picture looked so innocent, the complete opposite of what you’d expect a thief to look like. How can someone that innocent be dangerous? Cryden sighed, deciding that he wouldn’t say a word about this to Samillithe.

Cryden reached his home and parked his car. He got out and went to the front door, knocking to see if Samillithe would answer it. Samillithe didn’t answer it, but the Dodo could be heard walking across the hall to the door. Cryden unlocked the door and went inside, instantly being greeted by his pet Dodo.

“Hey there girl, you’ve been good, right?” Cryden asked.

The Dodo squawked and flapped her tiny little wings excitedly and started leading him away. Cryden followed the Dodo down the hall towards Samillithe’s room.

“Slow down girl… I’m a bit exhausted…” Cryden said.

The Dodo squawked again before bumping open the door with her head. Inside the room, Cryden found Samillithe fast asleep, clutching a bottle of water. Around him was a few more bottles of water, but they were empty.

“That’s a lot of water…” Cryden whispered.

The Dodo nodded her head as if she knew exactly what he was saying.

“Right and I still haven’t named you…” Cryden said with a sigh.

The Dodo bit one of the empty bottles and then spit it out again in disgust. Cryden approached Samillithe and whispered in his ear. That caused him to snap awake and look around as if he was in danger.

“Huh? Cryden…? Hi… I was just napping!” Samillithe said, noticing that it was just his friend.

“Samillithe… I’m so sorry…” Cryden begun.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Samillithe asked, tilting his head to one side.

Cryden paused, seeing that innocent look in those little green eyes.

“I cannot earn more money to help you… I got fired…” Cryden said.

“Fired?” Samillithe asked.

“Yes… The boss was very disappointed in me for bringing a failed product with me,” Cryden said, leaving off the part where he met the stranger.

Samillithe looked Cryden right in the eyes as if trying to read his mind and gain all the missing details. After a few moments, he looked away.

“Hey, finding another job couldn’t be too hard… I could even help you look like the number one choice of employee,” Samillithe said.

“If it isn’t so hard, how come you don’t have a job?” Cryden asked.

”I’m so far from home. I consider traveling my job. I learn so much everywhere. So many cool things to touch and play with, so little time…” Samillithe said as he grasped at nothing and looked like he’s about to cry.

“Sorry Samillithe… I didn’t mean to upset you…” Cryden said.

Samillithe just starred at Cryden for a few more moments, a worried expression passed over his face for a few seconds.

“Is there something else bothering you?” Samillithe asked.

Cryden jumped back in surprise.

“Come on… I can tell… Your face shows that you are hiding something from me,” Samillithe said, smiling innocently.

“It’s nothing… ugh…” Cryden said, turning away so Samillithe couldn’t further read his face.

“You should go to bed; we’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow. I’ll keep watch of the house,” Samillithe said.

Cryden nodded and walked out of the room, followed by the little Dodo.

The next morning, Cryden woke to the smell of pizza. He gently placed the Dodo on the floor and got up to go into the kitchen. Samillithe had a fresh cooked pizza on the stove top and he was tossing some dough to make a second one.

“Woah… I didn’t know you were a cook… That pizzar smells so good!” Cryden commented.

Samillithe smiled and caught the dough on a single finger. He laid his new crust on a cooking board and begun adding toppings.

“Good morning, Cryden. Nobody robbed us in the middle of the night!” Samillithe said.

“Pizzar for breakfast though,” Cryden said, chuckling.

“Yeah, I know how much you love it!” Samillithe said, “Besides, I have to do something to thank you for all your help.”

Cryden looked out the window, thinking about what had happened that night.

“After breakfast, I’m gonna give you a good shaving. That neck-beard just won’t cut it,” Samillithe said, shaking his head.

Cryden ran his hand down his own neck, feeling the hair that was growing there.

“You seem to enjoy looking after me as if I was your child, and yet you are younger than me,” Cryden said.

Samillithe sighed and said, “No no… I look after you because you are a friend. That’s how we did it back at my home.”

“So wait… If your home really is so far away, how did you get there and back to get me the Dodo…?” Cryden asked.

“I had forgotten to mention that the home I went to wasn’t the home I lived in before all of this happened,” Samillithe said.

“Oh… Since you are a traveler it would make since for you to have multiple homes,” Cryden said.

Samillithe stuck his decorated pizza into the oven and returned to the first, slicing it.

“I could also take you to this cool gym I discovered not long ago…” Samillithe said.

“Why would we go to a gym…? I don’t think I need that…” Cryden said while looking slightly offended.

“Cryden… seriously now…? Even I could use a trip to the gym,” Samillithe said.

“No, you don’t. You’re just a walking skeleton practically,” Cryden said.

“Please… Let’s not fight…” Samillithe said.

“Fine… I’ll let you take me to the gym. Just this once though,” Cryden said.

“Thank you,” Samillithe said.

“Oh, and I do have some money to give you,” Cryden said, taking a slice of the pizza.

“Really?” asked Samillithe.

“Yes, twenty-five dollars,” Cryden said.

“Well that’s a start,” Samillithe said, smiling.

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