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Alexander’s pov:

Leaving my precinct building I see a kid standing in the park opposite my building with her face turned towards a tree standing on top of a bench and her back facing me, I did not find much people around the park and it was almost the crack of dawn I decide close my car door and walked across the road towards the kid

I stood behind the little girl and watched her intently, the girl wasn’t focusing, eyes scanning without locking onto any one thing, almost daydream-like. She shifted her weight from her left to her right and back again every few seconds as if thinking of moving and yet choosing to remain still. I moved ahead to come in front of the little girl she had pretty hazel brown eyes, she had glossy skin slender eyebrows and velvety eyelashes, dainty nose and her hair was sunrise gold, she remembered me of someone with her looks she looked and me intently with her eyebrows raised up.

“Hey there little one, what are you doing here all alone?”

She pouted her lips at me in the cutest way and put her head down and murmured, “I am lost Annie is going to kill me” she said with an angelic voice

I let out a sigh and pull her down to sit on the bench, and I lower down on my haunches to her height, and lift her chin to face me with my fingers, I expected her to be crying but she gave me an innocent smile and I smiled back.

“ok, so your lost right?” and she nods in reply

“How old are you?”

“Don’t you know it’s bad manners asking a girl for her age” she said looking at me

I let a laugh, “Sorry kiddo didn’t know, where do you live, do you know your parents’ number so I could contact or leave you home?” and once again she shook her head in negative

I look at her wondering what to do and before I ask, her anything further she speaks, “I have been lost for a very long time, if Annie gets to know I ran out to get ice cream she would punish me”

“Are you hungry? Can I get you an ice-cream?” I ask

Her eyes glistened with excitement and she screamed a yes making me go deaf.

“You wouldn’t tell me your age but you will eat and ice cream from me, what if I kidnap you?”

And she laughs, “you don’t look like a person who will kidnap me, you look too sweet to do so”

I smile and take her to the nearby cart and get her an ice cream cone and she happily starts eating it.

By that time a lady in her mid-30’s emerges behind the little girl and lets out a deep breath

“Finally, I found you again you sneaked out of the place without telling anyone,” she looked tensed and I guess this is Annie the little girl was talking about.

“Are you Annie by the way?” I ask and she looks at me

“Yes, sir thanks for helping, she always does this and me have a tough time finding her she never really keeps in mind the places she goes to,” the lady said and looked at the little girl who was not bothered and busy eating her ice cream.

“Don’t say thank you ma’am you should be careful to take care of her and she seems to be lost for hours, shouldn’t you be worried about your daughter?” I asked in a worried and angry tone.

“Yea, I know sir but she doesn’t listen and she is not my daughter, she is an orphan, she is a part of the Ngo I function” I look at her in shock wondering who would want to abandon this beautiful princess.

“But whatever it is I think she is your responsibility; you should take care and make someone keep an eye on her if you find her not listening, punishing the kid would be of no use, they would only want to run away” I look at the girl almost finishing her ice- cream.

I smiled and knelt down to the girl, making her look at me, “listen little one, no running away and getting lost next time it can be danger, I wouldn’t kidnap you but someone will do it one day, you must be careful, ok?”

She nods giving me a smile and pulls me closer and gives me a kiss on my cheeks and leaves a little ice-cream on my cheeks, and she holds the lady’s hands and walk away suddenly she stops and turns towards me “Hey buddy, my name is Claire, you did not ask me big man” and she giggles waving her hands at me and going away. She was one cute soul. I smile to myself and make my drive home.

The girl seemed like I already knew her, she felt like she is related to me why was I so kind to her? I think as I drive home.


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