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“You my pretty girl is going to pay for whatever you have done to me, I loved you but you never really accepted me and kept me like your secret toy playing around with my feelings” “What are you saying?”, she tries to keep moving away and keeps stepping back, “I did not do anything I loved you too, why ...why don’t we sit and discuss it rather than jumping into any wrong conclusions” her stuttering continues “Sorry pretty girl, I gave into you enough, so it’s time to say good bye now”. “But… he never lets her complete and smacks the hammer across her head”. BANG!! Alexander Knight a 29-year-old Central Bureau investigating officer is set on a murder case that’s been cleverly done, and he is on his way towards settling down in life will he be able to manage love or will this case take it away from him? Will the killer be found? Or is it going to remain unfound? Stay tuned to find out.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Alexander pov:

No, please come back you can’t leave me like this, no I need you don’t fade away I am sorry I couldn’t protect you or find you.

“I am going nowhere I am always going to be by your side you need to find out why I left, I had a reason you need to find out, I still need your help”. Wake up!! Wake up!!

Frantically I wake up from my bed, my face covered in sweat, it was the same dream. Sighing I get out of the covers

“Alex aren’t you getting late for work, come down to the breakfast table”, mom shouts from the hallway

“coming in 10 mins mom”

I take a peek at my phone to see my work schedule, walking towards my bathroom to take a shower, I turn on the shower let the droplets drop down by body relaxing my muscles, I stand their remembering the dream, imagining the angelic face I promised to protect.

Why did she leave me and disappear? She said she will come back but did not return.

Turning off the shower I walk out my bathroom and get inside my closet, take a blue denim with a white T-shirt and a brown leather jacket for my work.

Slowly walking down, the stairs into the huge Hallway, walking towards the dining I see mom and dad discussing something over breakfast.

I walk over towards my mom give her a hug and kiss her on her forehead,

“Good morning mom and dad”

And I sit beside mom.

They both greet me back.

“I sit in silence and start digging at the pancakes and going through the morning headlines on my phone”.

Dad clears his throat, “Alex your mom and I would like to talk to you about something”.

I let out a deep sigh keeping down my phone I give him full attention, “yes I am listening”.

Umm. Alex see we were thinking of talking to you about it for a very long time, it’s ...uh it’s about... he starts to stutter,

“Dad can you just try to get the words out I don’t have whole day so…”

“Oh, James you really aren’t going to speak now, let it be I will do the talking,” said mom

“Listen Alex I’ll get to the point your 29 I get it we are not forcing you around anything, but you need to know we are also getting old and would love to see you get married,”

“mom, I told you two this that I am not going to talk about marriage, I don’t want to do it now, just why don’t you’ll get it,” I bang my fists on the table with frustration.

Mom flinches at my temper

“ALEX!! Dad shouts, cut down your anger this is our house not your investigation cell or your office”.

“we care for you and that’s why we are wanting to see you happy”

I stand up from the table take my phone from the table and get ready to leave, just then mom holds onto my hand, I look at her eyes filled with tears

“Alex, please we understand what you have gone through, just give your heart a chance, give us a chance for once for our sake meet the girl try talking to her you will like her,” she looks at me with pleading eyes

“loosening my hand out of her grip, I go down on my knees and wipe her tears,”

“Ok, I will meet her just for you’ll and the decision will be mine to make, no forcing, deal?”

Both give me a huge smile and thumbs up and say together “DEAL!!”

“Meet up in the Williams house this evening” yells mom as I reach out to the main door

Stopping I turn back and give them an are you serious kind of look

“how long were they planning this” I mutter to myself and walk out.

I walked into my office and went to the underground investigation room to meet a criminal, I was investigating a case to find out about the selling of drugs around the state recently, which have corrupted a lot of youngster, but we were not able to reach to the head person who was doing all this, we got hold of one person who works together with but he seems to be tough enough not to open his mouth and let out the truth.

In the entire CBI department, they call me the most ruthless one, yes, I am I never spare anyone who is wrong and to get out things I can reach any extent.

It’s almost been a day since this guy is in our custody and I have to finish this matter fast. Great all the securities standing in the corridor I enter the room and see the guy tied to the chair and face with blood.

I walk up to officer Kevin and ask, “has he opened his mouth to say anything?”

Kevin sighs, “no, he is still not wanting to tell us anything in spite of all the kicks and punches he got from us, I have no hope that this guy is going to open his mouth it is a waste of time Alexander, we must find another way out to get to Pereira”

I walk to the corner of the room and take the tool box and keep it on the table, I look up from it and look at everyone’s eyes in the room were on me, I gave them a smile and tried to select a tool, Kevin knew very well what I was going to do and he gave me a smirk.

I picked up a small knife along with the pilers by tat time Kevin gauged his mouth with a cloth, I walked back to the man tied to the chair “Now tell me where Pereira is and I might make it easier for” I slowly started by making a small cut on his pinky finger.

The man did not cry he was trying to act strong, I pulled out the small knife and started to peel the skin around his nail. The man still didn’t make any sound, no problem he will definitely cry now, I took the piler and pulled out his nail. This time the man cried out in agony but his cries were muffled in the cloth.

I let him scream for some time and then I pulled out the cloth when he finished screaming

“do we have any location?” I asked

“Yes, yes I will tell you, please just let me go” he said breathing hardly with his eyes closed.

I smirked and looked at Kevin, “you need to know the hard way of getting the truth my friend otherwise we will all have to quit” I said and he nodded

“get all the information, track down Pereira and take him into custody and our Job will be done”

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