Melodies of a Tattered Shadow

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’He’ had fainted; and the hordes of people saw it, even media men took noticed and straight away took pictures of the incident. The group at once took ’him’ inside the dressing room; Eliz, Cindy and Kim tried desperately to take care of D’ Kid. They struggle to revive D’ Kid, but were unable to.

“Kid needs to be brought to a hospital.” Cindy panic, they saw that D’ Kid was indescribably anemic.

Looking at D’ Kid, “We cannot,” Eliz answered.

Puzzled, “Why not…?” Kim retorted.

And they look at D’ Kid and nodded in agreement. “But we can’t just let it be, Kid needs medical attention.” Kim added.

They fixed their eyes on what they’re wearing, and looked back at D’ Kid, and just as quickly, they change ’his’ clothing. The ambulance arrived and carried out a lady in the hospital, while Eliz accompany and the others followed suit.

The following morning, both print and broadcast media had published the news on D’ Kid’s collapsed and the numerous girls that was hospitalized due to exhaustion in the concert. Weary, Chelsea anxiously waited for news if the D’ Kid was hospitalized. But no news was published about D’ Kid hospitalization, and no news also if the latter had recovered well, either. She tried calling all the five star hotels in Charlotte, asking if D’ Kid or the D’ Kickers were staying there, unfortunately, no hotels had given her any information, since celebrity stay in hotels were confidential. Unable to control her anxiety, she has begun to search for the number that Eliz had given her, when they first met, if in case she needed anything, Eliz told her. She knew that Eliz was the only person who could lead her to D’ Kid. Although she already knew that Eliz’s contact number could never be found in her room, knowing then that it would not be handy in any future, she just threw it away. Eliz was a stranger after all. But still, now she desperately seeks for it, trying to deny in herself that it’s gone, she tossed and turned everything in her room, breaking even the top glass of her tea table, making noised that could be heard in the whole mansion. Miss Dianne Summers had heard it and hastily ran to her room.

“Nicole… sweetheart, what happened? You are bleeding…” Miss Summers said worriedly.

“Mom… I found her.” Chelsea said crying, holding her photo album, open to where Elizabeth and Sarah’s photo where, while drops of bloods trickled in her arm.

“Found who sweetheart? Let’s go to the hospital and have your hands check first.” Miss Summers suggested.

“My sister… I found her.” she answered weeping.

Miss Summers noticed the album she was holding and said, “That’s good news sweetheart, let’s take care of your hand first and we’ll go to her afterwards.”

“I can’t Mom.”

“Nicole? Sweetheart… Why not?” Miss Summers asked worriedly.

“I’d turned her away.”

“But why? You’d been looking for her, all your life.”

“She already found me before…” Chelsea weeps and sniffed, “but she chose to abandon me.”

“There must be a reason… why she left you, it was a long time ago, and I’m sure she’s eager to be with you, let us go to the hospital first, and have your hand check.”

In the car at the back seat while a chauffeur was driving them on the way to the hospital, Chelsea in her confusion asked, “Mom… do you really think that she wants to see me… to be with me?”

“I’m sure sweetheart… no one can resist you, especially your sister …you are a darling, you know.” Miss Summers said, comfortingly trying to calm her down and added, “By the way where did you find her?”

“She invited me at their concert.”

“At their concert?” surprised, Miss Summers asked.

“Yeah, at their concert,” Chelsea said, and explains, starting from Eliz’s invitation to what transpires following the concert.

“That would be it, sweetheart… people knew her differently, that could be one of the reasons, why she wasn’t able to be with you… but obviously now she was trying to make an effort.”

“But Mom is there anything more important… that you can just leave your family?”

“I’m sure she has a reason… you should talk to her first, before you can judge her.” Miss Summers advices.

“Mom, she knows everything… why did she leave me? She knows what my dad did to me, and to our Mom,” she sadly said.

“I don’t know sweetheart,” and Miss Summers embraced Chelsea tightly.

The Charlotte General Hospital was crawling with people, apart from the regular workloads of the medical staffs. People were crowding the place, families of the girls who pass-out from exhaustion from the concert the night before. The mother and daughter rushed to the emergency room, mixing from the flood of white lab gowns of doctors and the green medic suits of medical personnel. They were immediately attended to, Miss Summers was quite known in the place for her financial contribution and charitable work in the hospital. A doctor quickly administered some minor stitches on Chelsea’s hand, and just as quickly they were on the way out, but doctors and other hospital staff greeted and talked to Miss Summers; to this mindlessly, Chelsea observed the people coming in and going out of the hospital, some of the patient wore or carry some paraphernalia from the night’s concert.

Hoping against hope, Chelsea left her mom talking to the doctors. She started searching from the patient beds in the Emergency room, each bed, she peeked through the curtain division, hoping that one of the patient; was her sister. She had a feeling that her sister won’t be there as ’HIS’ usual self. She continually looked for her in the emergency room, but to no avail, she wasn’t able to find her.

Still, she persisted, and went to a nurse station and asked, “Nurse, the patients from the concert, where they all in the emergency room?”

“Most of them, but some other patients were confined in other rooms, for a thorough check-up. Because, some patient might have some other complication,” the nurse answered.

“Where are the rooms, Nurse?” Chelsea followed.

“Are you looking for someone Ma’am? Are you a relative of a patient? What’s the patient name?” the nurse asked hastily but politely.

Chelsea couldn’t state her name, but utter “Sarah… is there a patient named Sarah?”

The nurse from the station looked onto a list and, “I’m sorry there’s no patient named Sarah.”

Undeterred, she left the nurse’s station, and followed some of the people wearing T-shirt with D’ Kickers design on it. She deduced that her sister’s room might be with some of the concert patient, so she followed suit. The elevator was jammed packed with D’ Kickers fans, talking about the concert that transpired the night before. With this, Chelsea were hopeful that she would find her sister. The elevator stopped at the third floor, and when it opened, she saw a mixed of teenage adolescents and young adults in the corridor, many dressed like people from the seventies. Chelsea’s heart lightens up, she knew that she was close to her sister. She tried peeking through each room, some houses six patients and some as little as two, but to no avail she wasn’t able to find her. She desperately seeks from the private rooms on the floor, but still she couldn’t find her. Not finding her in that floor, she moved to another floor and repeated the process. After searching three floors, she still didn’t give up, but she was obviously exhausted, but then a hospital guard approached her and asked, “Miss Nicole Summers?”

“Yes?” Chelsea answered, panting.

“Your mother is looking for you… she’s getting worried, she asked us to look for you. I think its best that you get back to her quickly.” the guard said, to which Chelsea hastily complied, she just recently realized that she hadn’t even told her mom, when she walked away.

In the administration room, her mom was anxiously waiting for her, talking to the hospital administrator, “Mom, I’m sorry… it’s just I’m trying to look for her,” Chelsea said.

“Don’t worry sweetheart its fine. By the way, why look for her here? Why?” her mother asked curiously.

Chelsea didn’t answer, but pointed at one of the tabloids that’s on the table with the headline that says, ‘D’ Kid collapsed, unconscious at their own concert’ accompanied by Paul’s photos lying on the floor. Miss Summers quickly pulled the paper and showed it to the administrator and, “Is she… I mean is he confined here?”

“Miss Summers, you are joking, as it is, our hands are full. I don’t think we can handle a celebrity right now, but we are a hospital if he is here, we’ll give our best,” the administrator answered and asked, “is Nicole a fan?”

Miss Summers looked into Nicole before answering and, “Yes… she is a fan.”

“The guys must be really good, there are many patients that are here now because of exhaustion from the concert, it must have been a hell of an event,” the administrator commented.

“Yeah, they might be, Nicole was there last night… are they any good sweetheart?” Miss Summers commented and asked her daughter.

“Yeah, they are…” Chelsea quickly answered and out of the blue she asked, “Dr. Feldman can I see the patient list that was brought here from the concert?”

Miss Summers looked at her daughter puzzled, but remained quiet. Dr. Feldman took one of the big black Booklist at her table, and handed it to Chelsea, and said “Everything for you and your mom, by the way who are you looking for?”

“Ah…” Chelsea paused, thinks and said, “Ah… I haven’t talked to my friends, since we get separated last night from the concert. I’m just curious that one of the patient might be one of my friends, is the patient all okay?”

“Yeah, they are, it’s mostly exhaustion, except for one of the patient… we are still trying to check her out; her immune system is very weak.” the administrator answered.

“What’s her name?” Chelsea asked.

“Jane Rivers, that’s her name, she’s the niece of Captain John Rivers. Do you know her?” the administrator answered and asked.

“No, Doc.” Chelsea answered, disappointedly.

“Do you find anyone you know from the list?” the administrator asked.

“None, Doc,” Chelsea answered sadly.

“You seem disappointed.” the administrator commented.

“Ah, no ma’am, I’m just tired, actually I’m glad that my friends are alright, I might hear from them once I get home.” Chelsea commented and feigned a smile.

On the way out, Chelsea was still restless; her mom noticed this and said “Sweetheart if we can’t find her here, we will go to Los Angeles and looked for her there, I’m sure she will be delighted to see you.”

“Thanks mom… but I’m worried about her…” Chelsea commented sadly.

“I’m sure she’s fine, the news will be all over her if she’s not fine… we should have heard it otherwise,” Miss Summers commented.

“Are you sure Mom?” still worried

“Sweetheart… I’m sure.”

Chelsea realized what her mom had said, and contended its possibility. Inside the car, on the way out of the hospital, Chelsea suddenly burst to the chauffeur, “Stop… Mr. Santos stop. It’s her,” and their car ceased.

“Your sister…?” Miss Summers asked, enthusiastically.

“No, mom, it’s Eliz… her friend,” Chelsea answered and hurriedly hopped out of the car and said to her mom, “Mom… I might lose her, I follow you home later.”

“Okay… sweetheart, take care.” Miss Summers said, both happy and worried for her daughter.


Chelsea ran back inside the hospital, and searched from the milieu of people, trying to remember what Eliz was wearing, and found her about to board an elevator. She quickly ran towards it, but was not able to make it on time; the elevator doors close. She gazes at the floor indicators, and waited where it would stop. It first stops at the third, and then at fourth, and then fifth and finally on the sixth. When the other elevator opened she hastily hopped in, and pushed the sixth floor button, the only floor, she wasn’t able to check out a while ago that the other elevator stops too. Reaching the sixth floor; she immediately knew that it was the floor, the rooms in the floor were mostly single private rooms, noticeably for well-off patients. She started to run trying to catch up with Eliz, but she wasn’t able to find her. She then started checking the name of the patient in the door, and noticed that most patients were advanced in age and suffering from cancers, realizing this since all attending doctors were Oncologist. The only room that a patient was not under an oncology doctor was a patient named Jane Rivers, the patient identified by the administrator awhile ago.

For unknown reason, she already knew that she was her sister. But when she was about to knock on the door, she stopped and froze, her eyes started to stream down uncontrollably, never knew if she was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing her sister or angrily stoic to confront her. She remembered the time when her sister visited her at the shelter, how they enjoyed their time together, but sadly also the unending waiting time of her return, her abandonment. People from inside the room heard the muffled cry, and thought that it was from the other room. Chelsea were about to leave because she couldn’t find the courage to go inside the room, and started to feel angry for her desertion, not even to finally confront her. But suddenly the door opened, Eliz curiosity got a hold of her, she saw a young lady sobbing, frozen at her stand, head bent, gazing at the floor. Chelsea lift up her face, and both of them were surprised, Eliz instantly embraced her and pulled her inside the room.

The moment she went inside the room, she instantaneously rushed to the patient’s bed and embraced her like a young child seeking attention to her elder siblings. Chelsea couldn’t stop herself from crying and her sister weeps as she did and said softly and repeatedly, “I’m sorry Chelsea… I’m so sorry… I want to be with you more than anything else.”

Mrs. Andrews, Cindy, Kim and Peter, who was dressed as a woman to conceal his identity at that time were all there, witnessing the joyous moment in D’ Kid’s entire life. They all couldn’t stop from bawling for joy, Peter even sobbed on Eliz’s shoulder. Finally the sisters were reunited.

When they pulled back momentarily from their embraced, D’ Kid remove one of the necklace in her, and put it back on Chelsea, the identical necklace that they both had, with a locket that had pictures of them. Without uttering a single word they both looked into their identical eyes, smiled, and both each kisses their cheeks and embraced again. Chelsea didn’t let go of her sister, didn’t even tried to speak, they both lie in bed the whole day, Chelsea falls asleep like a baby, hugging her older sister that she could never let go off. While D’ Kid could not stop from gazing at her sister’s face, she continuously stroked her golden hair, never wanting to close her eyes and to fall asleep, for fear of losing her younger sister again.

Because of Chelsea, her health improved quickly, she desperately wanted to start her life anew with Chelsea, excited of all the minutes and seconds that life would bring her. Despite not being able to identify her true condition, she insisted on getting out of the hospital and was directly invited to Mrs. Summers mansion, Chelsea’s adopted mom. Miss Summers was the only daughter of a business magnate in North Carolina; unknown to many, she was also a victim of rape in her youth. She had not married unable to erase the cruelty of the man that abused her; this was also the reason why she had a weak heart for children that suffered the same fate. Her charitable works were all geared towards helping children. On the day of D’ Kid’s arrival to her mansion, she was nervous, yet happy, she was not jealous or afraid of D’ Kid, taking Chelsea from her, but joyful that she had gained another daughter.

“Welcome Sarah… this is your home away from home from now on,” Miss Summers excitedly greets D’ Kid, not knowing that no one had called her by that name for a very long time.

The sister looked at each other, Chelsea holds her sister’s hand tightly as if her sister would escape if she let go of her, acting like a baby.

“Nicole you’re acting like a baby… let go of your sister’s arm… it might break-off.” Miss Summers joked.

“It’s okay, Miss Summers… I love it when she holds me that way.” Sarah commented gladly.

“Sarah… I’ve told you… call me mom, you are also my daughter from now on.” Miss Summers said happily.

“Yes…” Sarah said and added “Yes, Mom.”

“Thanks sweetheart,” Miss Summers said and instructed, “Nicole, show your sister her room.”

Pouting her lips, “Mom,” protesting, “I’ve told you… She will sleep with me in my room. My room is big enough for both of us.” Chelsea said.

“Nicole… you’re really acting like a baby… now. Both of you are grown-up already, you should have each other’s room.” Miss Summers said.

“It’s okay…” at first hesitant, but added. “It’s okay, Mom, we’ll share… eventually she’ll get tired of me and will ask me to leave her room.” Sarah suggested happily.

“No, I’m not… you promised me, that you’ll never leave me.” Chelsea, still acting like a baby.

“Ah, okay, Nicole… but don’t pester your sister. She still needs to rest.”

Chelsea quickly pulled her sister to her room. She was right her room was big enough. Everything was already there. Sarah was glad that Chelsea grew up in a room like it, she was equally glad about Miss Summers as Chelsea’s mom, although at that time she didn’t know what makes Miss Summers led to Chelsea.

Right away, Chelsea pulled her photo album. Sarah was equally excited to see it, they opened it, and both instantly become teary eyed the moment they saw Elizabeth Payne’s pictures. They could not help themselves thinking how good it would’ve been the two of them with their mom.

Sarah looked into Chelsea and asked, “When did you know…? That it’s me?”

Chelsea looked at Sarah, “I always knew… maybe because I was always looking at our pictures… I was probably ten and I was already in this room, when I realized that mom, me and you have the same eyes… that day I already have suspicion.”

“So what did you do then? Did you tell your Mom?” Sarah asked.

Chelsea looked at Sarah and said, “I was pretty mad at you back then… because I thought you abandoned me, I was embarrassed to tell my mom everything about you.”

“At your school in the auditorium, did you know that it was me?”

“Actually, I don’t know how I feel about you back then. You seemed very familiar, but I don’t know where to put you, you’re a guy for heaven’s sake…” she paused and smiled and added, “When Eliz gave me the tickets for the concert, I conclude that the reason you are familiar was because you are famous.”

“So you didn’t know that it was me?”

“The truth is, I’m not one of your fans and I don’t really like rock music, but somehow I’ve gone to the concert with my friends. I don’t know why, but when you shouted and call me Chelsea, that time I knew, my anger for you comes back.” Chelsea narrated.

“What makes you look for me afterwards?”

Chelsea looked at her sister, and grabbed both her arms and said, “I hate you… but I can’t stop myself from loving you… you are my only sister.” and cried in her sister’s embraced.

Weeping, Sarah responded “Thanks for keeping me alive in your memory; I’ve been worried that I will never ever see you again. Our world was cruel. No matter how much I wanted to be with you, my world moves miles away from you.” and embraces her again.

The sisters kept browsing on the photo album, until Sarah discovered a parchment of paper that said:

Dear Miss Cindy,

On the day of Mr. Joseph Brown’s passing, he told me to relay this message to you, “Please tell Cindy that I didn’t take care of him… I’m sorry… it’s not right for her… for an angel to have that burden, but please ask her to take care of Josie”. I chose to write verbatim, for I’m afraid to omit any of the things he meant to say.

May this message helps in any way.

A mutual friend of Joseph,

Roger Taylor

“When did you get this… and where…?” Sarah asked.

“During Josie’s dad’s burial, a man gave it to me… I put it in the album. Back then I was hopeful that you’ll come back quickly; the truth is I completely forget about it, but I keep everything relating to you… I don’t understand it back then, but now I know why.” Chelsea answered.

Sarah was really happy for the parchment; Mr. Joseph Brown’s died a renewed man, able to surpass violence against itself, and passed away as a peaceful man. “By the way, do you know where Josie is now?”

“Just like me, Josie was taken by a wealthy family, she lives in Mississippi now, and we correspond from time to time.” Chelsea said and showed some of Josie’s letters and photos. Chelsea added, “Maybe we should visit her sometime… I promised her that we’ll go to her, once you come back for me.”

Sarah was incredibly happy that even Josie had been taken care of, all of the anger in her heart had been taken away, “Yes, we will visit her… but first, let’s visit Mom and my Dad tomorrow.”

“Yeah… let’s see Mom, she will be definitely happy to see the two of us.”

At Riverside Cemetery, the sun was bright. Sarah and Chelsea along with Miss Summers carried with them three bouquets of flowers.

Sarah kneeled and cried instantly, upon seeing the tombstone of her Dad and Mom, “I’m so sorry Mom… I left you… I’m sorry I was not there for you and Chelsea.”

Even with the sun’s brightness at that moment, Miss Summers felt dimmed; her heart torn apart, she kneeled and embraced Sarah from her back, “It’s not your fault honey… you were just a kid back then, you could not do anything, you were right to run away.”

“I would do everything just to bring her back… I will let that evil man do everything he wants, as long as he doesn’t hurt my Mom and Chelsea… I miss her so much.” Sarah cried and said again, “Mom… I’m sorry… I left you… I miss you so much.”

“Honey… that man is evil; he will hurt everyone… no matter what, even if it’s not you, your Mom or Chelsea. That is his nature, he was evil. Don’t blame yourself; you were right when you ran away.” Miss Summers repeats, and embraced Sarah and Chelsea tightly.

The two siblings wouldn’t want to leave their Mom’s tomb and Sarah’s Dad, until Miss Summers reminded that it was going late and they had to visit one more grave. They left Michael and Elizabeth Payne’s grave, and carries with them the last bouquet. Chelsea couldn’t believe in her eyes when she saw the name on the tombstone.

“It’s him…?” Chelsea asked curiously surprised, pointing to one of the graves.

“Yeah, he’s the one who saved me.” Sarah responded.

Chelsea approached the tombstone and said, “Thanks Bro, for saving my sister and giving her back to me in one piece… I love you… we all love you,” and kisses it and put the bouquet of flowers.

Sarah looked towards the sky and kneeled. For the first time, she talked to God without cursing Him and said a prayer for the demised.

When they left the cemetery, the three of them all felt light. Sarah is happy because she had Chelsea and Chelsea feels the same way too. Miss Summers, was plain glad that she had played a part in the lives of two adorable ladies.

Sarah at that time completely forgot that she was a celebrity, a big part of the music industry. She and Chelsea along with Miss Summers took time to tour the world. Every time they enter and leave a place Sarah was dressed as Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews, but once they were in a particular country she would dress as who she really is, as Sarah. Miss Summers was really glad that the siblings looked alike and they were both stunning. Chelsea coached her older sister in clothing and make-up, and most importantly lady manners, since Sarah was not familiar with it; she had gone accustomed being a man that it kept her beauty as a lady. Somehow, it was only then that she felt freer. They even go the beach, swimming, one of the things she wanted to do all her life, but unable to. For the first time Sarah was able to swim in the sea, wearing a ladies swimsuit.

When Sarah, for the first time tried wearing a one piece bathing suit, she’s afraid to go out. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go, the water looks fantastic,” Chelsea shouted from outside the room, but she noticed that Sarah couldn’t move. She was embarrassed; she froze in the middle of the dressing room.

“You go ahead, I’ll follow…” Sarah answered.

“Oh… I know you’re having cold feet, don’t worry about your suit, you look amazing and sexy.” Chelsea teased her.

That’s new to Sarah, being called sexy; somehow it even made her even more conscious. She looked at herself in the mirror, and she cannot deny that she was really a woman, in fact a beautiful sexy woman. Slowly, she went out of the room, and true to her fear; the men looked at her, ogling. She was used to being looked at as a famous rocker, but not like then, they look at her as a woman, a beautiful, sexy woman. She wouldn’t know how to handle it, except emulating how Chelsea was doing it, which is to ignore the gazing eyes of men and become oblivious to it. Those were the things that she struggled with, now that she could openly be herself, but a big part of herself was Paul Andrew, it was easier said than done, because he was a boy for quite some time.

The media had taken notice of Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews touring of the world accompanied by a young teenage beauty, and rumors started that D’ Kid was dating an underage girl. The news had reached the office of Mr. Fisher, but instead of him getting riled up by the news, he was even glad and said, “That’s rock and roll… you don’t become a Rock star to date old chicks, in the first place, D’ Kid was safe with the Consulting Law in North Carolina, besides the chicks was always with her Mom,” pointing to the numerous photos of D’ Kid with Nicole and Miss Summers. Mr. Fisher was very happy of the rumors, because nothing helps selling more a rock and roll band and their album, but rumors of its leader’s machismo or virility. He took advantage of it and even distributed in the media secretly, photos of D’ Kid with different young ladies, to help out the sales of their newly released Live Album of Obsession Relive Tour.

With news spreading about D’ Kid escapade with women, including his past with a prostitute, suddenly a different rumor spread, that Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews was gay, a homosexual. Picture of D’ Kid with Peter and Girard Finley in Bahamas, who was an openly gay journalist was spreading in both prints and broadcast media, spearheaded again by Wolf News Entertainment, the same news entertainment network executive, that was listening in D’ Kid and Mr. Fisher conversations at Beverly Hills Polo Club.

At first, Mr. Fisher just laughed about it; but slowly he saw that the sales of the live album were being affected by it. Because, no denial or confirmation could be taken from the people involved, only Triumph Records issued a denial. Worse, Peter didn’t want to deny that he was gay. Still at that time, being gay in the rock industry was inconceivable, it’s a macho business. Mr. Fisher could not let the sales of the live album slide, so he summoned D’ Kid to his office to plan for a counter strategy.

“Miss Nicole, I appreciate that you come to my office, but my business is with D’ Kid, I need to talk to him, we have some problem,” Mr. Fisher said to Chelsea, from which Chelsea and the other lady giggles. “Miss Nicole, I’m serious, this is not a laughing matter.” Mr. Fisher added. He was surprised when two beautiful ladies arrived in his office, the other he recognized as Nicole Summers, the rumored girlfriend of D’ Kid and another girl that was familiar and definitely looked like a sister to the latter, but still he could not get hold of.

Chelsea and the other lady glanced at each other, “I’m here Mr. Fisher… what do you want to talk about?” Sarah told Mr. Fisher.

Mr. Fisher was surprised to hear the usual soft, familiar voice, never that he doubt that D’ Kid was gay, although he found him very gentle, but he still couldn’t believe that he is gay. He looked at D’ Kid deeply and saw a lady not a male homosexual, but still, “Kid, are you playing with me? Is this to say you are gay?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m not, sir.” Sarah answered, although she still gestures like a man, that she was used too.

“But, why are you dressed like a woman? If you’re not gay,” Mr. Fisher irritatingly asked.

“Because…” and she paused and continued, “I am.” Sarah answered.

“What… what… what…” Mr. Fisher asked confusedly but can’t help stop, but remembered his long lost favorite niece.

“She’s a woman… Mr. Fisher… her name is Sarah Payne and she’s my sister.” Chelsea interjected.

“What…?!’” Mr. Fisher reacted in a burst, “you mean, you are not together, not a couple?”

The siblings laughed and Chelsea said, “How can it be… we’re sisters.”

Mr. Fisher tries to compose himself, but still confused by the situation. Somehow, he knew now why he had a soft heart for D’ Kid. She is actually a girl just like his niece, and both of them were wonderful artist. “Kid the truth is I don’t care if you’re gay or not, black or white and even living or dead, all I care about was the sale of our live album, we should stop the gay rumors.”

“Yes, we agree with you… let’s tell the public that I’m not gay… let’s tell them that I’m really a woman.” Sarah declared.

“No, no, no… it’s not what I mean.” Mr. Fisher clarified, worried that although being a woman was not as bad as being gay, but still, just the same, Rock & Roll industry didn’t look up to women, it was predominantly a male business.

“What do you mean Mr. Fisher? I hope you understand that I’ve been wearing a mask for quite some time… frankly speaking, I’m getting tired of it, and I don’t care anymore.” Sarah said with seriousness, while she still gestures in a manly fashion.

“Kid… believe it or not I understand you, every one of us is wearing some kind of a mask, I know yours was heavier and I dig it, but there is a time for everything, let me handle this first and later we will reveal to the world who you really are.”

“Mr. Fisher, you are wrongly estimating me again. I don’t care if they told me if I’m gay or anything else… I already have the main thing that I want in my life. I have my sister and everything is just add-on. I really don’t care for anyone else anymore.” Sarah said.

“Is that… who you really are… finally? You have no care for anyone else. Once you get what you want. Truthfully, I’m scared cause you sound like me…” Mr. Fisher said honestly, “… a selfish person.”

“What do you mean?” Chelsea asked.

“What about the messages of your songs… do you just throw it away? All because of this confusion… don’t you want someone to learn from it? So, someone else can avoid it?” Mr. Fisher paused and added, “Kid your song, don’t lose the meaning of it, it’s bigger than you… a lot of people learned from it. Don’t let filthy rumors tarnished what you’ve written. In the end, your writing saves lives. And lastly, don’t you love Sarah’s anonymity? You’ll lose it once we tell the public the truth.”

Sarah and Chelsea were taken aback. Sarah expected the usual evil man that she huddled for a deal. But this time, he meant the truth. Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews suffered from popularity, and now they could not let Sarah endured the same fate. Most importantly, both her and Chelsea felt and momentarily remembered their past; in their hearts they could not accept that they would just let it in, having some man abusing women and children.

“Kid, don’t take it differently. I’m the same evil guy. But your kindness means business to me, that is why I told you this.” Mr. Fisher added to masquerade his benevolence, even he couldn’t admit to himself that there was some kindness that was left in him.

“Okay, you got me again, sir… what do you want me to do?” Sarah answered.

“You don’t have to do anything differently, it will just be a photo shoot,” Mr. Fisher followed.

After a few days, both print and broadcast media were flooded with pictures of Nicole Summers and D’ Kid’s engagement. The gay rumor was bashed by an impending marriage. Nothing else matter with the conservatives but the sanctity of marriage; their supposed cure for their perceived curable despicable diseased as homosexuality. Promptly the rumor about D’ Kid was doused by marriage news and it swallowed it. The brilliance of Mr. Fisher counter strategy had made D’ Kid and D’ Kickers even more popular to the irate of the Wolf News Entertainment Network. They really wanted D’ Kid to fall down flat, but to their dismay, Mr. Fisher had put everything to his and D’ Kid advantaged. Mr. Fisher then knew, that D’ Kid enemy was Wolf News Entertainment. And Mr. Fisher was gearing up for a war with the network of ultra-religious bigot Christians. He didn’t care for them since he sees them as Neo-Nazis. Mr. Fisher, who was Jewish and admittedly was devious in terms of business, hated nothing more, but racist Christian bigots, who judges people by their sexuality, skin colors and religion, for him, prejudiced was an epitome of Beelzebub, he would gladly fight with them if given a chance.

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