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Alexander’s pov:

I am glad Claire has got in with us this has been the best mornings of the Knight’s mansion. It was tough though

Making mom and dad understand, but they were glad Claire was there to replace Ana’s absence. And now I have to really get back to clear Jasmine’s case no way I am going to let this killer escape. I think as I am driving to the lake house. It’s 35kms away from the city Josh will be arriving directly there and assembling all the workers of the boat house.

After few hour of drive I reach the place and josh comes to me

“Good morning Alex, everything is arranged everyone’s are also handed over to our team for checking”

“Good morning Josh, see that no leaves this place, keep the gates closed” I say walking towards the boat house where all employees were gathered. Before that I go around the place to take a look at everything as I walk around the car park my leg stumbles over a stone and when I looked down at the entrance of the car park there was a cigarette lighter, it looked like a very rare piece it was the Zippo heart vase design, high polish indigo colour. I carefully picked it up and put it in a zip cover and Josh took it from me.

“Josh give this in the lab and get it checked” I said adjusting my coolers and slipping my hands into my pant pockets.

He nods, “everyone are waiting can we go; I’ll get the place checked once again carefully”

All workers of the place where lined up “This is the manager of the place”, said Josh

I nod and greet the guy, and I look at all the workers and start my talk, “so have you’ll seen her come her? I show Jasmine’s photo to everyone, did she come her with

Someone? Or was she alone? See I would be glad If you’ll tell me the truth otherwise, I will bring it out in the worst way, never test my patience” I glared at everyone. And one of the workers came forward and told me, “sir, we have known the incident, but we don’t really recognize the face because she had her face covered with a mask, and she was not alone a boy had come with her, I was cleaning the place when I saw them going towards the boat, I was sick when the police had come the first time to investigate” the middle-aged worker said.

“are you sure you haven’t seen the boy’s face who was with her?”

“no sir, he got down from the car with a mask on his face”

I hummed and took a deep breath, “then I am sure someone would have helped them get onto the boat or someone would have drove them right this can’t really be unnoticed?”

I look over at everyone’s face and walk from end to end of the line looking at the workers, and I sensed a guy sweating and trying to hide himself behind another worker, I walked past him but stepped back and grabbed him by the collar and brought him in front of me, I glare at him I know that you are trying to hide something mind telling me? I hope your life is precious to you?”

“sir please leave me I will tell you everything I know” the guy whined. I nod and release my grip from his shirt collar.

“I don’t know anything much. A day before a guy cold up and told me he wanted the boat decorated on that day I was only answering the calls for bookings, and on the next day he wore a mask, but it took time for the girl to wear a mask henceforth I remember the girl and not the boy and he also asked for few tool supplies also to be kept in the boat and he told me not to let anyone know, if anyone asks say that the girl was alone and he paid me 1000$” said the boat guy.

“why would he say not to tell anyone? Did he tell you he was going to kill her? When he came back alone at least did you see his face?” asked Josh

“I don’t know what exactly he was wanting to do and he told me not to ask him anything further I wanted the money so I took it, when he came back, he was still with his mask but he went to the car parking last and after that walked out that’s all”

I stood there silently thinking of what next to do, “does the CCTV work can I have a look at the footage of the parking lot maybe we can find something” I said rubbing my temples.

“But Alex it’s already being checked by the local police”

“no harm in checking again, is it?” I asked and the manager took us to the room to check the footage of 24th November, after seeing the entire footage there was no clue that we can back on, I repeated it twice and saw that the boy was with a mask only, very clever. But I still doubted Jordon because she can’t be with anyone else and he accepted that he loved her but still I have no evidence to blame him.

Josh takes recorded statement from the guy who first confessed he saw them and the other who helped the murderer, and we took the other guy into custody who helped and left the place.

“did you get the evidences from Hailey Winston’s case?” I asked Josh as we drove out of the place.

“Yes, we got the hammer and cigarette bits, it’s at office the office and the lighter is also being sent to the lab we will get the results in 4 to 5 hours”

“ok, and by the way I found some cigarette bits too by the bushes, but thinking that it’s not going to be of any use, I forgot to tell you, once we reach office see that these pieces are also sent to the lab and checked” I said handing over a zipped cover to Josh. And he sighed wondering all the work I give him at separate times.

“can you just see if you can get any more information about Jordon, like where he works, his parents, affairs things like that?” and Josh nods in response.

I get into office and surf through all evidences and reports trying to see if I can piece anything together and then I see the cigarette bits from Hailey’s evidences and realize it’s almost same pieces found in Jasmine’s murder spot. But how can this prove anything, everyone can we smoking the same brand, but I think to myself is this some coincidence or is there a link between the killer of both these cases?

I ask Kevin to find out about the local supply of these Cigarette’s and asked him to circle out the nearest one from Jasmine’s home and surroundings. It might not be of any use I might be wasting time but let’s just give it a try. Might really help because I have one suspect in mind, but I need to ensure I have good evidences to put him behind bars. And suddenly Josh comes into the room, “Alex I just met Kevin and he told me that you asked him to find out things about the cigarette’s do you really think that will help, it’s just a waste of time, or do you have some suspect in mind? Who is it?”

“Jordon Scott”.


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