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I’m a homicide Detective. This is how it goes. I get a case. Look for evidence. Get revenge on the sick bastard that did it. Case closed. But this is not how it goes. For this killer is smart. Deranged but smart, and believes he is saving them. He plays a sick game, and I’m ready to finish it dead or alive. This book is a combination of romance murder mystery. Many twists happen in this book so pay close attention!😁

Mystery / Thriller
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Erin Addison

I see the young lady. My next task. This woman's name was Erin Addison. She was quite beautiful with her blonde curly hair, and beautiful hazel eyes.

Her background though is a sad one. Her family was quite rich and disowned her for loving another woman. Her parents threaten her that she was either to marry a man or be disowned and live off the streets. Erin, already finding the love of her life, decided to leave her family.

She was quick to find out her mistake, when the woman she was already in love with left her. Apparently the women just wanted Erin for her money. Heart broken Erin was forced to live on the streets alone.

At the end of the day Erin found out how cruel this world is the hard way.

She was talking on the phone completely oblivious to what was about to happen to her. It is almost considered a sin to leave such a helpless girl in this contaminated world. They scream and cry for help, but at the end they will understand that I am relieving them of their pain. This world is corrupt and disgusting, so many people are delusional with the idea that this world is going to change. So it is up to people like me to save those who are caught in the crossfire.

Silently making my way to her, I get the handkerchief with the chemicals on it ready, to ease her panic. She will thank me later for this. She turns a corner to her apartment she lives in. It is all crumbled and molded, cobwebs in the door frame of this dump she calls a home. She deserved better than this, I am taking her somewhere beautiful and pure.

Finally the time has come, I jog up to her, panting slightly and looking down to seem nonthreatening.

She looks at me worriedly. “Are you alright Sir?” She asks me, I softly smile at her politeness--she deserves better.

With that in mind I put a sad sorrowful face on. “Miss can you please help me, my car ran out of gas, I must have been too distracted to notice-- you see Miss my mother passed away a few weeks ago, so I have been very distracted lately.”

I gave her a broken face, which immediately earned her sympathy as I suspected, though she was still a little bit wary of helping out a stranger at night, due to all the kidnappings that are happening at night in the newspapers.

I knew I needed to sell my act so I tried to give her some reassurance.

“It is just around the block Miss, I know you're a bit hesitant with all the kidnappings that have been going on, but we will be really quick,” I added with my best boyish voice.

Though I am in my early thirties, I have always kept some boyish features. My cheeks still held some baby fat, as well as my hair kept it’s soft silkyness. This worked perfectly for me, in luring the people to my car.

With a lot of convincing and begging she finally yielded to my charms. She asks me to wait so she can get a gasoline can. I give her a quick nodd, looking at her with gratitude. She gives me a smile and goes into her apartment. My plan is in motion, soon I can leave with her undetected. Then you will be safe my dear.

Jaxon I told you this world is corrupt, it will never change don’t you see, I am doing this to you for your own good,” my mother says as she slams the whip down on my back again, splattering blood everywhere, “You need to feel what this world does to you, it only gives you more pain.”

She continues whipping me, scars already forming on my back. I hold back a sob knowing it would only anger her more. I could not though, and I accidentally let out a single teardrop.

“Jaxon you are a weak little bastard, you need to be strong in this world if you are to survive, it is disgusting out there, you are going to get corrupt, I can tell-- you disgust me!” She shouts at me, anger clear on her face at my show of weakness.

“I'm sorry mama, it will never happen again, I understand, I would never become Robert.” I sob out at my mistake, but it was too late, my mother’s face turned stone cold. I waited in tense terror, knowing what was about to happen.

Crack’ “You think you have the right to say his name right now, you ungrateful little shit, your father was disgusting, he was corrupt already and I was too blind sighted to see that.”

‘CRACK’ “It was all a fucking lie, that fucking bastard, he did not deserve to just die, he deserved to rot and suffer in chains!”

‘CRACK'' My mother screams out, a single lone tear drops from her eye. She immediately wipes it away. I knew she did not like to cry, especially in front of me.

It is a show of weakness and I cannot be weak. With one final whip on my back she stormed out, leaving me to deal with the aching pains on my back.

For a moment I just sat there thinking whatever did I do wrong? I love her with all my heart and it still is not enough? I tell her that I will not be corrupt, but she still does not believe me? I really cannot blame her after what went down with my father.

I wince when I move slightly to get up. My back is on fire from the force she used this time-- blood splattered on the walls and dripped to the floor. Knowing I will be yelled at if I don’t clean it up I get to work.

My eyes water at the memory slightly. I miss you mother, I will always continue your work no matter what. I must it is all I have left of you. Blinking to get rid of the tear that was forming in my eye I heard the girl come back out, finally I wonder what took so long.

She gives me a makeshift smile, shuffling her feet--as well as looking at the ground. Something is not right… I let it go for now, giving her a friendly smile. I walked her over towards my car.

Putting a hand on her lower back, she tenses instantly staring at me wide eyed. Quickly pulling my hand out of my pocket, I make sure to cover her whole mouth and nose in the toxin soaked handkerchief. She tenses in my arms, shock takes over her body-- not that I am complaining, it makes it much easier.

When she finally starts to process her situation she starts to struggle in my arms, pressing the handkerchief harder into her mouth. Out of nowhere she starts jumping up off the ground, putting all her body weight on me.

I fall down backwards, not expecting this with her knocking the wind out of me as she lands on my chest. She starts to get up. Extremely wobbly as the toxins make their way through her blood stream.

That’s when I see, blue and red lights flashing in the distance. The unmistakable sound of police sirens heading our way.

Dammit” I swear out loud, she just had to make it difficult. I'm trying to save her, and this is what I get.

I see the girl ready to let out an ear piercing scream, I pull myself off of the ground. Knocking her down with my hand over her mouth. Using my body I hold her down on the ground till she finally succumbs to sleep. Letting out a sigh, she will thank me for that later. Taking a quick look back to see the cops getting closer and closer. I quickly grab her and push her into the back seat of my truck. Racing to get into the truck undetected. I opened my door and slammed it shut, making sure all the lights were off in my truck. I quickly dive down on the seat, trying to get out of sight.

I hear the sirens rush past my truck. Going straight towards the apartment the girl lived in. I start my truck as fast as possible, turning off the headlights so I would not be detected. I drive off at a normal pace just in case they see me, so I don’t look suspicious.

With quick ease I drive away from her old apartment undetected.

Letting out a breath I did not know I was holding, I need to be more careful, or the FBI is gonna take me away from my task, then who would be able to save these girls. Sighing I pull back my hair smiling to myself. Another girl that
is going to be saved tonight.

I could already feel my mother smiling down upon me saying ‘You did good Jaxon, You did good.’ Feeling prideful I drive to my secret base to start the process of saving this woman's life. I look at her unconscious body in the mirror.

Soon she will never have to feel the pains of the world again. Sleep softly Erin.

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