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Jordon Scott pov:

It’s been three weeks since Jasmine died and the investigation really sucks, as expected I knew this case will go to the CBI and eventually thought it will die down but it is still holding, and Alexander seems to be too smart I need to be careful with whatever I say.

Currently I am working at Jimmies hardware store it’s been 8 months here and the owner is very sweet to me I mostly don’t work at any place more the 6 months but this was a little convenient for me and I get paid well too, I was planning on trying for another job but unfortunately Jasmine’s case has tied me up not letting me move anywhere. However, I guess that the case will close soon and everyone will give up, because no one really catches me. I will not give away any clues so easily.

I get ready and get out of the house, the hardware store is just a walk down the street, on the way I get a pack of cigarettes and a new lighter since I lost mine recently, it was very special because Hailey gave it to me. Losing her has been really difficult because she has been a very good friend to me from small.

I finish my cigarette and get into the hardware shop to start my work, before entering I feel like someone is watching me, I turn around and look at the street not able to find anyone suspicious I get to work.

My parents live in Arizona, I never really introduce them to anyone much, I keep it to everyone that I am alone, after my mother’s death my dad married again and I never liked my step mom so I would never like to visit my parents or talk to them, I distanced myself from them few years before Hailey’s death because I wanted to be independent and free. My parents had done a lot of things to me and ruined my life. Dad’s health was depleting since of late so I had to visit him but with the cops around me I can’t move anywhere. Especially not let them know about my parents.

Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts when a customer entered the store, “welcome ma’am how can I help you?”

“I actually called and gave an order on the list of things I need, and asked for it be ready”

“just a minute ma’am I’ll check on it” I get the bags from under the counter which was packed and kept then I saw the name Mishal on it, that’s when I recognized who she is, she was getting married to Jasmine’s so called brother Alexander. Being the children of business people news spreads like fire and their engagement news were also around the tabloids.

“Thanks for ordering Miss. Mishal” I smiled and gave her the package.

“do I know you?” she asked with a confused look playing on her face and her lips pursed in a thin smile.

“you don’t remember me, right?” I ask her and she gives me a no.

“well, I was the one who helped your mom a few days ago, when she met with an accident and I admitted her in the hospital and you came over and thanked me as well.”

Yeah, few days ago just before I got to work, I saw a lady crossing the road with some bags in her hand and I noticed that she almost blacked out in the middle of the road before the truck collided with her, I reached out and grabbed her resulting in both of us falling and she hurt her head. He driver came running and helped me get her to the hospital I took her phone and dialed the recent number on her phone and informed about her accident to Mishal. After I met Mishal in the hospital I recognized who she was.

“I am so sorry I really didn’t know how I forgot you, you helped my mom that day I am thankful for that, I was not able to talk to you much, but if there is anything, I can do to return the gratitude please let me know” she smiled and gave me her number. And she left the place.

Later during lunch, I planned to call and find out about my parents, I did not want to call directly from my phone so I decided to call using the hardware store’s landline, because what if the cops had tapped my phone line. I can’t risk. I called up the maid of my house who took care of my parents and found out about them especially my dad I did not care about my step mother. While I was on the line, I saw a black car standing out of the store at a distance standing their for a very long time. I ignored it but my conscience said that I am being followed. After the talk I continued my work. The owner was leaving early and he asked me to close up, so I also finished work and thought I can spend sometime at home relax and watch some movies.

I closed the store and walked back home, going through my phone and some news articles, then I decided to check more about Mishal Johnson I went through her photos on Instagram and checked her friends circle everything wanting to know about her. I entered into my yard still engrossed in my phone, while I collided with something hard and my phone fell from my hand, I immediately grabbed my phone from the ground and looked up and I gasped,

“Mr. Knight”


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