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Alexander’s pov:

“What happened Jordon no mood in killing anymore?”

“What are you doing Alexander let me go, I don’t have anything to do with Jordon, if this is some stupid plan stop it right now”

“Stop the acting Kevin, we know who you are, you should be ashamed of what you’re doing in the first place, you are betraying all of us, and giving into this scumbag for the lives he has taken” Josh stands Infront of Kevin and speaks, and turning around he points the gun to Jordon

“Drop the gun, I guess you wouldn’t want to get your brother killed who has been supporting you all this while, you should show a little humanity at least for him”

“You’re really trying to pull some stupid stunts Alexander don’t waste anyone’s time you are going to hurt your own man and your girl, I have nothing to do with Kevin and stop underestimating me because I gave you the choice and you messed up, I am going to kill your beautiful fiancé in front of you”

I immediately whispered to Kevin “Stop him right now Kevin otherwise I won’t regret putting you down to the ground, if you have little respect to the oath, you took while becoming an officer then stop him”

Jordon released the lock from his gun and I can see Mishal looking at me with pleading eyes, my hands started to sweat by the time I reacted or did anything Kevin spoke “Stop and hear me out Jordon”

Jordon stopped and looked at Kevin still having a tight grip on Mishal

“I don’t know why I accompanied you and made you do whatever you wanted, this needs to stop brother by killing Mishal you think you’re going to escape, no your wrong, you will be digging a bigger grave for yourself, tell the truth maybe you will be helped your punishment can be less, you are all I have Jordon, I can’t lose you more than I already have, I have betrayed myself and the Job I do”

Jordon laughs and gritting his teeth his eyes look up to me, and then shifts his gaze to Kevin “let me clear out something, you want me to surrender in spite of knowing all that I lost, I did not choose this life Kevin I would have been happy if not for the devil trying to jump and take away my best friend, that’s not happening maybe I will stop with this but I am not standing down from my decision”

“So, you know what Alexander I will do the honors you needn’t be worried” before I can register what he said a gun shot was heard followed my Mishal’s scream I stood still looking at Jordon’s gun and then Kevin dropped to the floor from my grip looking down at Kevin I realized he did not harm Mishal but instead he shot his own brother.

By that time Jordon pushed Mishal away from him and ran towards a window next to him and jumped from their

“Josh grab Kevin, nothing will happen he has his safety vest on, take him and Mishal to van I will get Jordon” I ran towards window and so him jump to the opposite building roof

Following pursuit, I also jump from roof after roof running after him finally, he reached out the building gates running towards the tunnel I immediately shot his right leg for him to slow down and he tripped and fell sending his gun flying away from his hand far away. He tries getting up to reach his gun but by the time grab his collar from behind to make him stand, immediately he jabbed me in the stomach and punched me in the jaw, which cut my lip and blood was oozing out, I immediately wiped it and looked at him.

Again, he swings his right hand and I caught it with my right and punched him in the ribs with my left hand. He then brought up his left knee to catch me in the stomach but I read the movement catching his knee with my right foot still holding his arm in my hand, pushing his knee I released his arm and kicked him in the chest with my left. We both went tumbling, but he was faster getting up even though he was injured when I stood up his fist hit my stomach before I could react knocking the air from my lungs. I backed up and doubled over, hands on my knees as he walked closer. I watched him through my eyelashes, waiting as soon he was close, I threw an upper cut that had him stumbling back then I threw out my foot to kick him in the chest and he landed on the ground. Before he tried to get up, he was surrounded by the cops pointing a gun to him and he raised his hands above his head in surrender.

“Take him back to the warehouse we don’t have enough time to take him to the precinct”

They make him sit down on the chair and everyone surround him keeping him under gun point, looking at my watch I notice that I have two hours left to get him to confess or else I am going to lose Josh forever and he will suffer for something he hasn’t committed.

“Let’s cut to the chase Jordon we don’t have enough time and you don’t have a choice you can’t get out of here, you thought by killing your brother you can escape, instead that plan failed and you lost the only person who was close to you” I give him a serious look

“So, what do you want to hear? Did I kill Jasmine?” he keeps a rection of trying to remember and then looks at me. “Yes, I killed Jasmine, and I have no remorse for it girls like her deserve to die they think they have money and they can treat boys however they like and pay with their feelings that’s right and I never wanted to boy her boy toy, she made me follow her do anything she wanted but at the end all she showed me was self-pity and made me feel like I don’t deserve to mingle with people she calls friends,” He lets out a laugh

“She even hesitated to introduce me to her friends, she lied about my true identity so her friends and society don’t think cheap of her and finally I just knew it was not love she just pitied and tried to pass her time with me and get freedom from her house whenever she is pressurized with something, she was nothing But. A. Little. Spoilt. Brat” he left each word from his mouth grinding his teeth.

“So, you never thought you should confront her try to talk to her, rather you just decided to kill her and you have the audacity to coolly tell us this?” I move forward and throw him a punch on his face and the punch ripped his lip and blood oozed out I lunged forward to throw him another punch when Josh caught me “hold on Alex we need to get the rest out him, control yourself” I shrug his hands of and step back.

While Jordon laughs like a psychopath “if I would have confronted her, she would have made all sort of crap reasons, then break about with me and tell me how useless I am unable to keep her happy, then break my heart and initially she will move on find someone else and break the poor boy’s heart so rather punishing her by giving her death was a better choice to me Alexander”

I close my eyes for second trying to calm myself down before trying to bury this guy Infront of me already.

“Why did you kill Mrs. Whitworth? What did she do?”

Sighing he says “she was trying to torture that poor kid Bryan I saw how she harassed and beat him up I didn’t think a lady like her is worth to be a mother if she doesn’t want to see her daughter happy, so instead of sending her to jail and then she spending money and escaping for the crime she committed I just thought its better to finish her off”

“That’s not for you to decide the law is their to handle these things and what you thought by killing her you served justice to the hurt boy? Or maybe you just had a hidden motive and don’t want to relieve it?”

“I don’t have any hidden motive against I did want was needed at that time and I felt relax, maybe I just pictured someone I really wanted to do that to and finished her their”

“What do you mean by pictured somebody?”

“My mother died when I was 5 years old, after that my dad got married again and brought my step mother home she used to be nice until one day she fell pregnant and gave birth to my step sister, she started ignoring and beating the lights out of me, it was everyday torture whenever I tried to tell my dad about it all he did was confront her and ask her and she would turn the entire story around and dad just allowed her to beat me, so one day I got fed-up and when dad was not around I hit her on the head and pushed her down the stairs and killed her” he said it without any remorse and cold expression was plastered on his face and we all look at him in shock though I felt a little bad for him for being treated like that maybe that’s the reason he became like this.

“Ok, so they’re maybe something or a story like this that made you feel like you wanted to kill Jasmine, maybe someone who broke YOUR. HEART already?” I stressed at the question and look at his face go pale. “Did you kill that person as well?” Jordon shot me a glare and warned me with his eyes to stop. But I knew how to poke the wounded tiger, “was it the pretty friend of yours? What was her name? I act and try to think umm.. Hailey Winston right that’s the girl”

“I didn’t kill her, stop wasting your time digging up old things if you’re really interested go and find the real culprit Mr. Alexander Knight” he spat out those words with a look of irritation.

“So, wait if you did not kill her and someone did, why didn’t you make any effort in catching the culprit?” I ask

“oh wait! Don’t answer that I might know maybe she saw you as a friend but you didn’t and she would have slept with someone and cheated you hence forth you did not waste your time on her I am sure she isn’t worth it, must be like other dammed rich girl showing of attitude she definitely deserved to die I guess Jordon maybe I will support you on this feeling” Josh said and I was shocked by this talk of his but I knew what he was trying to do.

“Enough! Stop it! Just stop talking about her like that” Jordon growled, finally he explodes while Josh and I smirk looking at each other

“Hailey is not like other girls she was the sweetest and my everything” he said looking down with sadness in his eyes.


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