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Alexander’s pov:

When I opened the doll sent by Claire to fix it shocked me it was the similar doll my sister Ana had when she was small, I can’t be making a mistake, immediately I get in the car and drive home at full speed almost jumping two red light signals, I am definitely going to be busted for that but I need to get home quick, my phone keeps ringing but I don’t notice it there is so many things playing on my mind right now.

Flashback: 7years ago~

Anastasia Knight also known as Ana is my younger sister, impossibly angelic capricious but very attractive, she had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness. She was all about simplicity, making things easy, helping those around her to relax and be happy with what they have. It was her inner beauty that lit her eyes and softened her features. When she smiled and laughed you couldn’t help but smile along too, even if it was just on the inside. She was the queen in our house she was more attached to me, always made the right decisions but she missed it once and she ruined her life.

She was in university she was interested to study law, she went to the university of Worcester in London, away from home it was going to be and dad never really wanted to let go, but somehow she tried to convince all of us and moved from New York to London she always used to visit us during the holidays or it will always me meeting because I couldn’t be away from her.

From the day she was born I made a promise that I would take care and protect and stand by her with all the decisions she makes, promised to always support her. I was her motivator and she always reached out to me for help.

It was almost the time of the year for Christmas and it was her birthday few days before it and we expected Ana being home but she said she won’t be able to make and she will be staying away from home, it was unlikely of Ana to spend her birthday and Christmas away from the family. So, I decided to surprise her if she was not able to make it. I did not tell anyone at home otherwise everyone will want to tag along and spoil her mood and work.

I left New York on time to be in London one day before her birthday. She stayed in one of the Knight properties we owned in London so I already Knew the place. I rang the bell and stood with a chocolate bouquet covering my face so that she will be surprised.

The door swung open and I screamed SURPRISE!!! Moving the bouquet away from my face, but the tables turned I was stoked by what I looked at, it was Ana with a big bumpy stomach, she was pregnant!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. She hugged me and burst out crying, then I asked her to explain herself she told me that she loved a boy called Adam Bryans.

The name was definitely familiar to me, she told me that she wanted to come home and sort out everything with mom and dad but did not want to spoil Christmas and the New year. I listened to everything she told and I did not want to stay there anymore what she did was wrong she was only 19 years old. I told her that I wanted to meet Adam and then leave back immediately to New York.

When I reached New York, I did not know how to break the news to my parents who were seriously planning on better career options for Ana, days passed and it was Christmas, while we were all opening out our gifts, I stood up from my placing trying to tell the truth to my parents, that’s when the door of our house slammed open and entered Ana with her big tummy on display, mom, dad and jade were completely shocked as I was when I met her.

She walked straight up to not looking at our parents and she yelled at me, “why did you hit Adam? What had he done to you? Didn’t I explain everything to you I thought you will understand but you behaved like the over protective brother, I told you I loved him and nothing can change the fact about it” dad grabbed her arms turning her around and slapped her before I can say anything. Jade held onto her from following and I held dad from reaching out to give her another slap.

I turned back at Ana who was in a bad state crying, “didn’t your boyfriend give you the explanation on what happened?”

“anyways I will give the piece of information, he is dad’s rival enemy’s son in business he wants to take over our business and reach us so he made use of you, he doesn’t love you and he will leave you soon, so I made him realised that he messed with the wrong person” I said

“seriously Alex is this the explanation you are giving me I already know who he is but he loved me above all, but the way you hit him and spoke shit to him, he definitely left me and the kid thanks to you, my life is ruined” she said in one breath with tears rolling down her eyes I felt so bad right now.

“isn’t that enough to prove that he does not love you, if he did even for the things, I told him or hit he would have stood by your side Ana” I said

Mom and dad also shared her a piece of mind and asked her to forget about everything and stay home give birth and abandon the child when it born, but she decided to leave home and go back to him she did not even talk to me for the last when she left home, that was the last time I saw her ever in life, she moved away from all of us and was with Adam. Six months after her delivery she passed away and I got the news that the kid was also not alive.

From that day I blamed myself for letting her go and not helping and standing by her decision I could have called her or met her or made sure at least that she was fine but I didn’t this was all my fault.

Neither of us knew exactly what had happened to her, I tried to find out but couldn’t After Ana’s death Adam had also passed away a month later by a horrible car accident. I had no way of getting the truth of what had happened. But all I knew was we just had ruined the perfect girl. We had the chance to work things out, but we just let it go, let her go so easily that we now lost her forever.


While I continued driving and thinking about what had happened a lone tear escaped my eyes. I wiped my eyes and looked at the doll on the passenger seat.


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