Melodies of a Tattered Shadow

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The roaring of jet engines and flashes of passenger airplane were in the sights in the LAX arrival area. Paul and Peter were surprised with the noise that competed with the blare of jet engines. The ruckus was emanating from a huge number of people, fans with streamers and posters, shouting inaudibly loud. It’s déjà vu, perhaps, D’ Kickers is kicking again? Somehow Paul was apprehensive, for he knew, adoration for him was coupled with frustrating relationship with the media, this ain’t happening again, he hopes. They’re not here for me, he tried to convince himself. Or even worse, they knew that he was Angel Sarah.

Fox appeared squeezing in with bodyguards. Thank you, Paul murmured to himself. He understood why people were there in the first place, it wasn’t for him or Angel Sarah but for Fox of the Clowns.

“I’m sorry guys, I didn’t realize that there will be a lot of people here, I was just anxious to see both of you… especially worried about the news that you’ve been hospitalized in Charlotte,” Fox explained while looking at Paul.

Paul hastily turned to Peter with a daring glare, I told you not to tell them.

Peter quickly avoided Paul’s stares and said, “We’re okay, Fox… don’t worry… they never meant to hustle the two of us anyway, they are here for you.”

“True… but the three of us, end up navigating over this problem,” Fox commented.

Paul was still silent, he tried to cover himself; still thinking, I hope nobody ever recognizes me. Fox saw this and promptly made way for Paul and covered him, his hired bodyguard followed suit, and while walking hastily he asked Paul, “Kid are you okay? How was your condition, do you want to go to a doctor first?”

Paul smiled and said, “Are you joking? I just got out of a hospital, don’t worry. Let’s just leave this place.”

The three of them tried very hard to move away from the people. It’s Fox avid fans, and they knew more about him, including his origin, they followed him around where ever they could find him. The situation for the three was becoming desperate, the fans were closing on them, and then “Guys, that’s Peter and D’ Kid… there must be a reunion of D’ Kickers,” Paul’s nightmare surfaces.

“Yeah, the original members, Fox, Peter and D’ Kid,” another fans followed.

The three of them overheard this, and it made them even more anxious to leave the place, before they were totally overrun by the fans. They thought the people didn’t remember D’ Kickers, but they were wrong, they even knew that Fox was an original member.

Fortunately, they reached Fox’s new L.A. house, and were relieved that they had survived leaving the airport without a scratch. “Guys, I brought you here first because… some people wanted to see the two of you.” Fox said.

In the living room they were greeted by their old friends, Joey with Kim, Andy, Scott and Cindy. They hugged each other in joy, but straight away, D’ Kid was pulled by Cindy and Kim into one of the rooms. Peter saw this and said, “Hey, what about me?”

“Its girls talk,” Kim responded and shut the door closed.

Short of a whisper, “I’m a girl… in case you don’t know yet,” Peter insisted in the slips of the door.

Kim, Cindy and Paul amusedly smile at Peter’s insistence, and let him in the room for a girl’s talk. The boys just looked at, and understood what was happening. When the four finally went out of the room, their eyes were all swelled out from crying, Cindy still couldn’t get hold of herself, she ran to Fox and embraced her husband tightly, crying in Fox shoulder, and hammers her delicate hand on him, “Why did we let it happen? Why didn’t we take care of her? What kind of friends are we? I cannot forgive you… I cannot forgive myself for letting these things happen to her.”

Fox just embraced his wife; he knew somehow all of them were at fault for not knowing it.

“Guys, everything’s fine now, don’t worry about it… the best thing is that we are all here… here for each other, there are things in the past that we should forget and move on… I love you guys… and I do believe that we love each other equally, that’s more important than the past…” D’ Kid commented, and the boys raised their glasses of whiskey in agreement, but still Cindy and Kim couldn’t help but cry, Cindy was still hammering Fox’s chest and continuously stomping her feet crying.

When their feelings subsided, they all proceeded to Fox’s studio in his new house’s basement; he bought the house after his initial talk to D’ Kid in the Polo Club of Beverly Hills. Fox contended that Paul was right, he equally had less time with his family so he brought them along in L.A. When they saw the studio they were surprised, not because it was a glamorous or a sophisticated music studio, but instead… it’s a replica of Peter’s basement, everything from the gawky sofa set, to the dirty white colored wallpaper, even the Beatles and other music icon’s posters were the same, and even the instrument, looked remarkably authentic with the one they last used.

“Guys of all the rooms in this house, this is where I invested a lot.” Fox commented and teases. But in reality, he did spend a lot of money and time trying to recover everything that they had used, the only thing that he wasn’t able to recover was Peter’s parent album collection and the stereo, which was then owned by Paul. Building the studio resembling their past was part of healing for Fox, for his longing for his friends.

All of them eagerly position themselves with their instrument, and discovered that everything was authentic. Peter saw his scratch name on the lead guitar and Paul saw the same broken key on the keyboard, Scott’s taped drum set, and Andy and Joey’s stickered guitars. They were all delighted, and started to play the first song they struggled with, Bohemian Rhapsody. They continue on playing the songs from their past; and even tried singing their own version of the multi-awarded song, written by Angel Sarah, I am Soulless. Cindy and Kim were delighted to hear their family and friends, proud that the event was exclusive to them, the reunion of the best band they knew in their heart, D’ Kickers.


D’ Kickers again was in some hard core rock music news. Rumors were spreading that D’ Kickers were reuniting with Fox, their original band leader and the existing lead vocalist of the Clowns, for a reunion concert. It seemed all the scandal that riddled D’ Kid and D’ Kickers has been forgotten, everything was beginning to have traction, because of Fox’s appearance at the airport with the former member of D’ Kickers. The group former members just laughed at the news, because for them the reunion had already happened, and they wholeheartedly enjoyed the event with their family. They no longer care about being successful, and becoming famous again as D’ Kickers, it’s just enough to enjoy playing music privately with their family.

When the news reached the office of Mr. Fisher of Triumph Records, he was ecstatic, Fox and the Clowns were in the news again and a new opportunity arises.

After a few days, Paul was again invited to Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Club; he readily smiled when he received the invitation, knowing that it was Fox that invited him. But reaching Polo Club he was in for a surprised, his face dropped. It wasn’t Fox that invited him, but one of his reviled people in the world, Mr. Fisher of Triumph Records. “Hey Kid, how are you doing?”

Paul contemplated if he would even respond to the evil man that he knew, but still, his good nature prevailed, despite his screwed face, he politely answered, “I’m fine sir.”

“Sit here, we have things to talk about,” Mr. Fisher instructed, the man had not changed, still a hip older man in the seventies era that exudes power and contempt.

Paul apprehensively sat on, his eyes cautiously weary; he knew how poisonous the man was.

“How are you doing?” Mr. Fisher asked to ease out conversation.

“I’ am fine sir.” he responded cautiously with his usual soft voice.

“Yes… for now you are fine.” Mr. Fisher commented with a wicked sneer.

Droplets of sweat started to roll on Paul’s forehead. Mr. Fisher didn’t just throw empty gesture, he means business and he didn’t care how he gets it, through intimidation or outright threat. D’ Kid knew this man very well, not to feel threatened and intimidated would be plain arrogance and stupidity, “Sir… Why am I here?” he politely and carefully asked.

With vile contorted lips, “Kid… were old friends; don’t you think it is right that we get acquainted again?”

“Yeah… I remember we have an interesting past relationship,” but what he really mean was; you are an evil man, he didn’t want to get any closer from.

“Yes, that’s what it was, an interesting past… you have grown up, your language has now been more interesting, and cautious, you understand now that it’s all business… nothing personal,” Mr. Fisher gave a weak leer.

“But not your language…” he was about to finally say, you are a dubious, evil man, but continued instead and carefully said, “your language were more business… as for us, we are just an artist, musician trying to do the things we love.”

Mr. Fisher smiled at this and looked at him intensely, for some reason D’ Kid reminded him of someone dear, someone he lost ages ago. She was his favorite niece, but somewhat boyish, his eyes suddenly wept at the memory and in avoidance he just said, “you are truly a grown man… you understand the division of labor now, you make music and people like me sell it… so you can continue on doing what you love,” and he sipped on the scotch glass that’s on his table, but abruptly stopped and said, “where is my manners…?” he poured an expensive whiskey in the scotch glass, in front of Paul. “… I’m at your service Kid, drink up,” and motioned for a toast.

Paul just followed the motion and lifts the glass of whiskey with Mr. Fisher. Not far from their table, the same mustached older gentleman, the executive of an entertainment news network when Paul and Fox recently met was there, observing them, wearing the same styled white suit as before, and said to himself, ’This Kid is starting to annoy me… why did he still sneaks here… I already killed him before… and now he’s alive again.’

At Paul and Mr. Fisher’s table, the Triumph Record President wickedly smiled, after a few swigs of whiskey, “Kid as I told you, I’m at your service… is there anything I could help you with?”

Paul’s gestures had been very submissive. He reeled up, he already knew that some kind of offer will come that would put him into a disadvantage, and for sure there was a back-up threat to go along with it, “None of I know of… but thanks for the offer,” he cautiously responded.

Mr. Fisher poured the expensive whiskey again in Paul’s glass and his, and said again, “drink up Kid, remember I’m at your service,” and motioned again for a toast to which Paul responded easily, lifting his glasses, the older gentleman followed, “Cheers!”

“Cheers.” Paul responded.

“Hey Kid, have you heard of the rumor?” Mr. Fisher interjected.

Paul was alertly surprised. He had far too many things on his shoulder that’s enough to occupy a whole gossip magazine, “Rumor sir?”

“Well, some incredibly impossible things…” and gave a usual foul smile.

At this Paul sweat profusely, he never sweats like a normal man, but that time he did, the words incredibly impossible things scared the hell out of him, the few droplets in his foreheads a while ago were now gushing as if he was in a gym.

Mr. Fisher noticed and said, “Are you alright kid?” and touches his forehead, “looks like you’re heading for a fever kid.” surprisingly Mr. Fisher was genuinely caring, if he was sick. His reminiscing of his niece had made him vulnerable to the plight of D’ Kid.

“I’ll be fine sir… I just ate Indian food before I got here… must be a delayed reaction,” he lied.

“If you said so… but I can bring you to a clinic now if you want… are you really fine?” Mr. Fisher insisted.

He had never seen this side of Mr. Fisher, unknown to many Mr. Fisher had lost his favorite niece five years ago from a HATE Crime. His niece was boyish and due to her perceived homosexuality one time coming from a party, she was raped and killed by a group of unknown assailant, who declared that she was raped &killed for being a homosexual, by boldly smearing her dead body with the word DYKE. Mr. Fisher didn’t have a child of his own, but dearly loved his niece; she was the only relative of him that he remained to be closed until her death. Like him her niece was into music and a musician herself, never that a holiday would past that his niece would not visit or greet him, but now somehow he felt a strange feeling, for unknown reason, he felt it towards D’ Kid.

Surprised at Mr. Fisher’s affection or oddity, Paul hoped that Mr. Fisher would not threaten him, about his troubles or secrets, “I’m fine sir… it’s just I’m always with an air conditioned room, my body might be just reacting because we’re outdoors, and its kind a hot… don’t you think sir?”

“Now that you said it… yes, it’s kind a warm… I relished it, unlike you, I grew up, up north,” Mr. Fisher responded and added, “About the ridiculous rumor… you honestly don’t know about it?”

Paul could no longer escaped this, he’s resigned and asked worriedly, “What about it sir?”

“That you, D’ Kickers and Fox are reuniting for a concert… and even producing an album… isn’t it ridiculous?”

“Ah, that…” Paul sound relieved and happy since the reunion had already happened in Fox’s home studio.

“Isn’t it ridiculous… and incredibly impossible… aww… media as long as they can make a buck, they’ll do ridiculous claim.”

The older gentleman at the other table was all ears at what Mr. Fisher was going to say, he knew Mr. Fisher is a very good shrewd businessman, and something was coming up.

“That’s ridiculous sir…” Paul followed.

“In their dreams… ridiculous fans,” Mr. Fisher smiled and poured whiskey again in their glasses. They both took a sipped and looked at each other; somehow Paul felt that there was still something coming.

“What do you think of the fan’s dream?” Mr. Fisher asked cautiously this time.

“In general… its fine, it keeps them interested with the artist they want, an aspiration of sorts.” Paul answered.

“Do you believe so?”

“Yeah…” and Paul fell silent and realized that he might be falling into a trap that he didn’t know.

“If you have the power to give the fans their dream, would you give it to them?”

“If what they want is within my bounds… I mean as an artist. If what they want will not harm my integrity, and not alter me as some kind of toy poly, or puppet. I would gladly do it,” Paul said, somehow the drinks that they had been taking was having an effect on both of them, Paul seemed to be getting confident by the minute.

“So… what about their ridiculous dream?”

“What do you mean, sir?” Paul asked in confusion.

“Your band and Fox?”

“Fox and D’ Kickers… that’s ridiculous… D’ Kickers is dead for a long time.”

“What if there was a way to… raise it from the dead?”

“That’s impossible, sir… didn’t you know what happened to our last album… I lost everything there,” Paul confidently answered with the help of the spirits of the whiskey.

“Yes, you did, but not from… your so called integrity as an artist,” Mr. Fisher commented, and pulled out of a folded leather bag a jacket of one record album, “look at this album kid, tell me what’s wrong with that,” and handed it over to Paul.

Before even Paul could hold it, he already recognized it, its D’ Kickers last album, Obsession. This was one of his painful past and he had already outgrown it, and it didn’t bother him. He was unable to answer Mr. Fisher question.

But quickly Mr. Fisher, “Yes… you are right, there’s nothing wrong about it,” and poured again some whiskey in both their glasses. “It’s actually one of my favorites, along with the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper and White album. Magnificently artistic, sad to say it didn’t pared well in the market …because you were embroiled with a scandal.”

“It’s the past now… I got over it. I’m still happy with what we did with the album; our few true fans have, and had treasured it, as I do… I really don’t care about the fans that were swayed by the wave of craze and fad,” Paul declared in his tipsiness.

“As I said, it’s one of my favorite and I’m one of those few fan of yours,” Mr. Fisher commented with a quaint smile.

“What’s got to do with raising the dead? … With a failed record album?” Paul asked; no longer weary of Mr. Fisher acuteness with deals.

“That’s where you are wrong. The album was not a failure… as I told you and you know it now… the division of labor, you make records and people like me sell it. It was not the failure of the album… it was again mismanagement on your part, it’s not just trusting people, it’s about people who can handle your business that you should trust, not the other way around.” Mr. Fisher said, but he himself was somehow baffled by the big words he was saying because of alcohol.

“What?” Paul asked in confusion.

“I mean the album was great… the scandal wrecked everything out… because you were not managed properly. You let yourself vulnerable from gossip mongering pigs in the media,” the older gentleman from the other table overheard it and somewhat was fazed by it, “when in truth it was easy to handle,” somewhat dizzy but feeling good, then, “that’s it… I guess that’s all it.”

“Yeah… that’s true, but it’s in the past now… so what are we talking about? Why am I really here, sir?” in dazed Paul responded.

“Ah yeah, we’ve been here all afternoon,” and Mr. Fisher pulled another record album jacket in his folded leather bag, and quickly handed it over to Paul.

Paul was surprised to see it, he loved the idea, but he dreaded working for Mr. Fisher. He still knew that this was one of the evil men he reviled and despised; and despite of his tipsiness he swayed his head from left to right looking at Mr. Fisher. The other older gentlemen at the other table was now all ears, he wanted to know what Mr. Fisher was proposing, and what would transpire with the deal.

“Kid… are you joking? You don’t want it?” Mr. Fisher pulled his chair beside Paul about an earshot and sort a whisper, but strongly, “kid this is the dream… we are the only one that can make it possible… for them… the fans.” The other older man tried to scramble in his chair to get nearer to hear the conversation.

But Paul just swayed his head from left to right, not as strong as before, but still sending a negative response. But in truth, Paul was mesmerized by the idea, the reason he swaying his head was in disbelief. He could not believe that Mr. Fisher would offer something like it.

“Kid, you are really incredibly hard headed… this was a dream offer… this is your chance to redeem yourself.” Mr. Fisher insisted, frustrated, but surprisingly gentle because of whiskey.

“Sir… I don’t care about that… even before, being famous and all this adoration is not my thing.” Paul answered.

“So, you love this anonymity that you have now?” He was still pressing on an earshot to his head.

“Yeah, I do.” Paul answered in his tipsiness.

“What if I told you that you are destined for this… like it or not, because of your talent, it will come creeping back on you… you just have to learn to manage it… and I can help you with that,”

“Sir, I think we’re both somewhat drunk, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful… I’m sure you know how I feel about you.” Paul clearly stated.

“Yeah… I do… but I’m not affected by those things. I’m a businessman, as long as we can do business; I don’t care if you hate me or if we are at war.” Mr. Fisher replied with a teasing sneer.

“Sure you are… that is why I’m apprehensive to work with you… all you care about is the money.” Paul said in jest and he wanted to retract but.

“I understand… but your principle is somewhat invalidated by yourself… isn’t it that you are already working for me? Worse, is you’re getting a meager pay… and you allow it…” and whispered in his ears, “don’t you think I don’t know who Angel Sarah is?” The other older man at the other table overheard the name of Angel Sarah, but couldn’t hear the full of it.

Paul was silenced by this; it’s the truth, Angel Sarah was being paid by Triumph Records. Now, he knew this was the other side of the offer; the threat to go along with the offer, but before he could say anything.

“Don’t worry kid… I’m not going to expose you… the truth is if I did, it will serve you better, you’ll have more business and lose only the thing you like, your anonymity, either way, I don’t stand to gain from it… I don’t need to threaten you… you are a hard customer, and I respect you for that… this is just purely business, look at it that way… just like you said, I’m all about the money.”

Still Paul was dazed in disbelief and alcohol, he could not make sense of it and was mum to say anything, and Mr. Fisher took it still as a strong stance by Paul out of principle.

“Kid you owe it to your friends and yourself… this is your chance to redeem and regain what was lost… your integrity, the money, not just you, but all of your friends, they lost a lot too.” Mr. Fisher insisted.

When Mr. Fisher mentioned his friends, Paul couldn’t help but remembered the old times: their practices, and their first two songs, he was thinking out loud “Angel’s Cry and Mad as Hell,” he mentioned it unintentionally.

But Mr. Fisher was ecstatic and said, “It’s brilliant… it had never been released in any of your albums… kid you are really a genius… it’s a fantastic idea… yes, we will include it.”

But Paul interrupted Mr. Fisher’s jubilation, “That’s not what I mean? … I want it back, sir, I wrote it and I’m supposed to own it,” the two songs were some of his most key frustration.

In moments of Mr. Fisher jubilation, he only gives a thought and said, “It’s yours anyway… you can have it, as long as we have a deal and we’ll definitely include it in the album.”

With tears in his eyes, he said, “We have a deal sir.”

In the office of Triumph Record’s President, Mr. Fisher was contemplating with the deal he had just made the day before, he got a feeling that somebody had got a better of him and he didn’t like it. It’s not that he didn’t care about the ownership of the song Angel’s Cry and Mad as Hell, but it’s just he wasn’t able to manipulate and took advantage of D’ Kid, all because of the alcohol, “I shouldn’t be drinking when I made the deal,” the perceived vulnerability of D’ Kid had keep him off-guard, and he couldn’t just admit it, not just that he’s a fan of his work, he really liked the kid for some reason.

On the third day, a courier was in Paul’s doorstep, followed by a U-PAC truck mover. When he opened the courier envelope, it was enclosed with contracts regarding the deal made between him and Mr. Fisher. He didn’t expect Mr. Fisher to abide by what they agreed on, since they were literary drunk at the time. He expects that the man would push for the album and reneged on the ownership of Angel’s Cry and Mad as Hell, but surprisingly, Mr. Fisher honored it, and to add more, he was now ordered as part of the contract to move-out of his existing neighborhood, for safety reason, and was awarded an apartment unit in Beverly Hills area.

When Paul arrived at his new apartment, Fox has been already there at the doorstep waiting to welcome him, “Kid… welcome home… although I know this might be temporary, since I’m sure you’ll be moving into a bigger place in no time.” Fox said gladly.

“No more Fox… I’m more than satisfied with this place,” Paul answered feeling very relieved that he was no longer in a dangerous neighborhood. But as he entered the place, he was surprised and incredibly excited even more.

“As I promise… I’m not leaving you anymore.” Peter excitedly greeted him.

“Now I think… you’ll agree with me that you’ll need a bigger place in no time.” Fox interjected.

“No way… we only need one bedroom… and one bed… we’re… the same you know?” Peter fuzzily commented and roaring laughter followed suit.

After a few weeks, D’ Kickers including Fox were already in the studio recording the album. Everybody was in high spirit, there was no pressure, as if they were just there to enjoy the time of being together again, but more than anyone, Fox was exceptionally pleased about the moment. Although they all started the band, Fox was not able to fully enjoy being D’ Kickers with his childhood friends, since he was seized by Mr. Fisher in favor of the Clowns in the early stages of the band’s career. Now, Mr. Fisher allowed him to be with his friends, although this was a temporary arrangement since he’ll be back with the Clowns after the album and a yearlong promotional concert tour, just the same he was ecstatic to be able to do it.

The group had finished recording all the songs for the album. Paul, Peter, Andy, Joey and Scott were gazing at the samples of the album jacket and they were happy and excited about it. But when Fox entered the studio, and browsed among them with the album jacket, “They can’t do this to me again… I hate these people,” he shouted and furiously threw the album jacket.

The group was puzzled by Fox reaction, they didn’t see anything wrong with the album jacket, but Paul already knew why Fox was acting that way. Fox was about to run-out of the studio to confront Mr. Fisher, but Paul stopped him and pulled him by his arm back.

“They can’t do this to me again… Kid? This has been my dream… our dream when we were young,” agitated and teary eyed, Fox told Paul

“Fox it doesn’t matter to us… it’s fine with us.” Paul said.

“Kid… we are D’ Kickers… ever since, I had never forgotten that I’m always part of D’ Kickers, they hijacked me back then, I will not allow it again.” Fox angrily said.

“Fox, they did it for business reason… we cannot deny that you are more popular now, than our old band… I think it’s reasonable that they should do this.” Paul explained.

“Kid… we are D’ Kickers, I want everybody to know that I’m one of D’ Kickers not that special guest monkey for business sake.” Fox frustratingly said.

Andy, Joey and Scott then fully understood Fox’s frustration, and take a second looked at the jacket that was entitled

OBSESSION –Relive by:

FOX and D’ Kickers

“Fox… we know in our hearts that you are always and still part of D’ Kickers, there is no doubt about it… it’s not important what people will think, you are our brothers and that will always be… no matter what this album says.” Andy said.

“Yeah… what’s important is that we are together.” Scott added.

“Okay.” Fox answered, but silently he already dreaded the future that he still had to be back with the Clowns after the album and promotional tour, leaving his friends again.

Even before the album was released, hype was already made by the publicist hired by Mr. Fisher. Already, there was an on-going debate comparing the original album, Obsession; with the upcoming one, Obsession -Relive. Many respectable critics were stating that the original could not be beaten, since the spirit lives in there; unlike the new one that was being done only, all because of business. But avid Kickers fans, argue that the new one would be better since it included Angel’s Cry and Mad as Hell, and most importantly, it also has, Fox the original leader of the band.

Either way, the winner of the argument was Triumph records, because even before the new album was released, Mr. Fisher was able to arrange with D’ Kid and the family of Mr. Vincent Baker to have the selling rights for the re-release of the old, Obsession album, under the label of Triumph Records. The old album was selling like hot cakes to the rock aficionado, and to make everything even greater, the same group of market was eagerly awaiting for the new album.

When the record album was finally released, it breaks all records hold by the Clowns album record sales. The records was bought by both D’ Kickers fans and the Clown’s fan, because of Fox. Numerous artists at that time had collaborative works with other music artist, but it was only Fox that had a hand on two major rock bands. With this development the U.S. rock music fans, eagerly awaits the promotional concert tour of D’ Kickers, in every major State and cities.


D’ Kickers’ promotional tour finally kicked-off, it was nothing that they’d experienced before, the merging of fans of the Clowns and D’ Kickers was overwhelming to say the least. In every State they have gone to, they were greeted with a pandemonium of rock fans, not every American band had seen of, except for Elvis Presley and Britain’s the Beatles. The concert tour was spectacular not just because all of Paul artistic imagination was put into it, but now, the two songs Angel’s Cry and Mad as Hell that every loyal fan of D’ Kickers had been longing to see and hear since their last concert, were now performed by the band, even greater now with Fox as the lead vocalist.

When their concert leg reached the southeast, the band were both excited and anxious, this was their place of origin, there’s no other place that the song Angel’s Cry and Mad as Hell had more meaning. The last time they held their concert here, Paul was really frustrated for not being able to play his first two original songs. Every State and city in the southeast they played had gone wild, every time they sing the two songs. When they finally reached Charlotte, North Carolina and about to start the concert at the Coliseum, Paul turned ecstatic, all because, Eliz was able to arrange for Chelsea and her friends to see the concert, including a backstage pass.

D’ Kickers, gave all of they got into the concert. Aware, that Chelsea was among the spectators in the concert. And as the concert ends, Paul hastily ran to the backstage, excited to see Chelsea, even without a plan of how he was going to engage her. But unfortunately, Paul and Fox were stopped by reporters from both National and local North Carolina media. The media people had arranged a post-concert press conference, and even with much frustration Fox and D’ Kid just hanged on till the press conference was over.

But upon conclusion of the media interview, Paul ran backstage; he tried to search for Chelsea’s group, but unable to find them. When he saw Eliz, she motioned him that Chelsea was in their main dressing room. He smiled back at Eliz, and hastily ran to the room.

“Chelsea! What are you doing?” he shouted in shock and was unable to control himself. He howled, looking towards a young lady that was about to sniff a line of cocaine on top of a glass dresser.

Everyone was surprised, since everyone knew that the young lady’s name is Nicole Summers. They all looked towards the door and saw D’ Kid somewhat confused and angered. No one from the room knew who Chelsea was. Except for D’ kid and the girl who’s acting like a groupie with Scott. The young girl looked at D’ Kid, and recognized that ’he’ was the same guy ’he’ met after her school Broadway performance; she then understood why she felt familiar with D’ Kid. She then looked at her friend, motioned and shouted “Everybody, out…”

On the way out, Scott approached D’ Kid and said, “I’m sorry Kid… I didn’t know that it was her… she said her name was Nicole.” D’ Kid kept silent gnashing on ’his’ teeth.

When the door shuts upon Scott’s exit, the girl looked into D’ Kid’s eyes and suddenly snapped her necklace strongly and instantly threw it to ’him’. Immediately, D’ Kid dropped to ’his’ knees to pick-up the necklace and the locket, while looking still kindly and confused at the young lady

“I’m not Chelsea… I don’t know you…” she said with anguished, eyes reddening and teary, she started heading for the door.

Passing through ’him’, D’ Kid from ’his’ kneels embrace her legs to stop her, crying ’he’ begs, “I’m sorry Chelsea… I’m sorry… I’m sorry Chel…”

But Chelsea interrupted D’ Kid, “I’m not your sister… I’m not Chelsea”, and pulled her legs out from D’ Kids embraced and added, “…she died a long time ago, when you abandoned her,” and she rushed out the door crying.

D’ Kid followed suit, but Chelsea were promptly mixed with the crowd. D’ Kid can’t find her from the throng. Devastated, ’he’ dropped to ’his’ knees and lay flat on ’his’ stomach, collapsed and unconscious.

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