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Alexander’s pov:

The next day morning I met Jasmine’s friends and tried to get some information, but all that they said was that she never really introduced this boy to anyone and not spoken about him to them, she always made excuses saying that he is on business trips, but once he suddenly cropped up at the hotel and surprised Jasmine, and she never let him speak to her friends and she dragged him out.

I continue to think about it while sipping my coffee, if he was rich why didn’t she introduce him to her friends? Why haven’t she discussed openly about him? I think I should meet him then I might have all answers to my questions, I was thinking when my phone starts ringing on my desk, and the caller id displayed Mishal’s name

“Hey Mishal”

“Hey Alex just wanted to inform you that I am at your place spending time with your mom”

“Oh, that’s nice, try to get back the good old times with mum huh?” I ask with a smile plastered on my face

“yes, I did miss the Knights empire and aunt’s food, but missed you the most” she said and I can imagine her blushing on the other end of the phone.

The line went silent for some time and she finally decided to speak

“Alex, I am going engagement shopping with your mom in the afternoon, would you like to join us?”

Yes, I am getting engaged, few days ago we decided to get engaged and see how everything works so that she can move into my house because mom wanted her to spend time with her

“I am sorry Mishal, but I won’t be able to make it you know I have work and shopping is really not my forte, you carry on I’ll try and make it up to you with dinner”

“It’s fine I completely understand the case you are working and haven’t slept properly as well, plus we agreed to get engaged as well it’s more work, you carry on we’ll meet for dinner” she speaks in a saddened voice.

“Bye Mishal take care love, see you soon” I said with a grin to cheer her up.

If I decided to give my heart a chance then I surely need to do it and she is a very understanding person I can’t hurt her, but my only fear is I can’t fall deeply in love and lose concentration due to the job I am in anyone can harm her and I cannot risk that, family cannot be my weakness Mishal cannot be my weakness.

Putting aside all my personal thoughts I call out to Josh my assistant and I come barging into the room,

“Do we have Jordon Scott’s house Address?”

“Yes Alex, we have it”

“Come let’s go meet him, I am so eager to get to know this character who was hanging out with Jasmine and being the secretive buddy” I said with a smirk on my face

Josh drove me down to Jordon’s place it’s seemed to doomed for a business man to be staying in it, it was away from the city, surrounded by trees around the house and fences across with a huge rusty entrance gate, I reach his door step with my hands inside my pocket looking around at the surroundings, Josh rings the door bell and the door finally flung open after minutes bringing in view a young boy height 5’7, fair complexion and messed up gold hair, seems to be in his mid-20’s whom I assume is Jordon Scott

“Yes, how can I help” he asked with eyebrows raised and eyes darting from Josh to me.

“we are CBI offers handling Jasmine Williams case, you must be Jordon Scott, right?” said Josh

He gave a confused expression and muttered a yes

“can we come in and have a chat Mr. Scott, I speak up looking at his flushed face”

“Yes, sure” and he leads us inside to the sitting area of his house

The house is quite small enough for one person to live in it, no photo frames nothing

“would you’ll like to have something to drink?” he asks

“Not required Mr. Scott please sit down”

He throws his hands up in the hair and sits down “You can call me Jordon, officers” he says

Josh looks at me sitting silent and looking around, wanting to know if I have anything to ask him, and so I start the conversation

“so, Josh how long do you know Jasmine?”

“Around 2 years now” he said staring at me

“are you a business man or anything?”

He lets out a laugh, “officer if I was a business man do you think I would be staying in a house like this, if I was, I would be enjoying all the comforts out there in the city”

“But Jasmine’s friends told us that she said you were a business man” with my eyebrows raised and my forehead creased into a frown

“no, I am not officer, Jasmine lied she did not want her reputation with her friends to crash because of my financial position”

I hum in response thinking of Jasmine’s rich brat attitude

Then Josh shot him a question, “Wat was your relationship with Jasmine?”

“umm… looking down at the floor, he muttered lowly she was my girlfriend”

My eyes open widely in shock, woah was she seriously in love with this guy, I think to myself

“Why weren’t you introduced to anyone in her family or to her friends?” I immediately shot another question at him not giving him time to think further

“she wanted time to introduce me I don’t know what she had in mind, she thought her parents wouldn’t accept me because I am not rich and she will lose all her freedom if they get to know, and she did not want much people to know because it will reach her family” he said shrugging not able to speak anymore.

“why didn’t you meet are at the funeral? were you angry with her for something that you did not want to turn up to see her for the last time?”

He bunched his fists and had an angry look plastered on his face and suddenly he stood up abruptly from his chair glaring at me.


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