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Alexander’s pov:

It is the day of my engagement, I promised mom and dad that I won’t be working today and I won’t leave the house. Over the time even though I had work for the past few days I spent a little time to bond and chat with Mishal, it really helped me to fall in love with her and change my mind and move away from the past. While I was reminiscing the memories my childhood memories with Mishal, the door to my room opened and I turned my Gaze towards the doorway and saw Claire standing with her bunny in her hand, dressed in a cute light blue baby doll dress, just reminding me of Ana. She ran towards me and I picked her up in my arms and spun around “hey, my little princess you’re looking just like your mommy, when she was small” I said pinching her cheeks and she smiles and kissed my cheeks.

I put her down to settle on the bed and went down on my knees to meet her height, she then handed me a letter that she had in her hand, I looked at her with a smile on my face and took it from her,

“mommy left me back her diary and I always read it, along with the book she kept this letter and told me that when I see you, I should give it to you somehow, do read it.”

“Thank you, my princess, I will read it” I said while giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“I hope you are not getting nervous officer Knight” Claire said and giggled

“where is that coming from now”

“uncle Jade made me ask”

“Had to be him” I sighed and shook my head and Claire ran out of my room. Sitting down on my bed I open the envelope and take out the letter,

Dear Alex,

If you are reading this letter, which means I wouldn’t be along with you’ll, you have been an amazing brother anyone can have, I really made a mistake in life falling love with Adam, after leaving the house I got to know he never changed, he wanted to revenge and he threatened me that he will kill you and dad , If I tell anyone he had tabs on the entire family, you always protected me and it was my turn, I left you all to protect the family, I really never waited on you to come to me or call me because if you ever did you would have lost your life, so I created a thing saying that I was dead, but actually I am dying, I am sick I planned an accident to kill Adam and after that I got to know I don’t have much time left to live, I always know you will get to her and keep her safe, I will be watching over all of you’ll for sure, I love you my big B and don not blame yourself for whatever happened I did not watch out for what was ahead of me, I wish you find true love and have an amazing life and tell mom, dad, and Jade that they will always be in my heart. Until we meet again love Ana.

As soon as I read the letter, I couldn’t stop the tears, that’s when Jade walked in and looked at me in shock I looked at him feeling helpless that Ana went through a lot on her own, he took the letter from me and read it and the he grabbed me in for a hug, “see you are not to be blamed for whatever happened, we cannot change destiny remember that’s what you always told us, move ahead Alex today begins a new chapter to your life, we have Claire which means Ana is with us, and we are going to watch her carefully while she grows” I smiled at how grown he has become on giving me advice we hugged again.

“Now get up big man, it’s your big day today remember your getting engaged, like The Alexander Knight is getting engaged, how many girls’ hearts are you going to break today” he said and laughed “are you ready?”

I sigh and put on my coat loosen up my shoulders and look at myself in the mirror I was wearing a Cole black Armani suit and a royal blue tie, my lips tug into a smile

“I guess I am, and thanks to you, for making me consider to give myself another chance, I guess I found true love again with my best friend” I said smilingly and Jade acted and wiped away his fake tears.

“well, nice to see you like this you’re not as hard heartened as people thing you are, I think Mishal is going to keep you smiling always” I smacked his arm on what he said

“Do you have the ring?” I asked him

“oh no! I forgot about it I will go pick it up immediately, I am sorry” I gave him a are you kidding me look.

“yeah, you better get moving, because the engagement is in the next 1 hour and I don’t want any goof up Jade, you know very well what can happen to you if anything goes wrong” I gave him a murderous look and he surrendered his hands in the air and ran out of the room before I could say something.

After sometime the guests start coming in, all dad’s company people, partners mom’s friends and my officers from the precinct were present. We are holding the engagement at the lawn of our house, quite big for huge gathering. The place is all lit up and decorated beautifully, the fragrance of fresh flowers hit my nostrils and I feel relaxed, I pick a glass of wine and started meeting all the guests. Jade finally returned with the ring and I was talking to him. I got the ring specially made the way Mishal told me when we were young a simple band ring with hearts and the hearts filled with stones, I definitely remember that.

As I was talking to Jade, I slowly noticed that the chattering of people was dying down, I looking around and found Claire tugging at my coat, I looked down to her and saw her pointing to something with her little hands and with a wide smile plastered on her face. I followed the direction at what she was pointing to and Jade gasped while I felt like the air was knocked out of my lungs. Mishal was standing looking at me, my eyes were cast to her and did even blink once, nor did hers, she wore a dress complementing my suit colour, I caught her checking me out with slightly expanded eyeballs. Smirking I took a step forward and she mirrored me as our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat. I let out a deep breath “wow, you look amazing” she giggled and shyly said “you too”.

Then we greeted each other’s families, soon the engagement ceremony started and we exchanged rings, she was on the verge of crying after seeing the ring, she didn’t think that I will remember it, and here we are finally ENGAGED!!

Everyone started to cheer and congratulate us, and we started dancing Mishal rested her head on my shoulders and I hugged her close to me as we danced. Mom, dad, and Jade were purring an aww... from far away. Mishal pulled back and looked into my eyes, “I love you Alexander Knight for now and forever”

“I love you too” I said and kissed her forehead letting my lips linger a little bit more there.

“Can I dance with him now” a little voice broke our moment away and we both looked down at her with smiles on our faces “yes you can pretty girl” Mishal said and pinched her cheeks.

“may I have a dance with you sis in law” Jade asked with a wide grin I knew he sent Claire and I growled at him.

After sometime I decided to walk to the bar and get myself a drink, I was definitely not a dance person, the couple dance was over and everyone were dancing together on the dance floor, and my eyes fell on Mishal and everything around us went blur,

Her song is on she is spinning around, yeah

she got me drunk like corona

Heart racing like Daytona

I’m in heaven I swear, right now

And those eyes can hypnotize

Designed to blow my mind

Look what God gave her

How perfect he made her

She walks into my life

It’s like he answered my prayers

Look what god gave me

It’s like I hear angels singing

Like she came down from the ceiling

When she walked in with that dress, I thought, yeah

That’s my girl one in seven billion.

~meanwhile somewhere else:

A boy was found injured by a dumpster, and a good Samaritan rushed him to the ER he saw a paramedic outside “Hey! Blunt trauma to the head, Glasgow coma score three, we need neuro pupil is fixed and dilated. Probable intracranial bleed, got it?”

“yes doc”

“wait, who are you?”


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