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The power of twins

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"I have class in 10 minutes. Maybe afterwards," I say shyly. I'm not like my twin sister. Some might say I'm like the runt of the litter. Shes so confident, courageous and everything I'm not. I attended one of the smaller university's. Again I know she only accepted this school because I didn't get into one of the top schools and I can't be far from her. I have vivid nightmares. I've had them since I was 12. Shes the only one that can settle my crying. "So you would rather go to class learning about how to help animals than help me." My boyfriend of 3 years says to me, laying on my bed getting ready to sleep as he's come back from another frst party at 9 o'clock in the morning. "You know Twhi... a man has needs...." I ignore him. I already feel guilty for not getting into a better uni, that not going to classes seems like I'm slapping my sister in the face. Twin sisters. Twilight, the shy, quiet, sensible, well mannered one and Aurora the, outgoing, girly girl, no filter and very intelligent. This books is about Vampires, Lycans and Witches. How did two orphan twins end up where they are, uncover hidden pass and what the future is for these two.

Mystery / Fantasy
Jane Matete
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Chapter one.


This is the third day in a row that I've woken up before my alarm clock. I'm so tired.

"Babe.. wake up."

I pretend I'm still dead to the world. Sometimes I really wish, I didn't give him a key to our condo.

I share a two bedroom condo with my twin. It's open planned living as soon as you walk in the frontdoor. The lounge right there, with the kitchen going down three small steps, straight ahead.
Beyond the kitchen is our balcony.
To the left of the lounge, is my room and Roa is on the right. Our bedrooms are the same layout. Huge rooms that could fit at less 8 king size beds in it. The bathroom is the first door and the second is my walk-in wardrope.

I've been in a relationship with Theo for three years now. We met a year before attending the same uni.
I remember that week so clear as if it just happened.

Aurora aka Roa, just got her acceptance letter into all of the pristine colleges around the world.
We agreed that we would apply to all, not thinking this would be a bad idea.
All her mail got overbearing, so we waited for mine to come in.

As a highlight we both agreed on Yale.
The sadness over came my sisters face when I checked online, not wanting to wait another day, sadly I never got accepted.
I checked Harvard, with the same results, Princeton and then all the other top uni's and got the same result.

It was then that I saw the sadness wasn't for herself but for me. It wasn't petty, she's would never draw that energy towards me.
I was left speechless. Heartbroken even, like a pet I never had, had just ran away and we couldn't find it.

"Look, you said you wanted to go to New york right?"

I nod at my sister, with tears threatening my eyes. My sister thrives at everything she does. I got into music after she realized I could sing. If she wanted to be a laywer, guarantee she will walk out with her masters while studing something opposite. Shes not your adverage nerd. It's like she doesn't even need to try.
She's so fashionable, that it takes her 20 minutes and she's done, head to toe beauty. She's been asked to be a model so many times by top modelling agencies everytime we go out for coffee or just walking down the street.

When we got to NYU a bus pulled up outside the administration office, a bunch of people got out, the Theo strolls out with a bunch of hos mates, with a basketball under his arm. His olive skin, 6'4 in hight and just the right amount of muscles in his NBA singlet. His friend had his eyes glued to me while trying to get Theo's attention.
Theo first saw Roa, bit she had turned around and walked back into the office without me knowing. His eyes then snap towards me and smiled. I smiled back and the rest was history.

I roll over so I'm on my back and look up at the drunk state of my boyfirend looking down at me before his eyes turn in his skull and he falls flat on the ground.
I sigh as I get out of bed kicking my legs over the side as the morning chill leaves goosebumbs on my thighs.

"Theo, Theo..."

"Umm.. go away, I have a girlfriend." Theo says pushing my hands off of him.

It melts my heart, knowing in his unconscious state I can trust him. Well that and because I'm 100% sure Roa threaten to Lorena Bobbitt his ass if she hears a whiff of infidelity. But he denies it.

After 20minutes of getting my hands slapped away and Theo verbal abuse of a very colourful vocabulary, I give up and throw a blanket over him.

My Alarm goes off as I stalk towards my bedside table to turn it off.

"Hahaha, you should take the blanket off him. When he's cold he will wake up." Roa says leaning on the door frame with a coffee in her hand, dressed so simple but looks flawless with her raven black long hair that just goes pass the bottom of her butt, in a high pony tail.
Her skinny light grey jeans make her grey eyes with hints of gold in her irises stand out.
Her white off the shoulder sleeved top hangs loose around her torso and scrunches up in the front of her jeans were she has tucked it in, leaving the back of her top out. With her black knee high boots.

"Your so mean." I say hitting the dismissal button.

"No I'm not. But if he keeps coming in and staggering around in the lounge for an hour and then making a fucken mess in the kitchen before he passes out on your floor again, I can show you how mean I can be."

I flinch at her threat. Shes not one to mix words or say something she will go through with.

"I'll tell him this afternoon, sorry Roa."

She shakes her head at me and retreats from my bedroom, telling me the coffee is ready when I'm finished.

When I come out from having a shower and getting ready in my own jeans and long sleeve V neck green top with my black chucks. I so don't have my sister's womanly figure. Her double d boobs, her small flat waist, giving her a hourglass figure with her hip bones poking out. Her round butt. Snugging her jeans. My figure is of a boy, flat chested, skinny chicken legs, flat butt that make skinny jeans sag. Roa gave me advise to buy boy cut jeans. They snug my hips, with a thick belt in the loops making me look like I have hips.

"I won't be home tonight Jaydee." She holds her hand up to stop my panic look on my face.
"I'll have my phone on me at all times-"

"I'll be back by dawn. I will be safe and remember do not take off your necklace."
Roa places her half drunken coffee on the counter top and walks towards me with her arms out ready to indulge me into a hug.

"You will be ok. I know your scared, but if I don't do this, more humans are going to go 'missing' it has to stop. Besides I think they're scared of me."

I giggle into her shoulder. I know the supernaturals are scared of her.
They can't kill her if they tried. Her powers are intensified, shes the only living witch on earth. I didn't get the gift and our nana was always puzzled to why. After nana passed away her powers went to Roa, giving her all our ancestors and fallen witches powers to Roa. She tries to find answers to why or how she can transfer half of it to me, but no such luck. I'm just a mare human.
Supernatural beings know I'm her weakness and some have tried to kill or take me as a prisoner, bit the amulet of the infinity symbol with gold trimming and topaz diamonds have all been casted to keep the person wearing it safe from supernatural beings. The amulet will cause a shield/bubble around me if I feel threatened or it senses a threat towards me, making the supernatural unable to touch me.
Like vampires, Lycans, werewolves and the odd powerless fae. Faes only have their wings but since their queen got taken, by who, we still don't know. Even if shes still alive, our theory is whoever has her is sucking the power out of her and the faes can feel it, the queen without her power dies. So either they are giving her there powers to keep her alive, draining themselves or the queen is taking it from them to stay alive.
Faes powers ain't for evil. Their gentle spirits cast healings and growth. So Roa's been helping them.

"Look, I'll bring back some caramel fudge, that you like. Maybe get the recipe so we can make them ourselves." She reasures me. Both her hands on my shoulders looking into my one blue one green eyes.
I nod and see a smile slowly show up on her face.

"Can we have something to eat before you go though. Please." I beg as her pearly whites start to show.

"Don't have to ask me twice." She giggles picking up her cup and skulling the lukewarm coffee.

"K I'll order pizza, what time are you leaving?"

"1.pm." she answers pouring her another cup of coffee. She can't function properly until she has at less 3 cups, especially if shes been woken up before her needed time. Once our eyes are open, we can't roll over and go back to sleep.

"I have creative lit this morning, then studio booked out at 11. Do you want to meet me there?" I say.

"Sounds good to me. Just make sure Mc creepsta isn't lurking."

I giggle at her facials, like she just put her hand into slime and pulled her fingers out to look to see what she had just touched.

"He still has a cast on his hand, from when you broke them." I say looking abit sad. In all honesty she told him not to touch her. She hates been touched. Well when he thought she was playing hard to get, she grabbed onto his fingers and crushed them, twisting his arm in a weird position until his wrist snapped.

"Well then next time he won't put his hands on a women without her consent." She says before taking another sip. It's exactly what she told him.

"What" she says to my shaking head.
She raises a natural plucked looking eyebrow.

"I'm happy you are trying. I mean 3 years ago, those poor maori boys didn't even get a warning..." my mind goes to all the kicked nuts, throat punches shes handed out.

"Why does it feel theres a but coming on?" She says. Smiling against her cup.

"I think we should introduce the swear jar back."

"No...nope not happenings." She says without skiping a beat.

It took her 3 months to fill it with a dollar everytime. We ended up donating it to the local spca, It was over $4000.

"I might as well just make a monthly payment to the animal shelter instead. Cause you know soap alone didn't clean out my mouth." She grimace.

Nana washed her mouth out with soap when she told nana, the neighbour boy was trying to pull her skirt up so he could see her undies. Nana heard her call him a fucken perve, telling him to keep is black ass on his side of the fence. Nana had me cover my ears as she pulled Roa by her ears inside.
We were only 7.

"Well I better get going." She says looking at her watch.

I frown.

"I have an essay due in three days. I want to hand it in before I leave."

See what did I say over achiever. I knew she doesn't have class on a friday, hence why I frowned.

"I might as well catch a ride." I say running to my room to grab my black trench coat and scarf.

Once in the car, I get a lecture from Roa to start driving myself. I have confidence issues. I killed our fence and mailbox last week. The week before I dented the suv when I thought I put in into reverse, and I went forward into the garage wall. Don't even get me started on the light post a couple of houses down. My hands follow my eyes.

When she parks her Mercedes in the campis carpark she gives me a hug before putting on her white trench and beanie before she heads east towards the library.

I see the stray guys walking pass her staring, one is turning back to catch up to her, I turn after I see her swat the guys hand off her waist. I don't want to see anything else.

When I get into the auditorium it's full. Class doesn't start for another 10 minutes so I head down the stairs towards my seat in the middle. My gay friend Christian plonks his butt next to me, leaning his head on my right shoulder.

"Bitch, you should have come with. The gay club was pumping lastnight."

"You say that every Friday." I say back.

"Well it was. Beside we have new students by the look of the hulk 1. 2 and 3. Yummy. Delicious and damn fffiine." He says.

I roll my eyes at him. I met Christian at one of Theo's frat parties. Theo was actually picking on him. He was hazed to bring a gay guy and lead him on. Shit went down, I stepped in and he got the whipped when I told him to stop. Then the president of the frat tried to hit on me and Theo knocked him out. He ended up being the top dog after that.
Christian has been my best friend since.

He's told me he's hooked up with afew of the guys from different frats that have girlfriend. I told him last week I hate it when he gets himself into trouble. He just calls me Mother Teresa mocking me with my pure heart and soul.
I take it as a compliment.

I feel chills around me and feel the warmth of my bubble surrounding me. As soon as he said it. Something isn't right.
I look to my left and see the vampires on one side chatting. The weres are to my right and behind me are a bunch of girls pulling at there clothes trying to get the three guys Christian was talking about attention.

They all are staring at me. I frown. The middle is suppose to be for humans, they are suppose to be on the weres side. The brown headed on looks like he could kill me with his hazel eyes, evilling me out. The blacked headed one in the middle is gritting his teeth as his tight jaw twitches his grey eyes boring into mine and the ash blond dude with green eyes lookes like he has a stick up his ass.

My eyes swing to the front at the sound of the professor.

"Bitch they are staring at you? Are you holding out on me. Omg, you cheated on Theo didn't you?" Christian whispers.

"No, I've never seen them before in my life. They probably think I'm Roa."

"Damn I think I would go straight if I had a chance with Ora." He looks like hes imagining the scenerio out, in his head."

After lit was finished, we head towards the studio. Christian is telling me the sex gods on legs are still behind us. Following us, looking at us. The creepy feeling is still high around me. I pull out my phone and send Roa a quick message.

Roa, my shield has been up for an hour. I have three guys following me to the studio. I think they are Lycans

On my way. Stay close to Christian. They can't touch you while humans are around. Be there in 20.

It's true, humans don't know of there existence. They will be cursed if they do find out. Thanks to one of the witches putting a hex on them, so they can't harm a human.
The humans that do know are either there mates or beloved.

Once inside the building, we sprint to the elevators and quickly push the 3rd floor and close door button over and over again.
The black headed one smiles as the doors shut. I sign us in and grab the keycard as the receptionist starts to flick her wavy hair to on side and expose her boobs. I swipe us in to the security area and make my way towards the booth. Locking it behind us.

"Damn bitch, I won't tell Theo if you are interested in one or all of them. Just tell me how it is? It better not be that vanilla shit you and Theo have going, so help me Jay I will slap you, if you don't scream out their names."

My heart is in my throat. I struggling to get my breathing under control. I see them walk pass me with the receptionist 5 minutes later. The booths are sound proof, but the windows looking into the others are clear as day as they walk into the one next to us.

I close my eyes. Breath Jaydee, count....." I hear Roa in my head. I take a deep breath in my nose and out my mouth. I pay them no attention as I walk towards the booth out of sight of them as Christian is waving at them. Blowing kisses.

When were in the middle of a session, Christian gets up to answer the door. Roa strolls in. Looking at me, with a half smile. Shes talking to Christian about something as I end the last Verse.
Christians presses a few bottons and tells me to run it again from the top.
The melody sounds through my headphones as I wait for my queue to come in.

Roa leaves out the door and then 5 minute later shes back. My shield automatically comes down. I'm relaxed again.

"Wow thats sounded amazing." Roa says as we finish up the track. Walking out towards the car pack after having our pizza's, were headed back towards our condo which is 30minutes or so away.

"Yeah, that's the song I made up from our parents vows. It sucks I can't remember anything about them. I've seen photo's, heard stories from nana but can't physically remember them. So I keep them alive by telling their stories through my songs.

"I can't wait to have it as my new ring tone-"

"Roa, are the Lycans after you?"

Roa sighs. "Not that I know of, but when I got there noone was there. They must have sensed me coming. Christian was blabbering about the sexy gods while you were in the booth, talking about, how jealous he is that the 3 of them couldn't stop staring. I did a reverse spell. I could see from the time they arrived on campus to taking off a minute before I got to the door. To be honest I truly don't know what they want. But the thing I do know is they better not fuck with you or else I'll teleport them to the moon. Lets see if those fuckers can breath then."

"I don't want you to go? I feel like something is brewing." I plea.

"Jaydee. The only thing that will kill me is you. You know that right. We are intertwined, even though you can't feel my pain, I can feel your and-"

"I know, I'm sorry. So when you felt me panicking, why didn't you ring?"

She parks outside our condo. Her eyebrow raised. Crap, I've said something to her, I've forgotten.
Her lips start to curl into a cheeky smile. Oh no , Jayda, you really put your foot in your mouth now.

"Ohhh, ummm, I don't know, maybe because everytime you are panicking like that, I come to you and your like... I don't know... either on top or underneath Theo, bouncing around, naked on our couch, kitchen bench or against one of the walls." She says trying not to laugh.

I can feel my face still flushed when we enter our suite.
Theos is sitting at the island in the kitchen looking towards the door with a bowl of cereal, smiling at me. Then he frowns.

"What up babe, what happened?" He say's looking confused.

"Oh I don't know Theo, maybe its because of the couch, kitchen bench and walls..." Roa says running towards her room and shutting the door, as my shoe rebounds off the now closed door.

Theo walks towards me. "You twins are double trouble you know that." He kisses my nose and my heart picks up again.

Roa's screaming on the other side of her shut door. "No!! That's why you have a room Jaydee."

Theo looks at me smiling as he ditches the bowl and carries me towards my bedroom shutting the door behind him.

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