The Adventures of Cryden and Samillithe

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Darrin and the Space Car

The next morning, Samillithe was in the kitchen cooking breakfast again, though this time, he only made breakfast foods. Sprawled across a long table that wasn’t in the house last night was baskets of pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs.

“Good morning, Cryden! I thought I’d celebrate by cooking you a large breakfast!” Samillithe said.

“Hold up now, I did not own that long of a table, so where did you get it from? Also, how did you get it to fit in my little sitting room?” Cryden said, staring at the table.

“Well… Things happen… But look! Food!” said Samillithe.

“Yes, I see that… I didn’t have that much food earlier either,” Cryden said, crossing his arms.

Samillithe looked disappointed after seeing the look of disapproval in his friend’s eyes.

“I’m sorry… I just thought that maybe you’d like a breakfast feast…” Samillithe said, hanging his head and slowly moving to collect the food he laid out.

“Samillithe… I know you tried, but I thought you would have learned by now that stealing is wrong…” Cryden said.

“Can we still see Darrin…?” Samillithe asked, a look of hope gleaming in his green eyes.

“Of course!” said Cryden, “Here, I’ll help you get rid of this food…”

With that, Cryden sat down and helped himself to the stolen food. Samillithe joined, only taking a small amount of food.

“You should eat more…” Cryden said, playfully poking Samillithe’s ribs.

Samillithe stared Cryden in the eyes.

“Why did you touch me?” Samillithe asked.

“Sorry… I just thought you’d find it funny…” Cryden said.

Samillithe fell silent, eating a little bit of eggs he had on his plate. The Dodo came wandering into the room and squawked loudly to draw attention to herself.

“Hello, Ruru,” Cryden said to the noisy bird.

She came and rubbed her head and large beak against his leg.

“You finally thought of a name for her?” Samillithe asked.

“Yep, that’s her name! Ruru!” Cryden said proudly.

“I like it,” Samillithe said.

“She does too, apparently,” Cryden said.

Soon, all the food was eaten (mostly by Cryden, but a few scraps were fed to Ruru.) and the two men were preparing for their trip to Darrin’s shop.

“How will we ever get to the shop?” Samillithe asked.

“Good question…” Cryden said.

“We have no car, unless you’d like for me to steal one…” Samillithe said.

“No! No more stealing!” Cryden said.

“Okay, so we’ll walk. We’ve got to pick up the parts of the broken car from my place anyways,” Samillithe said.

“And let me guess, I have to help carry the parts…?” Cryden asks.

“Yes, please!” Samillithe said.

Cryden sighed, picked Ruru up, and walked out the door. Samillithe followed to give directions to his own home. Samillithe was a bit jumpy and nervous when it came to traveling. He seemed to think every crack in the ground was a spot that Mr. Drummer would pop up from. Within thirty minutes, the three made it to Samillithe’s house and found the damaged car.

“Oh dear, it’s in worse shape than I thought…” Cryden said.

“Yeah…” Samillithe said.

All four neon green tires were flat with large tears in them, both the front and the back of the car was crumpled inwards on itself, and the front mirrors were dangling and shattered.

“And all of this could have been avoided if you hadn’t stolen the car!” Cryden said.

Samillithe hung his head in shame.

“How exactly will we get the broken car to the shop…?” Cryden asked.

“We could push it down the road and hope nobody hits us…” Samillithe said.

Ruru jumped out of Cryden’s arms and landed inside the car. She pressed a few buttons and pulled a lever and the car started pulling out of the drive way at a very slow and wobbly pace.

“That’s one intelligent bird…” Cryden said, his eyes wide and his mouth gaping.

“Well, I guess we can slowly get the car down to the shop…” Samillithe said.

“I’ll drive,” Cryden said.

Samillithe frowned, but reluctantly allowed Cryden to get into the driver’s seat.

The black car with the neon wheels puttered slowly down the road and out to the main street. Cryden knew the way to Darrin’s shop so getting there wasn’t a complete challenge. Quite a few cars honked their horns or drivers threatened to call the police on them for driving a broken car on a busy rode. The car pulled up and a young man with sandy ginger hair waved hello. He had a large nose and a very calm look on his face.

“That’s Darrin,” Cryden said.

“No way! I know him!” Samillithe said.

Samillithe opened the car door and jumped out to greet his old friend. His greeting was an odd one where he kissed both of Darrin’s ears. Darrin returned the odd welcome.

“It’s been a long time. How’s life?” Darrin asked.

“Well… Life has been crazy, but I like it. However, I’ve got a problem now and I was told you could help,” Samillithe said.

“I see! That’s Mr. Drummer’s car!” Darrin said.

“And it’s so badly damaged that it can’t even fly. I’m stuck here on Earth,” Samillithe said.

“I know exactly how to fix this. Just give me awhile…” Darrin said.

Ruru toddled around as Darrin went in and out of his shop with strange looking car parts.

“How soon can you get the car finished…?” Samillithe asked.

“Ooh… well… the car is in such bad shape that I won’t have it done for awhile…” Darrin said.

He took out a mallet and started hammering away at the dents.

“Looks like you’ll pretty much need to rebuild the whole thing…” Cryden commented.

“True…” Darrin said, still hammering away.

“So… when and how did you get here?” Samillithe asked.

“I’ve been here a few years now… I’ve always wanted to run a secret business… Earth seems to be the best place to sneak and do so…” Darrin said.

“Oh dear… are all of you sneaky?” Cryden asked.

Samillithe and Darrin looked at each other and burst out laughing.

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