The Adventures of Cryden and Samillithe

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A Relatively Grand Escape

At that old mansion that the stranger had taken Cryden and Samillithe to, there was a dark and stinky room with no windows. This is the room the two were placed in. The lock on the door only worked from the outside, so even if they were to escape confinement, they wouldn’t be able to get out of the room. Cryden strained his eyes, trying to scan the place for any weakness. Next to him, Samillithe looked to have given up all hope.

“It’s pointless,” he whispered, “There is no way out and nobody will ever find us…”

“Are you so sure? Perhaps that man only wants us to think it’s hopeless…” Cryden said.

“No… I know him well enough to say that I am completely sure he wouldn’t hide a secret escape. He wants me dead it seems… Perhaps if I never came to your house you wouldn’t have to suffer with me…” Samillithe said with a sigh.

“Oh come on… This isn’t your fault! Besides, you’re very important to me,” Cryden said.

“How could I be? I’m just a freak who dropped out of the sky pretty much and ended up at your door!” Samillithe said.

“Look, I know we only just met not long ago, but I already view you as a close friend…” Cryden said, wishing he could hug the other man.

Samillithe turned away, hiding his crying face though in the darkness of the room it wouldn’t be too obvious anyways.

“You know… you never told me what vehicle you crashed… Was it a car?” Cryden asked.

Samillithe shook his head, “No, of course not… I don’t really feel like talking about it right now.”

The room fell silent; neither man said a word for the next few minutes. The silence was then only broken when they could hear their captor singing in another langue, perhaps singing a victory song to celebrate his catch.

“What language is he singing in?” Cryden asked.

“Oh… um… I have no clue,” Samillithe lied.

The singing got louder as the stranger approached the door.

“Whatever language it is, it sounds like he’s singing a very annoying song,” Cryden said.

Samillithe nodded. He could understand every word of the song. A shiver was sent down his spine at the last few words sung.

“Oh dear… we’re doomed…” Samillithe said.

“I thought you didn’t know what language that was!” Cryden complained.

The stranger opened up the door, flooding the room with a harsh light that hurt the two men’s eyes.

“I just thought up the most brilliant torture plan and I’m going to love it! You guys won’t, of course, but soon you won’t even be able to feel it!” the stranger said.

Right at that moment, a car smashed through the front door and into the sitting room.

“Hey! Someone’s breaking into my house?!” the stranger asked.

“That’s right! And I’m armed with a furious bird!” Ms. Donno called out.

The Dodo came running to the room Cryden was being held in, knowing exactly where he was. Ms. Donno followed.

“A Dodo…? That little thing couldn’t hurt me!” the stranger said with a laugh.

The Dodo took that moment to ram her hard head into his knee.

“Ouch!” he wailed, “Stop!”

Cryden smiled as he watched the Dodo beat the man up. Ms. Donno came into the room to unlock them.

“Hello, Mr. Jameraltin. I thought you could use some help,” she said, picking the locks and setting the men free.

“Ms. Donno, you are very helpful… I think that your boss should give you a promotion!” Cryden said.

“Nah, a promotion wouldn’t give me more chances to go on special missions such as this,” Ms. Donno said.

“Guys, stop standing around, get the Dodo, and let’s escape while Mr. Drumeir is still sore!” Samillithe said.

“Right!” said Cryden, retrieving the Dodo and making a run for it.

Samillithe was the fastest runner of the three, making it to the dented car in the sitting room first. The others piled in after him and he put the car in reverse, driving straight out of the mansion.

It wasn’t until they were out of sight of the mansion that Cryden spoke up, “Samillithe, should you really be driving?”

Samillithe smiled a bit and said, “Why not? We needed to get away quickly!”

“I’m just a bit afraid you’ll crash Ms. Donno’s car…” Cryden said.

“Now why would I do that? She just saved my life!” Samillithe said.

“Just pull over and let her drive…” Cryden said.

Samillithe sighed and pulled over to the side of the road. They got out and traded places so then Samillithe was in the back next to Cryden while Ms. Donno was in the driver’s seat. They continued driving until they reached Cryden’s house.

“Thank you so much, Ms. Donno…” Cryden said with a yawn.

“Perhaps you should get some rest…” Ms. Donno suggested.

“Great idea,” Cryden said.

“Cryden… Mr. Drumeir is still out there… Don’t you think we should keep alert in case we need to flee?” Samillithe asked.

“You’re not still thinking of paying him back, are you?” Cryden asked.

“No way… I don’t owe him anything anymore… I just don’t get how a single accident could turn him from kind to pure evil…” Samillithe said with a sigh.

“You know… if the vehicle isn’t completely destroyed, there may be a way we can get it repaired,” Cryden said.

“That would cost money though,” Samillithe said, “And someone with experience of that kind of vehicle…”

“I know a very wise person who could help for free,” Cryden said.

“You do?” Samillithe asked, “Then how come you didn’t just suggest that in the first place?!”

“His name is Darrin Arry. I could take you to see him… tomorrow of course,” Cryden said.

“If we get the thing back up and working, I can take you places… Faraway places,” Samillithe said.

“What if you crash again?” Cryden asked.

“That’s highly unlikely… It was very odd that I had such an awful wreck,” Samillithe said.

Cryden nodded and led Samillithe inside, cradling the sleeping Dodo.

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