The Adventures of Cryden and Samillithe

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Mr. Apple

After a nice breakfast and both friends had taken their turn showering, Cryden and Samillithe got in the car ready to go.

“I know how to get there,” Samillithe said, hinting at the fact that he wished to drive.

“Sorry Samillithe, I can’t let you drive my car. You’ll have to direct me from the passenger’s seat. I’m afraid you might cause us to crash,” Cryden said.

Samillithe frowned, but climbed into his designated seat anyways. Cryden realized that he accidentally left the photo in the cup-holder so he quickly snatched it up and hid it in his pocket.

“What was that?” Samillithe asked.

“Nothing…” Cryden said.

“If it was nothing, can I see it?” Samillithe asked.

“No, sorry… It’s personal…” Cryden lied.

Samillithe frowned and stared out his window. Cryden sighed. Samillithe gave directions to Cryden and he drove. Eventually, they reached a large gym.

“See? Isn’t it awesome?!” Samillithe asked.

“Eh, I have to admit… It is slightly impressive…” Cryden said.

Samillithe jumped out of the car excitedly and took Cryden’s hand. He pulled his friend towards the entrance. When they reached the entrance, a lady was standing there.

“Welcome, may I ask for your ID’s?” the lady asked.

Samillithe whipped out a business card.

“Mr. Apple. And this is my friend Cryden,” he said.

Cryden stared at Samillithe with wide eyes.

The lady nodded and let them inside.

“Why did you look at me in that way? I already told you I don’t go by my real name,” Samillithe said.

Cryden shook his head, “It’s nothing…”

“Don’t you trust me?” Samillithe asked.

Cryden nodded.

“Then come on!” Samillithe said.

Inside, Cryden spotted Ms. Donno and quickly looked away, hoping she wouldn’t notice him. However, he had no luck and she noticed him right away.

“Hey Mr. Jameraltin!” she called out, weaving between the gym equipment on her way to where he was standing.

“Hi…” Cryden whispered.

“Who’s this you have with you?” Ms. Donno asked.

“A friend,” Cryden said.

“That’s nice… I bet he’s the one who dragged you over here. There is no way you would ever go to a gym on your own free-will,” Ms. Donno said with a chuckle.

Samillithe waved hello.

“Did I miss anything exciting on your floor of the office?” Ms. Donno asked.

“Well… if you count me getting fired, then yeah,” Cryden said.

While those two talked, Samillithe snuck away.

“You got fired?! Oh no! That’s terrible!” Ms. Donno said.

“Yeah… I have no idea how I’m going to get a new job… My friend said he would help me,” Cryden said.

“Really…? So, umm… where did he go?” Ms. Donno asked.

Cryden whipped around and realized that Samillithe was no longer at his side.

“Oh dear… I don’t know!” Cryden said.

Samillithe was way at the back of the building, out of sight of the others. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, just lifting weights.

“You should go find your friend, I’ll get back to what I was doing,” Ms. Donno said, turning to return to where she was.

Cryden rushed around the gym looking for his friend.

“Mr. Apple! Mr. Apple, where are you?!” Cryden cried out, using Samillithe’s code name.

A man walked past and then hid in a corner, pulling out his walkie-talkie.

“I think I’ve located someone who knows where Mr. Apple is,” the man reported.

Cryden didn’t notice this and kept searching. He looked at the rock climb wall, he looked in the pool, and he looked at the treadmills, not finding his friend. He kept searching, getting more and more frightened each passing moment. A sleek black car pulled up in the parking lot and the same stranger from the night before got out. It wasn’t until the man entered the gym that Cryden had found Samillithe.

“There you are! I was so worried about you!” Cryden said.

“Why?” Samillithe asked, “Are you still hiding something from me? Is my life in danger and you’re too afraid to let me know?”

Cryden didn’t know how to respond, he just hugged Samillithe tightly.

“Come on… I think it’ll be safer if we just stay home…” Cryden said.

Samillithe didn’t seem to understand, but he followed Cryden anyways. They ended up bumping right into the stranger.

“Gotcha, Mr. Apple!” the man said.

Both Cryden and Samillithe screamed. The stranger grabbed both of them and begun to drag them away.

“Mr. Jameraltin, I would’ve spared you if you just handed over Mr. Apple!” the stranger sneered.

Samillithe struggled to get away.

“This is what you weren’t telling me?! You should have! Now look!” Samillithe cried out.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry!” Cryden said.

The stranger laughed evilly as he managed to drag both of them to his car.

The stranger had driven all the way to an old mansion hidden in the woods. Nobody questioned him because nobody could hear or see the men he kidnapped.

“Let us go!” Cryden yelled.

“You’ve been hiding this man from me, even though I warned you he was dangerous! He stole my7 favorite vehicle and destroyed it just for the fun of it! And he’s done a lot worse things before that too!” the stranger snapped.

“It’s not true… You told me I could pay you back…” Samillithe said.

“It’s been over ten days and you still haven’t given me a single cent!” the stranger said.

“Ten days isn’t enough to get 200,000.” Cryden commented.

“I don’t care! That’s the pay required!” the stranger said.

“What are you going to do to us…?” Samillithe asked.

“Something that neither of you will ever be able to tell on me for. Obviously!” the stranger said.


The silly little Dodo whom Cryden and Samillithe failed to name decided to leave the house to look for Cryden. For whatever reason, nobody was outside so nobody noticed the extinct animal wandering out of a house and down the street. She wandered until she found Ms. Donno in a faraway park, relaxing after working out in the gym.

When she first saw the Dodo, she was quite surprised and almost jumped up screaming. The Dodo squawked at her loudly and she stared wide-eyed at it. After this, she then assumed it was some kind of trick or perhaps a well designed robot.

“Well, someone’s sure getting creative…” Ms. Donno said.

Frustrated, the Dodo snatched Ms. Donno’s phone in her beak and started leading her away.

“Hey! Come back here! I need that in case I get a call from work or Mr. Jameraltin!” Ms. Donno said.

Upon hearing Cryden’s last name, the Dodo looked up at the lady with hope in her eyes. She squawked again.

“So you know him, huh?” Ms. Donno asked the bird.

The Dodo nodded in reply.

“I didn’t see him when I left there, but he was there when I was,” Ms. Donno said.

The Dodo handed back the cell phone, a pleading look in her eyes.

“You want me to call him?” Ms. Donno asked.

The Dodo nodded her head so Ms. Donno dialed Cryden’s number.

Back at the mansion, Cryden’s phone rang and the stranger snatched it and answered it.

“Who is this?!” the stranger called into the phone.

“You’re not Mr. Jameraltin… Why did you pick up?” Ms. Donno asked.

“Mr. Jameraltin is in the bathroom, he left his phone with me,” the stranger lied.

Cryden and Samillithe cried out for help, hoping they’d be heard on the other end of the phone. The Dodo squawked angrily when she heard Cryden’s desperate pleads for help.

“So long!” the stranger yelled into the phone, trying to cover up the screams for help.

He hung up.

“Well, whatever you are, it looks like we have some business to attend to!” Ms. Donno said.

The two headed for Ms. Donno’s car and they drove off to the location the call originated from.

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