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Alexander’s pov:

“Really officer is this what you want to ask, are you suspecting that I killed her?”

I let out a low laugh and stood up to his height, “when an investigation begins everyone close to the person become suspects Jordon there is nothing to get worried about, why don’t you just answer the question and I will decide on what to do”

“I loved her damn it… I couldn’t see her in a bad condition I still cannot digest that she’s gone, I have known her for two years but that is enough memories I have made for me to live my life” he said with confidence looking into my eyes.

“Relax we understand and we will give you your space, thank you for cooperating and answering to our questions, we will catch up later the investigation is still not over” I said wearing my sunglasses and moving out of the house.

As I continue walking towards the car Josh stops me immediately, I turn and look at him waiting for him to speak

“Alex, I want to tell you something, I just got a news when I did a background check on Jordon Scott, he had a friend called Hailey Winston who died three years back and she was murdered, Jordon was the one who opened the case with the police again after few months after her death to investigate but it was of no use as there was no proper evidence the case was shut completely”

I froze at the place I was standing listening to the name, “what’s the girl’s name you said?”

“Alex, it’s Hailey Winston” Josh said giving me a worried expression

“It sounds very familiar”, I said rubbing the nape of my neck

“yes Alex, she was the fashion company owner Mr. Patrick Winston’s daughter”

“can we meet the person who investigated on her case?”

“I’ll arrange the meeting in the evening Alex, but for now chief wanted you to report in office, theirs someone waiting to see you” and we leave the place immediately.

I walk into chief’s office and he welcome me with a laugh, I wonder what’s wrong as I walk up to him his table is a complete mess, things almost scattered on the floor.

“welcome Alexander, I was waiting for you” with a huge smile on his face

“What happened chief? Is everything ok? Why is the room in a mess?” I asked with a frown plastered on my face.

“well we were hit by a little storm, and storm is waiting in the next room eagerly to see you” he said laughing and putting things back in place.

I gave a confused expression, what’s the storm is he talking about, before I can ask him anything further, I heard a glass smash next door, and he told me “please leave Alexander and go to the next room before anything else breaks”.

I barge out of chief’s room and walked to the next room, as I opened the door carefully and entered in saw a glass vase broken and the sight in front of me brought a grin on my grumpy face, On a plastic hallway chair sat a child, legs kicking in the air, clearing the floor by several inches as they swung back and forth. I continued to walk Infront of the child, the girl’s legs weren’t swinging in the care-free way I’d first assumed. Each one was more like a kick, sharp and pointed. I crouched down in front of her, and seen her glossy eyes filled with tears and anger it was Claire the little one I met at the park.

As soon as she saw me, she gave me a smile and hugged me almost pushing me down to the floor and I let out a laugh, settling her on my lap I sit and push her hair back, I smile wondering what a cute storm it is

“Hey princess, what brings you here?” and she is quiet looking at me

And Annie who was standing in the room answers, “I came here regarding some work and Claire accompanied me and suddenly she became restless and she started to cry and she saw your image on the officers board and wanted to see you, I am so sorry sir I was unable to control her she turned this place a mess screaming”

I laughed and looked at the little one playing with my shirt button I lifted her chin to me, “why did you want to see me princess?” she gave me a pouty face and said, “ I don’t know I just want you to help me fix my doll, it was the last thing given by my mom, buddy can you help?” she looked at me with pleading eyes.

All my staff was standing by the entrance seeing the scene unfold and they all burst out into a fit laughter, and Claire turned and gave everyone a glare, this little one is sure an angry bird I thought to myself.

“sure, princess I will help you fix it you can give it to me I will try” and she gave me a huge smile and hugged me.

“But it’s at my house”

“It’s ok princess I will ask my driver to pick it up from when he drops, you’ll off I will get it fixed in a day or two” she waves her and leaves and Annie utters a thank you.

After some time, I walk over to the coffee machine in the cafeteria and chief taps my shoulder I turn around and look at him, “so The Alexander Knight is going to help

Fix a kid’s doll” and he laughed, yes even I couldn’t believe it I don’t know why was I attracted to this kid so much even she like me a lot.

“well I guess yes I will be fixing it, can’t deny those pouty faces of the little one”

“Good luck with that big man” he tapped me on my back and walked away.

It was almost evening and I told Josh to reschedule the meeting with the officer tomorrow morning, I was leaving home early I had to go on a dinner with Mishal.

Suddenly my driver came running to be with a package in his hand, and handed it over telling me that the kid sent her doll.

I opened it from the brown packaging and stood in shock looking at the doll.


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