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Alexander’s Pov:

I immediately leave to meet the magistrate to explain the situation and tell him what is going on, I talk him through the case and pull him into to helping us to make fake evidence to take down Jordon.

“Alexander, do you know the risk of me approving something like this? It’s totally against the law”

“Your honor I understand everything but we need to get the original criminal I can’t make Josh be the guilty personality for the crimes he hasn’t done, we can’t let a murderer walk free. Can we?”

The magistrate is very hesitant and the clock is ticking I can’t be wasting my time.

“ok, we’ll do it this way if you permit, I create and agreement with the court stating that within eight hours of time if I don’t prove Jordon Scott guilty and not produce complete evidence, I give up my job and let action be taken against Josh”

What am I even thinking to put both my job and Josh’s life at stake? But for now, I can’t think of anything else.

“ok, fair enough but you get six hours’ time instead of eight, I trust you Alexander this court has seen the way you work, and put criminals to task, but I am in a position where I need to follow the law, I know you would keep up to your words, but don’t kill the guy”

I sigh and nod my head in agreement “I will keep up with the time your honor and thanks”

He signs the documents to prove that all cases are on Josh’s name and he is behind bars. It is a document that will only last for six hours only and I have to bring Jordon and prove that everything I said and found in this case is true otherwise Josh will be held guilty forever. And I would lose my job.

The clock is ticking I just clicked a pic of all the documents and the images of Josh in his cell and send it to Jordon. We only have 15mins from the time he gave us his burner phone will go off once he sees the messages and he will move from his hiding and I can’t let that happen I think to myself.

We reach the location it is an old deserted building behind The Myrtle avenue train station which is abandoned for a very long time. We keep distance from that building so that no one spots us. Kevin walks up to me

“So, what’s going on in your mind Alex? This guy could be serious trouble you wouldn’t want to risk Mishal’s life, we can just leave he might let her go after all the evidence we sent him and…” he stops half way in his sentence and looks behind me to see Josh

“Are you out of your mind? What is Josh doing here? He is supposed to be in prison.”

“Relax Kevin I got things sorted out I am not letting this psychopath get away so easily, especially not after killing Jasmine and kidnapping Mishal. Did you really think I would put Josh behind bars, no way we need to think wisely that’s why we are in this job. So, if your done with your questions will you get to your Job of actually saving someone.

I order Martin and our rescue team not to do anything that might jeopardize Mishal’s life.

“There are ten men in the building, we can take them down easily with the backup, but the problem is that I am worried they don’t harm Mishal” says Josh

“I wonder how did he include so many people to help him out? Strange” I murmur to myself I turn towards Josh after taking a look at the building

“I won’t let anything happen to you Josh, we can do this together mate all we have to do is stick the plan” Josh gives me a smile.

“Alexander I may have known you for a short time, you have really been a caring friend, and I trust you when you say you will protect me, I don’t have to worry, come let’s go and finish this”

The front of the building was guarded by two men so was the back and terrace. We were just hoping someone else didn’t walk out and notify Jordon of our presence in the compound. The snipers took care of the men on the terrace while we entered the building through the backdoor and spread in different directions inside silently. One by one we took down the men.

The moment I entered the room, I felt like someone pulled the ground from below my feet Jordon was standing in the middle of the room with a gun on Mishal’s forehead, who was looking mortified at the situation. Her legs tied to the chair around her ankles while the rope on one of her wrists were untied. Her face was bruised and her lip was busted with dried blood on her lip and chin. My hold on the gun tightened as I scanned her and her eyes met mine full of tears.

“Welcome, Alexander Knight”, Jordon smirked at me. “I told you not to do anything stupid, that I will definitely pull the trigger on her, and you really have the guts to bring Josh here what on earth were you planning? You are going to pay a price for underestimating me.”

“no, you won’t kill her” I challenge him

“ha ha ha are you challenging me at this point, look Alexander if I was you, I wouldn’t do that, so why not take your partner throw him behind bars and we can renegotiate”

“I am not doing that Jordon, criminals like you can’t be walking around freely, you have not only committed three murders but also a kidnap is also included in your list of crimes, so I suggest you just surrender and you will have less suffering”

“Oh, cut the manipulating crap Alexander we are way past all that, I don’t care about sufferings because I have had enough and I don’t regret killing any of them, even if you are in my shoes after committing a crime you would do the same thing to protect yourself”

“Well, I don’t know about that but you won’t kill Mishal because I have something that is precious to you” I immediately pull Kevin in front of be and lock him with my arm around his neck, his backing facing me and my gun pointed towards his head.

“wouldn’t you like to say hi to your elder brother Jordon?” I smirk at him and his face pales.


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