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Author’s pov:

Whoever the killer was he was not smart enough, he definitely smashed everything but did not destroy the hard drive, which will definitely have the CCTV recordings, Alexander handed over the drive to Josh and asked him to get it checked by the IT team and not let anyone know about it in the precinct as the killer might reach out and try to destroy it because they don’t know how smart he is.

The next day Alexander left along with Mishal to L.A for his friend Chris’s baby naming ceremony, which he couldn’t give any excuse to miss. with cases in hand, it was difficult for him to have a vacation, so he would be in L.A for few hours and return the very same day to New York city. Before leaving Alexander called Josh during some free time in the room

“were the IT team able to retrieve the footage?” he asks Kevin while walking around his room.

“yes, Alex we have the footage but no use the guy’s face is not visible he had a black hood”

“ok, mail it to me I will take a look at it, keep it safe and keep it out of anyone’s hands, I don’t want any evidence being ruined,”

Going through Mrs. Whitworths’s murder case video, he zoom in a little bit try to get a view of the killer, “Josh show me the footage of Hailey and Jasmine’s case” They tag all three murder video scenes together and see the murderer but still couldn’t put a finger on what they were missing they spoke for some time and cut the call

It was Towards mid early morning when Alexander and Mishal reach the airport.

“Mishal you go and wait towards the baggage area and I will come in sometime, will just go to the washroom and come, Josh will be around with guards look out for him” Alexander winks and moves away.

she was walking to go get her luggage when two people stepped in front of her and smiled, she tried moving away but some from behind kept a gun on her back and she gasped,

“one word, or a scream the bullet will be buried deep inside your bones, just be a good girl and walk” a familiar voice spoke from behind her, the men who were in front of her walked closely and acted friendly so that no one would suspect them. On reaching the car parking Mishal tried to turn and push them but ended with a smack across her head and she was pushed inside a car.

Alexander walk up to Josh and hugs him, “where’s Mishal?” Alexander asked while Josh gave him a confused look “shouldn’t I be asking you this?” Josh replied

Alexander started to worry, “I told her to come to you, I went to the washroom 5 to 10 minutes ago, look around for her something is not right alert the guards and airport security”

After the search they were not able to find Mishal and they left and went to the precinct, Alexander called his parents and informed them that they won’t be in New York until the evening, he did won’t them to start panicking because he had to focus on finding Mishal and getting her back, he walks into the precinct

“Found anything?”

“no, we are going through the airport footage of all entrance and exit, we don’t know how she managed to move out of sight” Kevin said

“sir, come take a look at this” the IT guy calls and both of them rush to the screen.

Alex sees few people manhandling Mishal and noticed that she was threatened with a gun, he clenched his fists and Jaws with anger.

“try to see if you can get any other footage where we can see that creep’s face who took my Mishal, and see that is done fast, I can’t be let this go it’s been hours since she has gone missing, god know what they want from her” Alexander said

Josh can you get me the murder footage of Mrs. Whitworths’s and Jasmine’s murder case?” Alex says and Josh looks at him confused and he moves hesitantly to the record stand to get the drives.

“ok, stop… spit it out Josh” Josh sighs and turns around and looks at Alex “ok, I don’t understand what is going on in your head Mishal is kidnapped suddenly, you left the IT team to check on the footage your worried sick about it and now you are sitting and asking me to show you Jasmine and Mrs. Whitworth’s case videos,” Josh shrugs.

“I don’t know I just want to finish up with everything what if Mishal’s kidnap is related to my cases, I know we have gone through the videos many times and I just want to confirm what we discussed yesterday, we need to see it for one last time I feel like I can find something odd out of it”

“ok, I’ll get it.”

“Hey what are you guys looking at?” Kevin walks in and stands behind Josh and looks at the screen. Josh combined all three murder videos on the screen, I wanted to see something and confirm if I was right about it.

“I thought you’ll already found out the murder to Jasmine’s case yesterday when you’ll were discussing or something?” Kevin asked

Josh looked up to Kevin, “no, but we were trying yesterday how do you know we were discussing yesterday?”

“Stop!! Did you notice that?” Alex made Josh whip his head towards the computer to pause Jasmine’s video, “see that tattoo on that guy’s left forearm, I have seen that somewhere”

“Alex look here it’s the same guy in Mrs. Whitworth’s murder case video” says Josh

“well, I guess I know this guy” Alex shuffles around the room for a file and picks out Jasmine’s case file and takes out the picture of a person who he secretly took a picture for the case and his eyes widens in shock, Josh looks over to see Alex’s expression “What is it Alex?” Josh Ask moving towards him and takes the paper and looks at it and gasps, before he can say anything the IT guy walks into the room with a printout,

“officer, we found out who kidnapped Mishal” and immediately grabbed the paper and looked at it Kevin and Josh moved closer to take a peek at it, and both cursed loudly while Alexander clenched his fists and jaws. It was the same guy who did all the murders his tattoo confirmed the suspicion.


Mishal opened her eyes and noticed that she was laid on the hard floor. She sat up looking at the darkroom, the only source of light was the window that was way up. Her hands were tied with a rope and her mouth was covered with masking tape. While her legs were free, she saw her Phone beside her and sighed, it was smashed. She couldn’t think of anyone or any reason of why would someone kidnap her,

Money ritual, she shivered as the thought popped into her head. Mishal tried loosening the rope with her legs, lifting her legs she noticed here shoes were off her legs and nowhere to be found. She tried again but ended up like a monkey. She gave up and tried her next option. Standing up, she stood with a lot of effort and roamed the room feeling with her legs to see if she can find any sharp object, but to her dismay found nothing.

“When you are done, you can sit down Mishal”

In shock she turned to the darkest corner of the room, where the voice just popped out. When the figure advanced from the dark corner of the room, switching on the light, she closed her eyes to prevent hurting them and opened them slowly so as to let them adjust to the sudden light. She opened her eyes and it went wide seeing the figure In front of her and she gasped “Jordon Scott!!”

“He tried getting away from us while being under our nose, and we were not able to get him quick” says Josh

“Jordon Scott you’re going to pay for this” Alex said with gritted teeth looking at the image In front of him.


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