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Jordon’s Pov:

I began to stir up memories of Hailey, her beautiful face, her laughter like a humming bird, her talk that always made me forget things that happened around me every day.

Looking up to the officers I only smile, “You never knew my Hailey she was my best friend, my everything even when her parents were against me, she used to stand up, she was different from the other rich girls”

“Care to elaborate?” Josh said smirking at me

God I really wish to burry this guy six feet down already, scowling at him I relax myself and bring the memories.


It was the peak of summer, mostly the time of vacation. But I really had no place or money to do vacation, and basically my job was being the driver for the Winston’s. My dad worked as the driver but when he quit due to health reasons, I landed a job there. Sitting in the porch reading a book someone jumps from behind screaming and trying to frighten me, but I remain unfazed because I know who it really is.

“Ok fine I get it you don’t get startled but at least for once you can act for me” my best friend Hailey pouts and stand in front of me with her arms crossed.

I laugh at her childishness and she sits on the opposite chair and grabs the book I was reading.

“Who did what to you now?” I raised my eyebrows waiting for her to answer.

“Why do you think someone did something to me?”

“Hay bug you’re my friend and I can read you like an open book, and suddenly out of nowhere you decide to jump out and talk to me which means something is wrong, and I still can notice the wheels spinning in your hear”

She sighs and slumps back on the chair, “you know my parents very well they barely let me get out of the house and if I do also, I have these guards around, and they don’t even talk which makes it even more boring so I was just arguing with dad to stop it and he said my life is at risk with his work and he can’t do that but if I really want, he put down a condition which I really did like and we got into a heated argument”

“Hay bug your still not be specific, what’s the condition he _,” before I can complete, I found her dad standing at the porch of my house

Hailey and me we both stood up and looking at Mr. Winston’s fuming face.

“Mr. Winston” I started off and he showed his hand for me to cease my talk while still keep his vision on Hailey

“Every time we get into an argument stop running and coming her, and I told you many times to stay away from him, your already ruined enough of our reputation at the parties, start making yourself learn Hailey he doesn’t belong among us he works for us”

“Sorry dad if I brough down your REPUTATION, she stressed out the word, but Jordon here is by best and only friend you’ve never let me mingle around much are have friends I barely even go to work because you tell me that I can work in the company and it is more than enough, but it is not enough dad still I kept myself up, so let me just be and stop picking at Jordon if you’re forgetting he is still human and cares for me” with that she just walks away to her house.

Mr. Winston stepped up to me a crossed his arms across his chest, “look kiddo stay away from Hailey I am not going to keep repeating myself, you already heard this before and I am going to still say it again we have a life imagined and made for Hailey already and I also know that you see my daughter more than a friend, it’s not going to work out if you really think this job and your father and your life is important then keep distance” he completes not waiting for another word to be said and walks off.

Yeah, Hailey was my friend but I started developing feelings more than friends, my life is complicated my dad quit his job but I knew even if he was away Winston had the power to put a bullet through his head, but I still wanted Hailey and I was never backing down. At the same time, I was willingly waiting for her to reciprocate my feelings.

Days went by and I told her what her dad said cutting out my feeling part and she was furious and got into another argument then Hailey told me that we should just maintain a little distance when are dad is around till his anger settles down, she did not want him hurting me or my family.

I went on a break to check on my family out of town for two months but the leave got extended for 4 months since I got a call saying that there wasn’t any work since the Winston’s had gone out of town to New York to stay for some time.

And I did not want to prolong my feelings anymore I just wanted to tell Hailey that I love her. Once I reached the mansion, I got to know that Hailey hasn’t arrived yet and she was coming in the next day. So, the next day I decided to give her a surprise and decorated my living room with some candles and some food and dimmed all the lights. Once it was done, I waited out in the patio since I knew when she comes back, she will surely come meet me.

And there she was dressed up in a summer short dress with little yellow flowers and her blonde her flowing over her shoulders, she ran up to me and hugged me

“Oh, Jordy I really missed you, but the change of place really enlightened me” she said pulling back with a smile plastered across her face.

“I missed you too” saying that I kissed her cheeks and tucked a strand of hair behind her ears. Then she started looking at me skeptically “Are you going somewhere? Why are you all dressed?”

“just like that why don’t you come in I have a surprise for you”

“Woah, what are we waiting for let’s go in then” she says and grabs my arms and pulling towards the door. Opening the door, she stands rooted to the spot looking at the arrangements and chuckles.

“Wow, this looks amazing and the food that I smell is making by tummy grumble already”

“Then come on let’s feed that tummy of yours” I walk ahead and pull out the chair for her she thanks me and I go sit in front of her. I couldn’t wait any longer I just want to get this over with

“I need to tell you something” we both say at the same time and we burst out laughing.

“ok you go first” I said. I can see her playing with her fingers which she does when she is nervous and I was only hoping she would say she also had feelings for me but I guess all the god’s were against it, what she said next just made me still.

“I’m getting married Jordy” she says with a smile looking at me looking in my eyes waiting for my reaction but I had nothing else to say other than questing her


She sighs leaning back, “yeah, I know it’s even hard for me to believe, remember I told you dad made a condition but I was never going to accept it. But unfortunately, I just accepted it when I got to know the guy, he was really sweat and nice I liked him, we went to meet his family in New York, I spent some time we got to know each other and we both accepted it. I really did feel safe with him and I knew why dad was wanting to send me away because he knew I would be safe” she said it with so much adoration and it just broke my heart

“I am happy as long as you are happy Hailey” she then got up and came to hug me.

“ok your turn now, you were going to tell me something” she sat back and looked at me. What was I going to tell her now, was I really ready to still tell her about me loving her maybe just not right now I just push away the thoughts and put up a fake smile.

“It’s nothing very big or important I will tell you tomorrow for now it is just about you and your big news so let’s just have dinner” she shrugs and digs into her food

She kept telling me about her vacation and I was in no mood the first time to listen to her talking I was unable to eat my food also. Suddenly her phone rang and she her eyes lit up

“It’s him I got to pick it I am sorry Jordon for cutting dinner short but the food was great I will talk to you tomorrow she said and ran out of my house” I walked and looked through the window to see if she is gone far away and I drag the table cloth and smash everything on the table in anger.

The next day I just made an excuse telling her that I just wanted to say that I was renting out another place from here little away from her home, but it was not a lie I was surely moving I did not want to stay near her, she is like and addiction and I can’t get her out of my system but I was trying to put some place between us.

Days went by and I couldn’t tolerate her talking about him her with him when I visit the house, she never told me his name nor did I ask I was least interested. As I was driving her down to go do some shopping she kept talking and that’s when I lost my patience and I snapped at her.

“Can you please stop I have had enough of this”

“What is wrong with you I was just saying, I really weren’t in the mood you should have just told me, you always say that you like to hear me speak” she said in a low voice looking at me

“yes, I do like you speaking but I am sorry I heard enough about your fiancé and it’s completely bugging my head”

“Why is it even bothering, Jordon I have been noticing you for the past few days if you have something to say just spit it out and get over with it” she yells

I slammed the brakes and got out of the car slamming the door bag and tugging on my hair with irritation. She get’s down and walks the around the car and come’s in front of me.

“What is wrong? Talk to me, what is bothering you? Is it your dad? Or something else? Your just getting me worried you haven’t done this before” she says pulling my hands into hers with a worried look plastered across her face.

“you really want to know what is bothering so here then hear it, I am unable to confess my feelings to you for quite a long time, I am unable to hear you talk about some other guy who you have just know when you’re with me, I am unable to tell you that you don’t spend time with me, I can’t tell you that I want to spend my life with you, I can’t tell you that I no longer desire you as my friend because I LOVE YOU!!” I yell in her face.

She pulls her hands away and looks at me in shock shaking her head in negative and moves away from me

“Jordon, what are you saying? I am your best friend; I never saw you being more than a friend to me how could you?” a drop of tear slid down her cheeks sighing I move forward to wipe away the tear yet again she moves back

“I don’t know Hailey but after a certain stage I learnt than I fell in love with you, I cannot deny it anymore and it hurts that you never felt like that with me after so many years and just few months you’re ready to move on with someone else?”

“that’s because I was only able to see you as my best friend, we have always been close and you knew you were my only friend. How long have you loved me?”

“for the past three years now”

“I would like to go home please take me home” she wiped her tears and went sat back in the car; I did not say anything the ride back home was completely silent with her looking out of the window.

When we reached the mansion before I can reach her side and open the door she got out.

Just before she climbed the stairs to get into the mansion I stopped her, “Hailey please listen to me I am sorry can we just talk?”

She turned and looked at me, “there is nothing to talk about Jordon, I have no feelings other than friendship and I guess we no longer can be friends since your thoughts have changed, I thinks it’s best we be like this I’m getting married next month, please just move ahead and live a life that you have made, I only wish to carry the memories we have made so far nothing else, and I want to erase this day from my mind goodbye Jordon”

End of Flashback

With that she never spoke to me I spoke to her dad and decided to leave the job and move out of the place I spoke to him the same day. And that was the last day I saw her alive. The next day she went without the guards out despite her father’s warnings and was murdered.


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