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Author’s pov:

Alexander’s mother woke up in the middle of the night feeling disturbed about what’s been happening since of late, it had been quite a long time since he got disturbed of Ana’s thought he hasn’t spoken about her since of late, but little did they know that her thoughts haunt him every night, he not only lost Ana he lost the person whom he loved, that’s why he didn’t want to love again or get married thinking he might lose the person again.

Bella Alex’s mom walks down the corridor and went to Alexander’s room to check on him, she knocked once and waited, knocked again and there was no response she unlocked the door knob and went in to see a empty bed she then searched his bathroom and balcony but he was not anywhere there. Then she began searching all the possible places he could be in the house; she even went to Ana’s room expecting him to be there but her face fell when he was not there. She sat on the couch in the hallway extremely worried when James came to her

“what happened? Why are you up at this time?” he said looking at the clock which displayed 3.00

“Alex is nowhere to be found; he was not doing well today he was quite lost with Ana again I don’t know what he found that he was reminded of things again”

“did you call him? You know he has already pulled such stunts before of leaving home and not showing up for a long time, did you check with the security?”

“I know that’s why I am worried James, I checked with the security just now and they said he left at around 12, I am trying to call him but no response”

“I am totally fed up with him, never expected him to be so irresponsible, he won’t be anywhere far he will come back, and you will not utter a word while I talk to him, and by talk, I mean serious talking, he can’t be doing the same thing with Mishal” said James

While Bella and James look at each other worried they hear Alexander’s car in the drive way. After few mins Alexander comes walking in and stops immediately see his parents in the hallway looking at the entrance.

“mom? Dad? Why are you’ll up at this time is everything fine, where is Jade?”

“aren’t we supposed to ask you this question, from where you are coming from at this part of the night, the security saw you leave at 12 and now its 3.30 you haven’t been picking our calls also what is wrong with you Alex? Why do you keep worrying us like this? You know how your mom is with you and after what you were doing this evening she was disturbed and couldn’t sleep. I know you are a grown man and have the freedom to anything but just keep us informed or you can drop a message or tell the guards if you find talking to us is not well. James spoke to Alex in a very angry way.

Before Alex said anything, Claire mouthed “I love the house, it’s more like a castle uncle Alex” and she was spinning around but suddenly stopped when she saw Bella and James, and they stared at her with their jaws dropped to the floor and looked at Alex and back at her. Claire felt a little out of place and she hugged Alex’s hips.

“care to explain Alexander of what’s going on? Who is this girl? And what is she doing here at this part of time?” asked James

“dad I will explain everything later in the morning, just so you know this is Claire and she will be staying with us, he paused and looked at them and continued, forever”

Bella’s jaws dropped to the floor and looked in shock, while James gave Alex a confused look with furrowed eyebrows, “Alex is this girl anyway related to you is she your daughter or something?” James asked

“No, no dad she is not my daughter but she is related to all of us, can we just go to sleep now I will tell you’ll everything when the morning comes, this kid needs rest and so do all of us”

“she can sleep with us if you want?” asked Bella

“can I sleep alone please, just for tonight?” asked Claire

“sure, you can sleep come with me I will take you to your room princess” said Alex and they all retired to sleep without any question

Claire slept in the guest room, and Alex made sure she was comfortable, waited till she went to sleep and he went back to his room to fall into a deep slumber.

~The next morning~

Alex told everyone the truth of who Claire was and they all gasped, tears of joy escaped Bella’s eyes, while James was accepting the truth and Jade ran to see the little one who was almost the resemblance of his sister. They smiled at her spoke to Claire she was getting along quite well making everyone laugh and asked all the matured questions. It was good times for the Knights now but not for the Williams, but soon the bad was dawning for the Knights as well.

Alex since off late has fallen back at his work, and never really concentrated well on Jasmine’s case, even though he is trying there are some distractions for him, he has to keep everything under control before he loses.

As the knights happily eat and talk at the breakfast table a storm is getting ready to be unleashed.

Will the happiness be broken? Or will Alex be able to save it?


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