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Alexander’s pov:

“well, you might be right I suspect him now, because I have found out that he hid is parents, investigating from few of the people he knew around told us that he never had a family, but few days before Jasmine’s death he had gone to Arizona and he is basically born there and the truth is he has a family but never talked about it to anyone” says Josh keeping the files on the table.

“And how did you know that he visited that place few days before the incidents took place any proof?” I asked leaning back on my chair and taking a sip of my coffee.

“we checked Jasmine’s chat history and found that he had informed her that he will be out of town for some time, taking that as a clue I checked all the possible transport details and found out that he had gone to Arizona, here the bills and details of it”

“Impressive Josh, glad to know you’re working on this case well, but this is not enough, any news about his parents especially with his friend Hailey?”

“yes Alex, as we already know Hailey was Jordon’s only friend from small but Mr. Winston never like him around her, because he was poor and very clingy, he said that his daughter would always spend time with Jordon and they were very close, we somehow managed to contact Mr. Winston thinking that the information he gives about Jordon will be useful, plus that is what got us to know about his parents”

“ok let’s wait till Kevin brings us some information”

Josh walks out of the room and I sit on my chair looking out of the window, and the telephone rings,

“sir, there is someone here to meet you her name is Mishal” the guy at the security desk informs me.

“send her in” I continue to looks out side and the door opens bringing in view Mishal with a smile plastered on her face, and I think how can anyone always smile?

I get up and walk around the table reaching her and hug her. “what brings you here?”

“you didn’t bother to call nor text me so I thought I should just drop in to see you and remind you that I exist” she says

I couldn’t help but laugh at the way she said it, “I am sorry Mishal I am trying to spend time with you but things are all over the place.”

She circles her arms around my neck and closes the distance between us, “I understand there is no need to explain, and it’s not like I need to get to know you, I already know you completely, it’s just that I want to know if you’re sure of this wedding?” she releases her grip from me and walks to the window looking out.

“everyone has a past Alex, but if you want to move on the only way is to forget about it or talk about it, all I know is you were to get married and I don’t know what happened further, your past doesn’t matter to me, but if it’s going to affect our life, I won’t be able to accept that”

I turn her around to face me, “I told you that day I will give us a chance, I will tell you everything when it’s the right time, I promise” I give her an assuring smile and she hugs me.

“I hope you remember we are getting engaged tomorrow; don’t tell me you are not having time to turn up for it” she pouts.

And I laugh and pinch her cheeks “of course I will be present on time.”

“And if there is anything please call or message don’t come over here, ok?”

“ok, bye I love you, see you tomorrow Mr. Knight”

I let out a deep sigh and get back to work on my table without distracting my mind with any thought, but I couldn’t my mind just drifted away to her the person I cannot forget looking at the sky, just makes me remember of us

“How amazing that evening was;

When clouds rained heavily in the month of august

We got ourselves drenched in the rain for no reason

What happened to those rains now?

Where have they vanished?

Where do I find you now?

A thousand tears are being controlled under my eyes

Why have your memories come back?

To make me shed those tears

How do I forget those rains?

That we were together in.

These evenings with clean blue skies

Have brought me your memories

I am lonely without you

Give me back all those drenched moments

Come back to me

Or help me forget and move on

Take away these rains

Take them away!”

I was knocked out of my thoughts when Kevin walked in, “I’ve got good news Alex, I have called Josh also to come in” says Kevin

After all of us are present together Kevin begins to talk, “I found out of the distributors of the cigarettes, it was a tough job, but somehow tried to separate everything according to locality, so breaking down everything, the most often supplied store is the D&L store which is a little out at the city so not much we can suspect of their, and less supplies are given in Macy’s store which is in city but I found out the reason of why there are less supplies and they told me that not much of them buy the High quality except for five people in town,” he kept the papers down and looked at me looking at him with keen eyes, “and you would want to know who’s name was among the five, it’s Jordon Scott”

I have a Hearty laugh, shaking my head in excitement because I always suspected this guy, something was really off about him. Again, I was interrupted from my thoughts.

“Alex this is no proper evidence this can even be turned around, because there is nothing much to prove in this really a cigarette anyone can smoke how can we be sure?” said Josh

“well, we can’t be sure but it’s a little something which could help out, like if you think what the boat in charge said, Jasmine wasn’t alone that day, she left her bodyguards back she hadn’t spoken about Jordon to anyone, and the only close friend she has is Meera and Esha, and on that day Jordon was not at work, so you see we can connect everything a little bit, but for the information I have made him my prime suspect now”.

Josh and Kevin nod in agreement without saying anything thinking away. So, I decided to break the silence and speak.

“I think we can tackle him for the rest of the information, let’s see if I can intimidate him a little” I turn around from the window and look at Josh and Kevin with a smile on my face.

“you sure can intimidate him, but try not to get intimidated tomorrow” Kevin said and I raised my eyebrow in confusion. And he let out a laugh “it’s your engagement after all Alex, you are going to put your leg into something you never wanted to try for few years now” and both Josh and him snickered. I glared and both of them and they lifted their hands in surrender.

“let’s go visit Mr. Scott” I said with a smirk on my face.


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