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Jordon’s Pov:

“Mr. Knight? What are you doing here, at this time?” I say and look over to his so-called partner who I can stick him around.

“Jordon, is that a way to greet us? Not fair, we are come all the way to see you with great difficulties” Alex said with a smirk on his face.

“look officer, if you are here to investigate me on something, please I have just come home after an exhausting day of work, we should have a talk sometime later”

A roar of laughter erupts from Josh, “are you kidding us Scott, you think we are waiting for your permission to talk to us, and by the way let me just remind you we are no friends to sit down and talk calmly sometime later, and he turned on a serious face, so get your butt moving inside your house and let us finish the conversation with you”.

“you know I guess we should just have the conversation outside around the yard, little cool and relaxing it might help Jordon relax his muscles after a tiring day” Alex said with his eyebrows lifted.

“so, where are you exactly from? Which place?” Alex asked.

“I am from Arizona, moved out of there after my best friend’s death, used to live with my Dad and step mom until the age of 18”

“Why did you move out? At such an early age”

“I just wanted to be independent learn how life is, besides I always had Hailey with me whenever I needed help, she would be by my side” sighing I put my head down remembering her.

“can you lend me a smoke?” Alex asked me and I shoved my hands into my pocket and got out the cigarettes and the lighter and gave it to him.

“these cigarettes look pretty expensive, and the lighter so cheap, how do you manage buying these everyday when you work at a hardware store?” he asks while taking the light.

“Just because I work at a hardware store doesn’t mean I can’t spend on myself, well before this I worked at many other places and made savings, besides I don’t have anyone along with me to spend, my dad doesn’t want my money nor help so my hard workings are all for myself”

“so, other than Hailey you did not have any friends? What about siblings?”

“none, I have a step sister, whom I don’t even talk to not very close” he was sweating suddenly the air was thick, like a bubble was anytime going to burst, Josh and Alex were looking at each and then at Jordon.

“The day Jasmine died, where were you?” I had gone to Arizona to meet my parents since it had been a long time, I visited them.

“why on Jasmine’s birthday? you were supposed to stay with your girlfriend and spend it with her or surprise her”

“Actually, we were having a fight, regarding her no introducing me with anyone and then I made plans to meet her but then I got a call saying that my dad wasn’t keeping too well. Had to leave however I stay away from home I have to take care of them”

Alex got up from his place and walked looking around and moved behind Jordon, “how did you know Jasmine was dead?”

“Are you kidding me she is my girlfriend, so obviously I will be in touch with whatever she does, and to your question I found out from the news channels” he said

“you still didn’t want to meet her parents and tell them about your relationship, you’re letting it go that easy, and by the way Jasmine’s death news wasn’t put up in the news it was done only after we started investigation”

“umm… he hesitated for a while, I mean I got to know through the news given by a friend of mine who works at the hardware store and knows about us, and I did not want her parents to know because Jasmine is gone what am I going to gain by saying anything when she is become my ex now, life is just crazy. he lets out a shaky laugh and looked towards Josh who was staring at him”

“quite the big heart I see here” Josh shrugs off his words.

“So, if you are so close to Jasmine why aren’t you pushing forth the case to catch the criminal, you did not even show such enthusiasm in Hailey’s case and that went unsolved you want the same to happen to the person you loved the most even if it was a relationship for 2 years, are you sure you’re not trying to help anyone or cover up anything? Are you sure you weren’t with Jasmine on her birthday?” Alex asks seriously in one whole breath.

“ok enough, this is just too much, you people are doing you jobs I get it, stop bringing Hailey and Jasmine together when you are investigating they both are close to my heart, I am not pushing the case forward is because I am not going to get either Jasmine nor Hailey back, and with each days questioning I am not ready to keep breaking my heart or bringing back memories that are painful now, and second I was surely not with Hailey and if you think I killed her then go ahead thinking whatever you want I don’t care, because I have proof I wasn’t here on that day, and I would never think of killing Jasmine whatever problems we had or what we did she was more of a family to me, now if you’ll are done with your investigation you can leave” Jordon said fuming in anger.

Alex speaks, “ok you rest, we wouldn’t be troubling you, good night Jordon, sleep well!! let’s go Josh” and they moved towards the car. Suddenly Alex stopped and turned around and looked at me and I gulped hard and he pointed towards few junks pieces of art canvases and statues in the corner of the garden, “you have wonderful art pieces why do you have it thrown out there?”

“few are actually broken I just took them from the storage room to settles them back, I am not throwing them away, they mean a lot to me” and finally they both leave giving him a chance to breathe.

Author’s pov:

Josh asks Alex “no use coming here he was strong enough to stand with his words, you couldn’t even intimidate him” said Josh while focusing on the drive.

“well, I did intimidate him and he got, and just blabbered, I purposely brought Hailey and Jasmine’s names together to confuse him a little,” said Alex.

“care to explain further please?”

“I asked him if he was with Jasmine when she was killed, and do you remember what he replied,” Josh still nodded in confusion, “I guess you don’t remember it fully, he said he was not with HAILEY at the time of her death instead of saying Jasmine”.


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