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Jasmine Williams pov:

She is a rich spoilt brat only daughter for the great business man David and Amelia Williams. You might think she is a very kind hearted person among all the rich girls nah, she is worse than all. But falls for a person very easily, Alexander and her are cousins not very close to him but she used to spend a lot of time with Alex sister Ana.

“Grace, where is my hair straightener come and get it for me, find it now or else you are fired”

Grace is her a caretaker in the house

“Miss. Jasmine, your hair dryer was in your closet”

“I know, I saw it just testing if you’ll are awake at home”, now you can get back to work.

I throw the straightener on the bed and pick up my phone and go through Instagram.

“JAZZ!! I jerk out of the bed startled, my chest rising and falling I turn to meet with an angry pair of eyes”

“Mom, you scared me, why don’t you follow the knock before you enter rule” keeping my hand up in the air and look at her with my eyebrows raised.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that Jasmine, I told you many times to stop illtreating the servants, they work for us not because they like it, it’s because they don’t have a choice”

“And you keep hurting them and spinning them around”, and what’s with you behaving with Grace like that, she is way elder than you”, why don’t you just respect.

“Oh, mom please stop it,” I called her because I just couldn’t find something, and was sure she will know about it.

“Why don’t you try spending time to find your so-called things”.

I let out a sigh, “fine I won’t do it again”

“Yes, but for this week you don’t get your allowances, that’s the punishment for disrespecting and hurting others feelings.”

My eyes pop out of my sockets, “you can’t do that, please don’t take away my allowances if you want, I will apologize to Grace”.

I guess you have saved enough of money, so I don’t think you require money this week.

“whatever” I roll my eyes and get my focus back to the phone.

“And one more thing, the Knights are coming over for dinner so don’t make any plans” mom says and walk out of the room

“Oh, God another full-on drama today”

Whenever the Knights family comes over its never simply things always end with smashing and fights. I am never happy about this noisy family of mine.

James Knight is my mother’s elder brother, moreover he definitely holds power to my house because he was the one to help dad in his business so that, my dad can give my mother and me a comfortable life. Dad always says I owe my life to the knights.

Lying down on my bed for some time and thinking about what to do today and my phone started to BUZZZ!!



Private number:

“Hey pretty girl”


“Hey handsome”

Private number:

“How’s the day today, all good at home?”


“nothing as usual had an argument with mom”

Private number:

“oh no why don’t you just relax, why don’t we do lunch together today?”


“Have you changed your number again?”

Private number:

“Your ignoring my question”


Leaving out a sigh I sit their debating to go with him or not, because in his world lunch is so boring, he takes me to some small place for lunch.

Private number:

“Are you there?”


“I am sorry I won’t be able to meet you for lunch today, have plans fixed with my family.”

Private no:

Ok will catch up sometime later bye…

Keeping my phone on the table and walk to my balcony, wondering my does this guy always keep changing his number… it’s funny.


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