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Alexander’s pov:

“He did not steal my dad’s watch; I gave it to him I thought I was in love with him” the girl said sighing

“but you didn’t tell anybody? You mom didn’t know, she thinks you have a boyfriend.”

“Sean Hyland? Yeah, she has us walking down the aisle in her imagination, but I broke up with him like three months ago” she said patting the horse nearby her. “look Bryan was part of the program, I guess I just felt like everyone would have disapproved. I mean, he has a lot of baggage and a record, I just did not want to hear about it from everyone over again”.

“you said you were in love with Bryan… past tense, what happened?” Josh asked

“what happened is, a tiger doesn’t change their stripes, turns out that he was doping the horses.”

“what do you mean?” I asked confused

“Turns out that he was doping horses, he was injecting them with steroids and then betting on polo matches”

“did anyone know about it?”

“I don’t know, I mean I was oblivious until I found out he had done it to Whiskers” she said pointing to the horse standing next to her.

“when was that?”

“like… a week ago”

“That’s a pretty recent betrayal, where were you two days ago?” Josh asked with his eyebrows arched

“at home, weeping into a bowl of ice cream, I just feel so stupid “achieve to ride for troubled teens” he came with his own warning label how did I not see it?” and she sighs

“I think most of us can relate to that” I said and walked away with Josh, I keep looking around the grounds and Josh walk back to me after he finished a call.

“so, listen to this not only is Sean Hyland a scorned ex whose family is worth millions, he’s also the president of the clubs disciplinary committee”.

“they have a disciplinary committee?” I asked

“yeah, they have entire meetings devoted to gambling, maybe he caught Bryan violating his “rich boy” code, and took discipline in his own hands?”

“well, let’s find out from him”


“what? No, but had I known, I would have taken the authority” Sean said with a slight laugh

“doesn’t sound like you’re too fond of him. Was it because he was with your ex- girlfriend?” I asked

“was he? I guess that’s why she didn’t text me back this weekend”

“texting her? Does that mean you wanted to get back together?”

Sean halted on his steps and looked at us, “look even if I did, I wouldn’t have to try and kill Bryan to get him out of the picture”

“what do you mean?”

“he was leaving, decided to move to Florida”

“how do you know?”

“he gave me his polo Jersey, old me to find someone else” Sean said with a shrug like he really doesn’t care.

We leave the place and head back to the precinct, I was already exhausted with not sufficient sleep, and I have another case in hand wow I think to myself and relax myself on the chair in my room, after sometime Josh walks in

“The horse Whiskers is clean, no drugs found in his system, but the girlfriend said Bryan was doping him”

“well, the girlfriend was mistaken or lying, and I was looking into Bryan’s financials there’s no money and there’s no big purchases, not much of a gambler, besides he booked an e-ticket to Florida so Sean wasn’t lying”

“maybe he just wanted to get away from the girlfriend?’ Josh shrugged

“well, we’ve got a lying scorned girlfriend we just need something to tie her to the crime scene.”

“and yeah, the CSU got a hold of some tire treads from the alley”

I got a message on my phone from the CSU, I went through it and looked up to Josh with suspicion,

“hey, do you remember what kind of car Clarissa has?”

“yeah, it’s Alfa Romeo why?” Josh asked looking confused at me.

I smirk and say,” got info from the CSU the tire tread belongs to this type of car”

It was almost evening and the sun was descending, we immediately leave the precinct and reach the Hawk shire polo club, we found Clarissa standing by the stables

“you lied to us Clarissa you told us Bryan was doping horses” Josh unleashed his anger with his voice while walking towards her.

“He was” she said softly

“were you just heartbroken because he was moving to Florida?” I shot the question quickly

“what?” she replied

“did you just snap?” Josh asked in a serious tone, in fact a very serious one.

“no, no he said he wasn’t leaving me, I would never…” and she broke down

“we tracked you E-Z pass, you drove into the city right before Bryan’s body was left for the dead tracks, your car treads match the tire marks we found near the dumpster, and I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure when we send CSU to check your car, we’ll find the evidence that Bryan was there.”

“he attacked her” Clarissa suddenly said with tears. While Josh and I stared at her confused

“who?” Josh and I asked together

“my mother, he was doping horses, she caught him, and he came after her, she had a fight him off. It was self-defense, she did not call the police because it would hurt the club’s reputation, she said sobbing he has a record, he has done things like this before.”

“That’s not you talking; that’s your mom isn’t it? You know Bryan is a good person, that he’s changed, your mom made you doubt that, she made you question what you knew was true”

“she needed help moving him” Clarissa said shivering

“and you drove her and Bryan into the city and help her put him in that dumpster, why would she hurt him? You said you didn’t want to tell her about your relationship because she wouldn’t approve”

“but she didn’t even know about me and Bryan”

“when did you give Bryan your father’s watch?”

“last weekend. Oh my god!! She must have seen Bryan wearing it, then figured it out”

“Josh look into the financials of Mrs. Whitworth” I said and suddenly we hear a scream and we both run towards the club house and to our shock we find Mrs. Whitworth covered with blood lying on the ground with multiple cuts on her body, I immediately rush towards her and check her pulse but she was dead already, “Josh call for the ambulance and inform the cops” I said and then frantically called to check where Bryan and his father were but they were under the cops nose so it was not them who did this.

After sometime the cops arrived and I cleared everything about what had happened, and force was put in and around the club to investigate further. I entered into the club house room the CCTV and the monitors were smashed, I was looking around to try and find some evidence but it was not worth it. Josh walked up to me

“we looked into her financials, when her husband died, he left her in a horrible debt, that’s why she had been counting on Clarissa marrying Sean Hyland, to get her out of it.”

“That’s why she would have wanted Bryan out of her daughter’s life”

“yes, and the CSU went through Clarissa’s car and found this, it’s Bryan’s cell, it must have slipped into the car when they dumped him. Text say that Bryan told Mrs. Whitworth that he and Clarissa loved each other, so she asked him to meet her in the stables, he said ok and that was his last text”.

“So, then the case is closed.”

“But who would want to kill Mrs. Whitworth and why?”

“maybe we could find out soon” I say and smirk at Josh.


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