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Alexander’s pov:

As the night ended all started to leave slowly, Mishal was exhausted and she also left, walking towards my room my phone buzzed it was Kevin,

“someone found a kid beaten and found unconscious in a dumpster” Kevin said


“Avenue D and second”

“did you find any evidence that might help?”

“no, just got to know someone got up to the ER quick and I called to inform you about it”

“Ok, I’ll follow up” I cut the call and crashed to sleep.

The next day morning I went to the precinct immediately, chief assigned me to clear out the case fast, Urgh not alone having Jasmine’s case in hand I had one more to take care of now.

“Uh, we get a description?” I asked Josh

“of the good Samaritan? No, but I called the hospital, they are sending over his personals and emailing his chart”

We walk into the forensic to ask the lab assistant for further details on the case,

“okay, Bryan Holt, age 19, no phone, wallet’s still got cash in it” Josh told me as we entered the lab

“The chart says they took him into surgery for decompressive craniectomy” said the lab assistant

“hold on, I don’t get a word of what you’re saying, can we have more explanation on that” I said looking at him confused.

“well, it means he is in a coma, only periodic discharges on the EEG, means this may be a homicide soon, and the reports further tell us that he has had a possible history of abuse or assault, X-rays showed his bones have been fractured, repeatedly over the last few years”

“maybe an abusive parent or sibling?” I said and josh replied

“the nurse I talked to said that his dad was on his way there”

“sounds like we should get him over here”

~after sometime in the investigation room

Mr. Holt: “They’re from fights, he used to get into them a lot, but he was over that”

“with whom?” I asked

Mr. Holt: “kids at school, neighborhood, it’s been tough ever since his mom passed away”

“Do you mind telling us where you were earlier today?” Josh nudged in-between.

“I was at the Airport, heading to Baltimore for a story assignment. Wait… you think I had something to do with this?” we ignored his question

“Mr. Holt, about those fights, you said that Bryan was “over that” what did you mean?” I asked resting my elbows on the table eager to hear

“my son has severe ADHD, when he’s not taking his meds, he has no impulse control. He has gotten himself into lot of trouble, even ended up in a residential treatment program for a year”

“is he off his meds now?”

“I… (the man sighs) I don’t know, I went into his room, I saw a brand-new x-box, he was wearing a fancy watch the other day, I tried to talk to him but… he told me he was working on something and was going to make me proud; I just wish he would wake up; you know and tell me what it is” I patted him on his back to assure him everything will be fine.

Walking out from the room Josh left to find out on few things, and I got a call from one of the detective I sent to keep a watch on Jordon no one knew about it not even Josh, he said that Jordon hasn’t being going to the hardware store for the past few day, and he booked a ticket to go to Arizona, ending the call I see Josh standing behind me.

“In his wallet I found a girl’s photo maybe that could be the cause of anything that happened to him?”

“ok, so we have three working theories one, abusive dad, no record but according to colleagues he has a reputation of being a hot head, and we’re following up on his alibi and wallet girl is number two, well we don’t have his cellphone so I.T is trying to get access to his e-mail, to see if any suggestion of relationship gone bad. And three maybe Bryan got himself into trouble again” so we need to wait to hear back from the hospital to see if he was taking his med”

“and I just got to know that CSU got a watch near the dumpster, I tracked the serial number of it and it leads to a jeweler in Westchester, purchased by Tessa Whitworth president of Hawk shire polo club.”

“Westchester? Really?” Josh asked surprised

I get a message on my phone from the lab and I go through, bringing my head up to look at Josh, “yeah, and from the lab I just found out that the dirt found on Bryan’s clothes contains phosphorus levels unique to Westchester, so that must be where the assault happened.”

“You remember Bryan’s dad he mentioned that residential recover program, maybe it’s there” Josh said

“Achieve to ride” program for troubled teens run by Tessa Whitworth” I said with my suspicion moving to that place.

We leave the precinct and reach the Hawk shire polo club

“If this is where they send troubled teens where do I sign up?” Josh said and I let out a soft chuckle.

I look around the place and the I move towards the polo mallet stand “look at the end of this, it has the same shape as Bryan’s bruises.” As we look at it

A woman walks up to us, “you must be the officers investigating, I am Tess Whitworth president of the Hawk Shire polo club and the achieve to ride program. How’s Bryan?” I sigh from the already known introduction she gave us.

“he’s in coma” Josh replied

“oh my god, I was goanna go visit him at the hospital today, but I didn’t want to intrude”

“sounds like you were close?” I asked

“ah, people send us their children; they become our children. It’s just heartbreaking that we can’t control what happened outside our cocoon.”

“does your cocoon have security cameras?” Josh asked and I inwardly smirked with the way he asked that.

“only in the club house, but I thought this happened in the city?”

“actually, we have a reason to believe it happened here.” I said and the woman looked at us in confusion

“Bryan’s dad mentioned that he finished the program six months ago, but do you know if he was still coming up here?”

“yeah, he did so well we put him on payroll, he would uh, clean the stalls, maintain the grounds. He was very good.”

“he has any rival enemies?”

“no, not out here we’re a very close community”

“so close that you gave him this?” Josh asked and pulled out the zip cover from his coat which had the watch in it

“no, this is my husband’s where did you get this from?”

“he didn’t notice it was missing?” I asked

“he passed away two years ago.”

“so, he stole it?” Josh asked looking at me and at the woman.

She sighs, “I don’t know this is the hard part of my job. You take in a kid like Bryan, with all of issues and you think you’re making a difference, but maybe he was back to his old ways. If he stole from me, he could have stolen from anyone.”

“do you recognize her?” Josh pulls out the photo Bryan had in his wallet.

“yeah, this is my daughter, why?” she looked at both of us

“were she and Bryan in a relationship?”

“no, she has a boyfriend. Wait… you think this has something to do with her, do you?”


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