Melodies of a Tattered Shadow

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The news entertainment industry was besieging the life of Sarah Payne, from the moment the drama in the courtroom of Judge Vivien Blalock in the District Court of Western North Carolina unfolded; the news spreads quickly in the whole States. The media didn’t let-up. Sarah who was protective of Chelsea didn’t divulge the public her whole story and she didn’t want her sister to be dragged into it. But rumors and speculation were spreading, first that she was a lesbian with an ungodly relationship with a North Carolina Business heiress’ daughter named, Nicole Summers, which was not surprising, being condemn again by the conservative; second was that the reason for her absent early on in the trial, was because she was hospitalized in Italy for a dreaded disease, which she acquired because of her promiscuity; and thirdly some media men had really dig deep into her past, and discovered that her mom was killed by the same man that allegedly sexually abused her, and that she also had a sister that suffered the same fate as her. Of all the things that were spreading, the third was she was worried about the most; she didn’t want to put Chelsea to shame in any way.

Left and right, Triumph records hired publicist to tackle the surmounting publicity, good or bad. Like it or not the sales and all works of Sarah Payne a.k.a. Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews was selling like hot cake, because now even more the public had realized, it was the melodies of a tattered shadow, she was actually writing and singing about herself. All her works were positively critically scrutinized, including the songs she penned for the Clowns as Angel Sarah. Although around that time Mr. Fisher didn’t really wanted to exploit her condition, he was actually becoming protective of her, she treated her more like a long lost daughter, rather than one of her prized contract artist, maybe because he still sees his demised favorite niece from Sarah. His publicist had tried very hard to keep Sarah’s life detail private, fighting it out tooth and nail, most especially against Wolf News Media Entertainment, who keeps on condemning her alleged lesbian affair with Nicole Summers.

But as that, with all her protectiveness of Chelsea, she was starting to question herself, she didn’t want to lie, her being quiet for Chelsea’s sake, she accepted and believe in it, but the truth about her ailment was bothering her, it’s true that she had a dangerous condition and she had the right to keep it a secret, but somehow she felt she’s betraying one of her idols. Back then, Freddie Mercury had recently died of AIDS, he was not actually just an idol for her, but a dear friend, they’ve been friends since the time of D’ Kickers first success when they met in London, and they regularly corresponded with each other over the years, but when D’ Kickers faded out, they lose touch. In his death Sarah was in turmoil herself, she was not able to stand with him in his difficulties with his ailment. But she actually was suffering a related ailment as he was, she didn’t want to betray him and she would not cow on the truth.

After several days Sarah Payne was on her way to Chicago, to the most famous talk show in the States, of course with the help from Mr. Fisher. She had never imagined herself that she would be on that show other than maybe to perform a special number to promote, but right then she was scheduled to be interviewed by the Queen of television herself. Although still expected, that she would perform with her band mates D’ Kickers, the show was about her, about her pain. She weighs if she could go through it, but she needed to, something had to be said and this show was the best way to state everything about the truth.

She was overwhelmed when she entered the studio. Going and visiting the TV studio for her was not something new, she had always done it with her band mates even at the early age as Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews, but right then she was who she is, Sarah Payne. Then finally the host called her name out:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Sarah Payne a.k.a. Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews,” Oprah shouted in appreciation, and she readily went out to the stage. The people were somewhat taken aback, they saw the old Paul ‘D’ Kid’ Andrews in old jet black hair, dark eyed shadow, the only difference, was now the obvious plump chest, she had for a woman.

Oprah was astonished, “I didn’t expect that… I was expecting a lady in dress… ha ha ha.”

“I’m a musician Ma’am, and I believe I’m scheduled to perform some of my songs later,” she politely responded in her usual soft voice with a tinge of southeastern accent.

“You can always change for that,” Oprah still smiling.

“Yeah, I supposed… I apologized, I had gone accustomed like a man not changing clothes… I’m still learning… being Paul for a long time is not easy.” he answered still a little bit boyish.

“Yeah… true, its way easier for men… they don’t change undies every day, do they?” Oprah jokes.

“Yeah, I supposed… but not me,” Sarah answered beaming, and the crowd laughed.

“Of course not… you’re a lady in the first place.” Oprah wittingly responded.

“Yes, I am…” Sarah answered smiling

“So… how were you able to pull it off?” Oprah curiously asked.

“From the very beginning, my friends and other people just perceived me as somewhat small and skinny for my age, they didn’t realize it, since my hair was crew-cut from the beginning, and they didn’t see me in clothes that would raise questions as other than, I’m a little skinny boy. My mom actually had made everything for me, including down there to look convincing, and most of all I acted like one, even up to now,” Sarah answered amusedly and added, “that is maybe the reason why I’m not dress as a lady tonight,” and the audience laughed again.

“But what about when it’s time to go, you know…?” Oprah gestures twisting towards her left joking and added, “And I know school friends do it at the same time.”

Sarah smiled and shyly coyly, “People might think it’s difficult around that time, but it’s not, if my friend was doing it, I pretended to be doing it also, it’s that simple. When it’s my time to really go, I’d always tell them I’m doing number Two, although I’m just doing number One.”

“Your friends didn’t suspect anything?” Oprah asked with much interest.

Sarah looks at the crowd and smiles, “Why would they? In the first place, it’s not normal for friends to nose around your friend, when he’s doing something private, isn’t it? My friends don’t, do you do it to your friends?” she jokes

“Of course not,” Oprah giggled loudly and the audience equally laughed again.

And the gap was announced for a commercial break. Sarah and Oprah continued on talking and somewhat get along well together, maybe because they somewhat shared the same past.

“You are a surprise and delight… I hope you’ll understand if we go on to some serious matters.” Oprah politely asked.

“I believe that’s what I’m here for,” Sarah answered with same soft southeastern accent.

“You have an interesting life, you had suffered from a violent sexual assault and yet you are friends with a former prostitute in the street, and back then, she was still suffering from that fate.”

“Yeah… my best friend was a prostitute, a former street walker, but she was not a victim as you supposed.” Sarah responded.

“Isn’t it prostitution a form of abuse of women?” Oprah followed.

“Not to my friend Eliz and her colleague in street walking. They did that with their own choosing, and frankly speaking a lot of them do it on their own will, and they seemed happy with what they were doing” Sarah stated.

Oprah was quite surprise, she asked, “What do you mean they were happy doing it?”

“For us, who live in this dictated social norm, we cannot understand it, but they were living in a different level, they see their body as a tool… not as themselves, whatever they were doing it’s just a means to an end, like a carpenter needs his muscle and a hammer. For them, it’s their body, they don’t see the difference since they were probably right,” Sarah answered.

“What do you mean, they were probably right?” Oprah followed again.

Sarah gazed into the crowd, as if searching if she knew someone from the crowd “I’ll quote my friend for this. What do you think a boxer does for a living? What’s their tool?”

“They compete to earn a living, and you’re right, they use their body as a tool.” Oprah quickly responded.

“Yeah… my friend is right.” Sarah answered with glee.

“Let’s look at it as if there were no social dictated norms, isn’t it dangerous for women to sell their body?” Oprah asked with interest.

“Yeah true… but so as the boxer and other athletes and even other jobs, like being a fireman, a policeman and so on.” Sarah retorted.

“That’s not what I mean, but I do understand you, about occupational hazard, but isn’t it street walkers were frequently abused by their handlers and customer?” Oprah asked with sympathy.

“People who don’t understand them, can judge that they were a hapless victim or a criminal, like a thief or a robber, but many are not. It’s true that sometimes they were abused, but ironically not from the customer, but to the authorities most of the time. For a customer to abuse a street walker is dangerous, that’s the reason they have handlers, to protect them, and for one, many of pick-up girls’ customer was not abusive to women, if you look at it, those people actually respect these women. For they surrender their hard earned money to them, just to have a time with a girl. Come to think of it, an abusive person will not bother paying women, when they can just readily get women and abused or kill them, like in some other cases. Some abuses their wife, their daughter, their sisters at home, the way I endure. Paying girls were beneath them, they will not surrender their power to women no matter how little it is. The truth is most of paying customer I supposed, had either had respect for women or are just plain scared of subjecting women to their power. Abusive man tends to overpower women, prostitute customers surrender their power to women, and those were two different animals.” Sarah explained while continuously gazing at the crowd.

Oprah was puzzled, “Interesting, that’s a different perspective, something to think about, but from what I gathered you were subjected to a sexual assault from a pick-up girl’s handler, isn’t it?” she further asked.

“That’s how protective they are, of their turf. The guy had mistaken me as a threat since I don’t belong there, and I paid dearly for that. The handler will protect his turf and girls to protect his business, protecting his girls mean business for him.” Sarah surprisingly answered plainly.

Oprah was still surprised at Sarah’s indifference with her past, she further asked, “Is that where you get your illness?

“Yeah… I had never been sexually active, the only time that my body experienced sex, were when I was abused, that’s why it’s easy to pinpoint where I get it.” Sarah answered quickly.

“Is it true… you had never experienced sex… the pleasurable one?” Oprah asked with much interest.

Sarah smiled at her, “I’m actually morally sexually virgin if there’s such a thing… but with a damaged good.”

Oprah still was surprised by her indifference, “You never had consensual sex… even with a boyfriend?”

Sarah grinned, “You are forgetting… I lived as a boy for almost all my life… I never had a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship.”

“You’d never been in love?” Oprah followed

Sarah’s eyes glistened again, “… I’m not a stone… yeah, I did fall in love.”

What happened? Oprah asked curiously.

Sarah paused and sadly said, “He left me when he discovered the truth.”

Oprah’s eyes widen and her mouth dropped, “He was gay…? He didn’t know the truth?”

Sarah sighed and answered, “He thought I was gay too… since I look the part, but he left the moment he realized I’m a girl.”

“He could have outed you early on, why didn’t he?” Oprah added.

Sarah beams again, “He do love me… and his protective of me… especially now.”

“So… you’re still connected.” Oprah asked.

“He’s one of my best friends, we still love each other dearly… but not in a romantic way, way higher and deeper.” Sarah answered with confidence.

“So, you had never been sexually active…” and Oprah paused and continued on, “Do you know what happened to your attacker?”

“My friend Eliz told me that he had already died of AIDS.” Sarah answered glumly.

“Sorry to hear that.” Oprah responded somberly.

“Don’t be, he deserved it.” Sarah responded.

“No… I mean to your illness.” Oprah quickly stated.

Sarah grins, “Yeah… I know that… I’m just teasing, everything seems to be serious here, don’t worry about my illness… I’m receiving an experimental treatment and everything looks positive, besides my illness have not grown to full blown AIDS, I’m still just HIV positive.”

The crowd was pleased to hear Sarah’s confidence, their teary eyed, suddenly glisten in slight glee.

“You seem optimistic about the future, despite the trials you’ve gone through.” Oprah stated.

“Why can I be? There are only two things that can happen to me: living a long life, which is very positive, since I have my sister, my Mom Jackie, Dad James and my friends; and to the other, if I finally die, which is not really bad in itself, because I’m looking forward to see my Mom Elizabeth and my Dad Michael, and maybe finally meet Paul, a true friend that I haven’t met yet.” Sarah explained.

“You mentioned your sister, and you said you are already with her, if I hear it right, I thought she’s not with you?” Oprah asked curiously.

Sarah tightens her lips and said, “I’ve been hiding her I supposed, because I’m afraid that she’ll be hurt by our past, but we had a talked, and she is ready for anything, as long as we are together.”

“So, she is with you…? Would she happen to be here in the studio?” Oprah excitingly inquired.

“She is backstage,” Sarah answered.

“Would she be willing to go out here?” Oprah asked graciously.

“Yes… she’s excited to meet you in person.” Sarah happily responded.

Chelsea comes out of the backstage to the studio, and everybody was surprised including Oprah, the girl was the rumored lesbian girlfriend of Sarah Payne.

Oprah in tears embraced Chelsea, “This is quite a surprise, all along you been together for quite some time, and people speculate so much about the two of you… who’d guess that you are sisters… but looking at the two of you now, I can see you are really sister… you have the same eyes.”

The sisters just smiled at Oprah, and they settle again on the sofa.

Oprah dabs her tears of joy, said to Sarah, “I understand you’re not even aware that you have a sister at first.”

Sarah glimpse of her sister Chelsea, while holding her hands, “I’ve ran-away because of the abuse… I didn’t know that my Mom had given birth to Chelsea back then,” tears begun to form in Sarah’s eyes, “I learned of her, when I discovered about my Mom’s death, she was killed by the same man that attacked me and Chelsea.”

Oprah with an obvious look of disgust, about the man, followed, “Did you know where the man is now?”

“He was put in prison… back then I was so afraid, for Chelsea, and I wanted him to be killed or be in prison for life… I don’t want him ever to come close to her. He was sent to prison for a reduced sentence, he’d probably be out by this time. I’m no longer afraid for my sister’s welfare since his taste had always been for young children, but I’m afraid he will attack an innocent child again… I wish someone could stop him before he does it again, because men like him are monsters.”


Week after Sarah’s TV interview with Oprah, a man was suspiciously observing a young Asian girl in the park. The weather was perfect, but in this part of the park, there were trees all around, that vision to the people was somewhat limited, besides there were few people in the area. The man was handling a beautiful golden retriever puppy; that any kid could not resist. The young girl, that looked like thirteen; approaches and hugs and kisses the dog.

“I love you doggy… you are such a cutie… can I have him, Sir?” the girl asked the owner, while she rubbed her nose against the puppy.

“I can just lend it to you… but you have to return it to me later… I’ll just be there taking care of my nephew,” pointing to a boy in the playpen, “return him to me later, there,” directing to a bench besides a black dodge van, that was covered by trees and kind a secluded.

The man sat on the bench, near the black dodge van looking at the boy at the playpen, while cautiously looking at a far at his dog, being played on by the young girl. The girl finally lifted the dog, and walk towards the man on the bench. Right away the man stood up, and when the girl reached him, the door of the van hastily opened, hands grabbed both the man and the young girl.

At a basement of a log cabin in a wooded area in Kentucky, the eyes of the victim opened in surprised, the place was a familiar site, the victim’s hand was tied shut to the ceiling, both feet were also tied strongly in one of the steel bars that was cemented to the floor. An incandescent light bulb dingles and swayed along, it stuttered partly illuminating each part of the basement alternately. The victim was bare naked, and sweat was already cascading in the victim’s body.

“It’s good for you to come around… we had been waiting for you to wake up.” said the abductor. The victim looked around, the victim was not threatened by the voice much more to the appearance of the abductors, they seemed light, and easy to push around.

“If you’re not still aware… you are our client for the night, you can look at your surrounding and treasure it… since it could be the last thing that you’ll see in your life.” one of the abductor said, grinning.

Gilbert Robbins looked into his surroundings; he was in his rented cabin’s basement, from one of his cellmate in prison. He chose the place, so he could do his bidding, planning to abuse young girls, but now he sees himself tied up to the same rope he had prepared, and he was naked, sweating, suddenly he felt afraid, he knew then that he was going to be killed that instanced.

“Don’t worry Mr. Robbins we will not kill you… no, not just yet, we make it a habit of playing with our client before we let them go.” a white young woman said, who seemed delighted at the predicament of the man in front of them.

“Despite of your cruelty you sex monster is too damn predictable… although we must admit, we had a hard time locating you… fortunately, guard detainee was not one of your fans, they easily gave away your whereabouts… you choose the perfect place, a lone log cabin in the woods… perfect, just perfect for atrocities for monster like you.” said the beautiful young African American woman.

Leering, “Let’s start with it… I’m excited to see, of how he will cringe in pain,” a young Asian woman of nineteen suggested gladly.

The black lady stood face to face to their captive and stared at him eye to eye, “I don’t know if you’ve met my daddy inside (jail), he surely will be proud that you are in my caring hands. I know you freaking NAZI love girls like me.” pointing with her leather glove hand at his broken cross tattoo on his chest, an insignia of white supremacies, “we will indulge you, for one my other friend here who freakishly look white, is Jewish. You surely will love her… and don’t get me wrong that this Half Chinese lady beside me is just one lady cunt, she’s Christian herself like you and me, but she will definitely scare the be-Jesus out of you. You can call all your gods, even his highness Reich Hitler, but you cannot do anything, except scream… squirm for our pleasure and contentment,” she followed while gazing at the tied man, “We know that you NAZI, don’t really like white women, their PALENESS is boring you to death …but now is you’re lucky day; all the flavors are here: black chocolate, Jewishly delicious and Chinese with White marinade. We’re also lucky that you haven’t lost your taste for young girls, that’s what we love about evil men like you to the core, you can’t wait to satisfy your wicked desire… practically predictable.” the beautiful black lady added while sniggering with her two friends.

“In case you are wondering, why we are here; we’ve been following you for quite a while, and we expect that you’re going for a hunt one day. Thanks for the chloroform you have in your van that made us easy to put you down. We plan this all for you. By the way, the young lady that you targeted a while ago was not exactly your taste, it might repulse you, she’s already nineteen, she just looks very young, since you white folks can’t tell the age of Asian girls. Here she is if you wanna see her.” the white girls said, and the Asian lady appeared in front of Gilbert Robbins smirking, dress like a woman not a young girl anymore, in black leather pants, jacket and gloves, like all of them.

“Let’s try first what he did to our friend Sarah.” Rose Chang suggested, the young Asian girl.

“Yeah… that’s right, let’s start with minor injury first… before we go to the serious one.” Jane Davis followed, the white Jewish girl.

“No one among us smoke, fortunately, this fucking monster has a blow torch here,” said Josie Brown, the beautiful black woman, who was the leader of the group. Hearing this Gilbert eyes’ wide up. “Don’t worry, we will not directly burn you with a blow torch. Since we don’t smoke, we’ll just use re-bars instead, I think it’s close to the size of a cigarette. In the first place, I think cigarette is not hot enough.” Josie added.

Josie was one of the type that as an abused victim herself, becomes an abuser, but she didn’t want to abused hapless victim, she’s more advanced, she abused abuser, it didn’t even have a sexual angle like the usual abuser do, but for her it’s really about power, torturing tormentors in her hand. Her experienced of witnessing her dad killing the three teenagers that raped her, had made her a sort of a permanent vigilante. She was Chelsea’s roommate in the shelter, and the same girl that Sarah helped to visit her dad until the time of his death. Her accomplished were, Jane Davis, her and Chelsea’s roommate also at the shelter, and Rose Chang, an Asian American girl, they rescued from a sexual predator, she’s nineteen, but looked thirteen from the eyes of a white man.

The three girls started to pre-heat the re-bars in the blow torch. When they saw that the point of it turned orange from the heat, they knew it was ready.

“Let me have a go first,” said Rose excitedly, and she was about to point the burning steel rod to Gilbert’s testicle, but was stopped.

“Hey, not there yet… if you burn him there early on… he might not feel all the burns at all, let’s start slowly… and then we increase the pain gradually, we’re not going to enjoy this, if we do it hastily,” Josie cautioned the group.

“In that case… you go ahead… I want to be the one to burn his balls.” Rose declared and hand the burning bar to Jane, who gladly took it. Gilbert was anticipating the pain that would come to him and he knew one way or the other his testicle would get burned.

Jane pointed the burning steel bars to his chest, “Let’s see first if it’s hot enough,” and pushed the steel rod to Gilbert’s NAZI tattoo. “Uh huh” slips out of his mouth, it singed his skin, and burnt flesh smell started to envelop the room.

“Well, my suspicion is right… you are a PIG… you smell like a dirty rotten pig, getting burned.” Josie commented laughing.

Jane looked at Josie as if questioning if she could continue on. Josie just nodded and she continued on, trying to erase the tattoo by burning it. She would pre-heat the steel rod again once it loses its orange color and repeat the processed, at the start Gilbert uttered audible pain, but after a while he no longer reacted.

“Girl, he was becoming accustomed to that pain, he is likes it now. Change position.” Josie suggested.

“Yes, let me get a go at it,” Rose excitedly remarked.

“No, not yet there… burn his nipples first, let’s see if we can get some reaction. In the first place, he did that to our friend Sarah,” Josie cruelly suggested.

Jane pre-heat the steel rod, this time longer than before. The point of the steel rod, then turned bright red, to which Jane got really excited, and hurriedly pushed it to Gilbert’s nipples, and actually piercing deep up to his chest bones. “Eh… ahh,” Gilbert shouted in agony, tears cascading down his cheeks, while the three girls laughed in unison.

“That was pretty good respond Gilbert, I like it… but your voice is kind of annoying, I want you in pain, but I don’t want to hear your freaking voice,” At this Josie grabbed a mouth gag with a ball, the one use by ’sadist & masochist’, put and strangled it into his mouth, and quickly Gilbert’s voice turned to muffled noised.

“That’s more like it,” Jane commented, she then pre-heat the steel rod again to red and then turned to his other nipples. Only muffled sound could be heard from Gilbert. He twisted and squirmed from his stand in agony, trying to escape from the scorching steel rod, but he couldn’t. Even just to fall down, since he was dangling tied up to the ceiling. At this, the three gleefully laughed at the sex predator, he was like a cockroach to them. After searing his nipples, they just pushed the scorching steel rod to whatever parts of Gilbert’s body they’d pansy. They would wait until Gilbert bodies had rested than they singed his skin again, until there was no more part to burn except the one Rose was waiting for, his genitals.

“What do you think, should I burn first?” Rose excitedly asked, to which Gilbert’s face of fright emerges. To this, the girls were equally glad. Rose slowly pushed the scorching rod to his penis, with a light touched, and Gilbert expectedly wiggled like an insect in pain.

“Be careful girl… we don’t want it to fall off easily,” Josie commented laughing hysterically.

Rose tried it again with a soft touched, but expectedly Gilbert twisted in pain making it hard to burn him without totally damaging his penis. “This is frustrating… I’m just going to burn his balls.” Rose commented.

“Oh girl… that’s going to get even harder… the skin there is thinner, Is it?” Josie warned still laughing.

“Shit!” Rose commented frustratingly and instead, “Uhmph” kicks Gilbert’s ball really hard in an instanced, “That won’t kill him… he’ll live for a moment.”

Gilbert squirmed in agony; inaudible voice could be heard from his covered mouth, with saliva leaking out. The kick was really hard and unexpected… the three laughed not at Gilbert, but of their frustration on ways to punish Gilbert.

“Gilbert, it seems that we’re running out of ways to give you pleasure, but it’s not so, so don’t worry, there are some more coming, we just want to maximize everything, so it will be memorable for you. We don’t know if you’ve already experienced these with your NAZI comrades inside (prison) but you’re not gonna forget this, up to the time of your death,” Josie circling Gilbert around holding a baseball bat, the other two girls lowered the rope that tied his hands, and made him bend forward. They rest Gilberts chest in one of the table, to which, for Gilbert was a welcome changed, finally he could rest his body down. But he didn’t notice from his tiredness, that he was tied up both at opposite ends, his butt protruding up in the air. Josie suddenly in a burst violently shoves the baseball bat in his rectum. Gilbert’s head stood up from excruciating pain, and he waggled expectedly, but Josie couldn’t push it further, no matter how much she tried. Gilbert was about to pass- out in pain, but Rose readily splashed a bucket of water in his face.

“This fucking baseball bat is too big… I know it can get through, but we don’t have the muscle for it.” Josie laughingly and frustratingly commented.

Jane approached with a hammer, took the bat from Josie, and then hammered it continuously. Wood splinters flew out, until its point was reduced to 60% of its size and scores of splinters were protruding. “That’s more like it,” she commented and gave it back to Josie, to which the latter was delighted.

Josie instantly shoved the damaged bat in Gilbert ass, from which, he wriggled desperately.

“It’s still hard to get through, I think we need some lubrication… find some motor oil?” Josie declared.

“No need… just turn it clockwise and push… I’m sure from the splinters you’ll have your desired lubrication.” Jane commented with a grin.

Josie turned the bat clockwise while pushing it, and true to Jane’s word, blood gushed from Gilbert’s anus. He was in agony, struggling for his life, and his ass was bleeding profusely. Josie stopped, when he reached six inches inside, he observed Gilbert, and when she saw that he was about to pass-out again, she promptly signal Rose to pour water in his nostril, to which Gilbert would wake up jiggling his head up in agony. When they found that he was awake again, Josie would turn the bat in his butt again, that time in the opposite direction, sending indescribable pain to Gilbert, to which immediately he was about to pass-out but again would be awakened by water boarding. They repeat the processed over and over again to their satisfaction

When finally they saw that Gilbert was already numbed in his bottom they stopped. The girls talked among themselves, Gilbert was resigned already, and he wanted to die at that moment. He closed his eyes, but quickly a hard slapped, again, awakened him, and then they pulled the rope to raise him up again to a stand.

“You cannot close your eyes… you have to see everything, we want you to feel everything, we will destroy you… including your spirit… you will haunt this place… repeating your torture till forever… Understand?” Josie said and slapped him hard again, and signals something to Rose, and then music was heard, a hard rock haunting music.

“Can you hear it?” Josie holds Gilbert’s by the chin, “That music is about you, it’s talking about you.” Right that time the song lyrics played:

Mad as hell

I wish I could kill

Kill the thief of innocence

In my dreams

“Can you hear it… that’s your beloved Sarah’s music, she made that music because of you,” and a hard slapped again hits Gilbert’s face from Josie’s palm.

“This human shit is making us tired, maybe we should let him go now,” Rose suggested smiling at her friends.

“Are you really tired? I surely still want to play with him, but I’m running out of tricks.” Josie answered. While in the background, the music continued on, despite of his situation, Gilbert tried very hard to listen to the music, since it’s the only thing that didn’t hurt his body. Ironically, he’s trying to escape his situation from the music, although the lyrics made him feel guilty, but still, he listened, to the song that said he’s the devil, to ignore the deadly threat from his host, in that dance in the cabin basement.

“Maybe we should… electrocute him?” Rose suggested gladly.

“That could be fun… but we don’t know how to do it; we might quickly kill him in the process?” Jane answered.

“Are you really getting tired now?” Josie asked the group and the two nodded like two children from a playpen.

Josie huddled the two girls and whispered them an idea; and Rose quickly jumped happily on the idea and said. “That will be a nice way of letting him go.”

“Yeah… we should have done that early on with our other clients. I’m sure it will be fantastic.” Jane followed enthusiastically.

The two girls made sure he’s hoisted back upright, Josie went in front of Gilbert and slapped him hard again, “You need that… you have to be awake before we let you go.”

Gilbert was confused, he kept on hearing, that he will be let go, but to what price, surely these girls would not just let him go without an assurance, but he was hopeful at least he would still live after this.

Jane and Rose proceeded to play with his limp penis using sticks, trying to arouse him, but it was not reacting at all.

Josie slapped him again, while holding something in her back, and said closely to his ears, “Make it stiff… it’s the last one and we will let you go.”

Gilbert eyed Josie in confusion; he wanted everything to stop, so he tried to imagine things to make his penis erect, but sadly, nothing happened. It’s hard to make his penis erect when it was already bruised of burns, including his testicles mashed by a strong kick.

“God damn it… this is frustrating,” Rose commented and added, “It won’t be fun if we cannot make it stiff.”

“I have an idea...” Josie huddled the two again, but this time they were not as enthusiastic as before, since they didn’t know if their intended result could be achieved.

Josie handed to Rose the one she’s holding on her back, they didn’t want Gilbert to see it; they wanted it to be a surprised. She then approached Gilbert from the back “Let me removed this for a moment,” and proceeded to remove the ball gag from Gilbert’s mouth. He was delighted to have some relief in his mouth, but as soon as he took a breath from his mouth, Josie puts a rope in his neck and strangled him. Gilbert could only wiggled from the assault, since his hand was still tied to the ceiling, and his feet was tied to the floor, he continuously squirmed until he was about to pass-out, amazingly the group’s desire was achieve, as soon as he was about to passed-out his penis stiffened, and at that instanced, Rose cuts it’s with a razor sharp knife, waking Gilbert again in agony, about to screamed from pain, but just as quick, Jane shoved down his decapitated penis into his throat, and then Rose and Josie immediately put the ball gag backed, to shut his mouth closed.

“That’s the way to go… we should always do that to all our clients.” Jane commented laughing with satisfaction.

They all laughed at the sight of Gilbert, bleeding from his groin, and to the thought that his penis was in his mouth. They did some final act and proceeded to clean the place of their traces, and then left quickly.


Morning, three major news network in Kentucky received an anonymous package with a picture and a note and an address of the event, deliberately informing the media first, so they could have the full looked of the event first, before the police. The picture was of Gilbert Robbins’, mouth gagged, hanging from his hand tied, naked, with his lower part body in zestful of blood, while a bearded man in Fireman’s yellow protective suits, in fireman’s hat and sunglasses stood beside him, with his right hand gesturing as if he was taking a photo of himself with the dead Robbins, beside him. The three girls had staged the crime scene, they deliberately put some Marlboro cigarette butts that they collected from the airport of traveling passengers, and hairs from a barber shop from San Francisco; they also put foot prints of big fireman boots while their traces were erased by leaf rake, and by wearing the big fireman boots themselves.

And the note, it was from a collection of cut out letters from newspapers and magazines, stating that:

I am the fireman, that’s been killing sex monster in different States; the FBI had continually ignored my doing, because they favored it. Don’t wait for these monsters, to attack your children. Kill them all, and you’ll find that no self-respecting family man from the authorities will arrest you. People in prison, don’t wait for these kinds of people to go out of jails and attack your children, your sister or your wife, kill them there, don’t set them free. For you sexual predator, the day of reckoning is now. I bet you from now on, many Firemen like me will kill and torture all of you with no trouble.

Mad as hell

I wish I could kill

Kill the thief of innocence

In my dreams

Same day in the afternoon, Sarah was busy preparing for a guest appearance of D’ Kickers in one of the popular night time show, her friends were there including Chelsea’s old friend Josie and Jane and a new girl named Rose. Sarah had invited Josie to Los Angeles for a visit, to which Josie excitedly obliged. While news broke out that Gilbert Robbins the alleged abuser of Sarah Payne, a.k.a. Paul ‘D’ Kid Andrews of the famous rock band D’ Kickers and her sister, was killed and tortured by a serial killer of sexual offenders. It was shown on news TV, including the note of the so called serial killer, who named himself as the Fireman.

On the way out to the studio, for D’ Kickers TV appearance, just outside the premises of his residence, Sarah noticed people were crowding her place, again, but unlike before, she’s no longer anxious, crowds no longer bother her. She’s confident, because, she no longer hides anything. But this time it’s different, the crowd seemed jubilant, and many with placards saying, ‘Robbins is dead and many will follow’, ‘We’ll kill them all from here on’, ‘Beware sex offender I’m the Fireman’.

Somehow, Sarah inside the vehicle was confused with the message, and quickly turns to Chelsea, “Have you seen the placards they’re holding? What are they saying?”

“Yeah… what’s that all about?” Chelsea turned to her friend, Josie, “did you see it? What’s that all about?”

Glinting, “Don’t mind them… it’s perfectly a good evening… you’ll enjoy playing at the show and we’re very excited about it.” Josie calmly replied, while Rose and Jane smiled wickedly.


The following day, newspapers and tabloids published Gilbert Robbins’ cruel death and torture, especially the decapitation of his genital that were plunged force into his mouth, significantly, including the note of the killer, as if it was a call for war against sex predators. Sarah’s family was on the veranda of her old Malibu house, that she had just purchased backed. Her Mom and Dad, Miss Dianne Summers and Chelsea were there with her, about to take breakfast. Chelsea opens the newspaper and saw the news; she readily stood up and excused herself, carrying with her the newspaper. Once inside, she dunked down the paper in the garbage bin, and went back to the family gathering, as if it’s nothing.

Following days, numerous death of suspected and convicted sex predator, including child pornographers was in the news. Not a single day went by, that no death of a suspected and convicted sexual offender had been reported, especially the one who targeted children, including the controversial priest in Boston, Massachusetts who was suspected of killing and molesting a boy in his congregation a decade ago. He was found in one of the vacant lot crucified naked, near his church, his genitals like Gilbert Robbins was cut off, and was forced down his throat; he also bores numerous signs of torture before being killed. The killing of suspected priest child molester had spread also in other congregation, not just in the States, but including abroad, such as Ireland, the Latin Americas and The Philippines.

In penitentiary institution, killings of Sexual offenders had become a badge of honor for gangs. The more sexual offenders they killed, the more they were proud of their gang as protector of the family; to this even the guard of the detention cells somehow deliberately lets the proliferation of the incident, often playing the music of D’ Kickers in their detention to be heard by all the inmates and inspired them to specifically target sexual predators. It even spilled outside prison, street gangs as an organization added in their initiation for new member the killings of suspected sexual offenders, before anyone could be a full pledge member. It’s as if it’s an open hunting season on sexual predators.

Although in public, all government institutions condemned the killings, but then in reality, most government authorities and the society as a whole turned a blind eye to the killings. Almost all killings signatures, where torture and eventual decapitation of the genitals; that was later put in the mouth of the victim, like the killing of Gilbert Robbins by the so called Fireman. And every time a News about a killing of a sexual offender was being reported on television or radio, the background music was the song Mad as Hell of D’ Kickers.

Even Karl Penn, who was delusional at that time, because he could no longer have money for gambling, and had heard of her daughter’s plight at a prostitution den, had gone to seize the loan shark that was connected to the abduction of his daughter. He tortured Mr. Chan to death, to get information on his daughter’s whereabouts. In turn, Karl stormed the sex den that was slaving his child. Equip with high powered weapons, he shoots every man in sight, from the guard in front, to some of the male customer inside. A violent gun battle ensued in the den, and Karl himself was killed, but not without all the girls being rescued, including his daughter, by the authorities, because of the commotion. In the end, ironically Karl Penn had become a hero for the rescued girls and their families.

As this developed, Sarah and D’ Kickers along with Fox was on the way to a benefit concert for Women and Child Protection and Rights, in New York at Madison Square Garden. The huge crowd was waiting for their arrival as expected, and all were chanting simultaneously, ‘Let’s kill them all’ repeatedly, referring to sexual predators. Sarah was heckled and asked by a journalist, about her song being used in killing suspected and convicted sexual predators, or somewhat being used as a theme song for it, “Does it bother you, that your song was being used for violent purposes?”

The group paused momentarily, while the microphone and camera were directed to Sarah… she turned politely quiet, with a gentle smile, but Fox grabbed the microphone and said instead, “Hell No… our songs was a violent experienced in the life of many women and children. Other people can choose to kill people singing Happy Birthday, it doesn’t bother us. Countries wage war through their national anthem, killing other people all because of lands and properties, or even religion. The people who used our songs for killing, we believe, are trying to save innocent souls, from being damaged and snatched permanently by evil people. People are getting killed by drugs or lesser things, in other parts of the world, people are practically being killed out of hunger and poverty, does it bother you? So why would we be Fucking bother if a sexual predator was killed”.

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