The Power of Invisibility

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Layla Hollis is an introvert. She sits in the back of the class, only speaks when spoken to, and is practically invisible to the rest of the world. But, she notices every little detail about her surroundings from the facial expressions of the people around her to the color of the popular kid's shoes. Up until now, Layla has gone unnoticed, hiding in the shadows. However, when the class jock's ex-girlfriend goes missing, every aspect of Layla's life takes a turn when he asks for her help to solve the mystery of his missing ex-girlfriend. Once Layla and Dalton start getting closer and closer as they work on cracking what happened to the queen of Bayshore High, will their friendship turn into more? Will Dalton and Layla, along with their friends be able to save the students of Bayshore High from harm before it's too late while still dealing with daily high school drama and their personal lives? **This book is for readers who enjoy romance and high school life with a mystery to spice things up!** **This story does contain a bit of violence and has scenes that would best fit in the thriller genre, but most of this story does deal with a mystery and daily high school life mixed with a suspenseful mystery to be solved before it's too late...**

Mystery / Romance
Skye Brooks
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Prologue

**Note: This is a future scene, NOT the beginning of the story. The next chapter will be the real first chapter of the story.

She was sprawled on the cement, with her right arm twisted at a scary angle and blank eyes looking towards the midnight sky. Blood was splattered on her silky, ruffled white dress and around her pale body. There was a deep red slash at the center of her throat with a stream of crimson flowing out. Beside her, a folded note lay on the ground along with a knife glistening with the streak of red on the tip.

Dalton stood there, feet planted to the ground, unable to move. “Why would she come here by herself? This isn’t a place for girls like her.” He asked, glancing at me as if I had the answer.

“How would I know? It’s not like I’m her ex,” I said with a smile curving one one side of my face. “Besides, you don’t know if she came here by herself. She could’ve been brought here by one of them or even killed somewhere else before getting dumped out here to cover their tracks.”

“I’m calling 911.” Dalton stated, with a stern expression. “Yes, my uh, friend, well, she’s dead.” He stuffed the phone into his back pocket before mumbling a couple of incomprehensible words to himself.

Layla walked over to the still body and leaned over, attempting to get a hold of the note without touching the knife in the process.

“What the heck are you doing Layla?” Dalton looked over at me with a worried expression on his sculpted face. “If you touch that, you could end up being a suspect too. Especially since you’re silent in school and now you have a rep for being the school’s Sherlock Holmes. Everyone’s gonna think you had something to do with it, once they find out she’s dead.”

“Look Dalton, once they find out she was killed, they’re gonna be too freaked out and in shock over the death of the precious queen of Bayshore High. I’m sure all they’ll be thinking about is how to create a funeral that isn’t below her standards.” I explained, hoping Dalton wouldn’t be able to hear the tiny bit of doubt in my voice

Slowly, I opened up the creased note, trying not to tear the thin piece of paper. When I read it, I gasped.

“What? Did they kill her because of what she did last-” Dalton questioned.

“No, that’s it. ’They’ didn’t kill her. It’s not one of them. It’s someone from Bayshore.”

Before Dalton even had a chance to open his mouth, the faint thud of footsteps of at least three people could be heard coming from the end of the opposite alley. Dalton grabbed Layla’s waist and pulled her into his arms so they would be concealed from the light that they had been standing under to read the note. Muffled voices could be heard, but neither Dalton nor Layla could discern what was being said.

“Don’t move.” Dalton breathed into Layla’s ear, fearful of what would happen if they were seen.

Layla nodded slightly as a response. Seconds passed without a single sound from the unknown people in the alley. It could’ve been minutes once they finally heard a word from the others just at the opposite end of the alley that they were in.

“You weren’t supposed to kill her and leave her here.” Someone whisper-yelled. “Someone’s going to find her and they’re going to know who killed her once they find that stupid note you wrote. For god’s sake, it’s right by the school. She’s going to be found eventually, and when they do, the cops will be onto us.”

“The location you told me to leave her at was occupied. What was I supposed to do, leave her where she died?” Another person asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly what you should’ve done. Since you’re a complete idiot and don’t know how to follow simple instructions, all we can do is take the note and leave. Thanks to your little stunt, we’re going to have to do whatever possible to cover our tracks.” She stared her accomplice down before walking over to the body. She turned around. “I almost forgot, if the cops find out, make sure you cover for us.” She said as she flipped her hair and bent down to pick up the non-existent note.

“I swear, I put it right next to her hand.” The guy whispered, looking at his friend’s enraged expression.

“Then where is it?” The girl questioned, looking ready to murder her accomplice. “Wait, if someone took it…”

“Whoever it was, he must be around here. There’s no way someone would’ve come here, found the note, and left in the span of less than 5 minutes.” The third hooded figure appeared from behind the metal trash cans.

Without hesitation, the three of them split up, looking for the person who had found the note.

“One of them’s coming here. Just hold still and maybe he or she won’t see us.” Dalton muttered.

“Yeah Mr. Obvious, I have eyes. You just need to shut up for once.” Leyla said, in a voice that wasn’t as quiet as she expected.

Suddenly, the dim light of a flashlight struck their hidden figures. As Dalton and Layla both lifted their heads to see the person who had caught them, their eyes locked onto the glimmering blade of a knife, stained with blood, a few inches from their throats. Not just any knife, the same one they had seen at the side of the dead body.

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