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Alexander’s pov:

I called up the detective I hired and tried to find out the whereabouts of Jordon. But he did not answer his phone I kept calling but there wasn’t any answer and then I find my detective walking into the precinct with a bandage gauged around his head and a sling holding his shoulder.

“What happened? Who did this to you?”

“Jordon was clever he found out I was tracking him, and seeing where he was leaving, he set me in a trap caught me and thrashed me by a tunnel at the outskirts. It is not only Jordon there is someone else helping him, and I think it’s someone is close to us or someone who has a connection to the precincts in New York”

“And why would you say that?”

“because when I was blacking out, I heard distinct chatters from his Walkie Talkie and can say that he works for the NYPD, he spoke some code, I really don’t remember it”

“fine. Josh, have you tracked his phone?”

“His phone network is moving countries, he doesn’t seem to be the guy with so much brains, I guess your detective is right, someone is really helping him”

“No time to play guess Josh, I need this to end, I need to get to Jordon, make sure Mishal is fine because I don’t want that psychopath killing her as he did to the others, we need to stop him, and this time we are not letting him get away”

“He’s trying to call someone but his network is still moving” says the IT guy

I rush to him, “track who he is his trying call, it could be the guy helping him, find out fast”

“The network is revolving around our precinct”

And my phone rings caller id displays unknown number “Alex pick up the phone it’s him” Josh says and turns around telling the IT guy to track and record the call.

I pick up the call and the line is silent for few seconds, none of us planning on uttering a word, and finally here it comes from the other side

“Hello Mr. Alexander Knight, I know you are not going to start the conversation so yeah I thought I will try, and before me move ahead tell your dumb IT guys not to try much to track me because that’s not possible I have a highly encrypted burner phone, if you’ll were brainer you guys would have figured that out at the start,”

“no mind games Scott”

“I am not interested in playing any mind games with you. There is nothing you own currently that I am interested in, but who knows what the future might hold. I want your word that you will give me whatever I ask for.”

“I don’t care what you want I just want Mishal back, that’s it.” I nearly growl into the phone

“very well, I thought you would think before you spoke but you didn’t love has blinded the strict officer”

“cut to the point Jordon Scott. WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?” I emphasized on each word I said filled with irritation

“well, I want you to turn all the evidences of the murder cases and prove to the court that Josh is the murderer, and let me go, I don’t really like that guy so I guess he should take the blame”

I looked at Josh who stood in shock after listening to him, and I let out a deep breath and spoke “why on earth will you want me to do, you are a criminal and what make you think I am going to agree with you?”

Jordon laughs on the other end “Alexander Knight you have no choice because I have your girl with me and you wouldn’t want her coming to you in multiple parcels, do you? Just don’t try anything stupid you have 1hour time to finish with the cases and put Josh behind bars, you move the wrong way Knight and I will pull the trigger without a warning, don’t forget to send me evidence” and he cuts the calls without giving me a chance to speak

Sighing heavily, I move towards the nearest chair sit down and burry my face into my hands. One side is Mishal’s life at stake the person I started to love and considered having a chance to re-live a beautiful and happy life. On the other hand, Josh my partner, team mate and friend, I can’t choose between the both of them, you got to think of a way Alex this is not the end of it you can do much more, I try motivating myself and then I get a pat on my shoulder lifting my head up I see Josh.

“Do what is right, protecting people’s life is our Jobs, whatever decision we make its for all of us and the citizens, Mishal is not only your girl but she is also our responsibility as officers we need to get her safe, and if it is that I need to go behind bars we will do it” Josh said with a tight smile

“your right, I should throw all Jordon’s cases on you prove you guilty and put you behind bars, and go get Mishal”

Josh looks up at me and smiles, and I smirk at him and whisper into his ear saying “you will go behind the fake bars not for long, I am not letting this guy get away easily Josh we will get him” I pull back and look at the wide and mischievous smile on his face

“call the guards take him into custody, for the murder of Hailey Winston, Jasmine Williams and Tess Whitworth” I yelled and stepped aside for the guards to take Josh away.

“Kevin go fetch me all the case records, check on Josh as well, we need to get this over quick”

“so, are you having plans on tracking him? Anything way that we could get to him?” ask’s Martin another partner of mine in the special task force for operations. I thought for a while, I whipped around to the IT guy, “play the recording,” Martin looks at me curiously as it plays, I find something in it, I turn towards Martin

“Did you hear the background noise?” play that part again I instruct the IT guy

“It sounds like he is near some train station” says Martin

“He wouldn’t leave Mishal around alone in a place so he isn’t moving, and he won’t risk keep her exposed or near to the public, so it has to be some dump place or old building or factory”

“your right but how can we find her in such less time and that to we have many hidden stations as well, it’s not going to be easy”

“move the record a little behind, there is some loud music playing along and it seems at a distance, is it some carnival music?”

“Yes, it is today is the special fundraisers day which can happen in two places but only one is near a train station, it’s The Myrtle avenue station, part of the fourth avenue BMT line servicing between Manhattan Bridge and DeKalb avenue in Brooklyn”

“That’s it get down to work Martin call in the special forces ask them to move carefully I will try and trick Jordon my sending him fake evidence of putting Josh behind bars, we don’t have much time we need to hurry, and take away everyone’s personal cellphones I am really not in the position to trust anyone, so watch over everything”

Kevin walks up to me “Here are the files Alex, Josh is fine are you really going to do this to him?”

“I will see to that go with Martin the plan is worked out just follow instructions” Kevin nods and walks of

“Jordon Scott here we come”


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