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Jordan Scott belonged to a very normal family; he did not have much friends because of his “not so rich” status. Jordan had only one close friend and her name was Hailey Winston. But unfortunately, she passed away three years ago. Since then, he was not seen much out of his house nor spoken to anyone much. He is a very possessive person, when it comes to the people he desires to have in his life. And now he has found the one for him to love and care. It was Jasmine who helped him to forget about Hannah.

Jordon Scott pov:

“I have always wanted to spend time with Jasmine but she never really cares or gives me her time.” I sit in the yard thinking to myself.

“Is she really having plans with her family? Or is she going out with someone?” I mutter to myself.

I need to find this one out since she is cutting me off her company most of the time.

I walk back from the yard get dressed in a black jean, white T-shirt, a black denim Jacket and I wear a black cap so she doesn’t recognize me.

Locking my house, I get to the pavement and wave out for a taxi.

I am waiting opposite her house right now, that’s when I see her BMWi8 leave her house, I was right she is not spending any time with her family now.

I keep following her in my taxi and she reaches the AC metropolitan hotel, she is dressed in a plum color dress with a pair of black coolers, black hand purse and plum color pencil heels.

Paying for my taxi I walk into the hotel, leaving some distance from her and me, so she does not find out.

Jazz over here!! Her friends wave out to her from a table.

I pick a newspaper from the stand and sit on a sofa a little far away from them. I know her friends Esha Stephan’s, her childhood bestie and owner of LA fashion corporation. The other one Meera Malhotra daughter of the MM builders’ foundations. Has a lot of property and owns this hotel as well, spoilt for choices? Very well yes all of them are.

They start chatting for a long time, and I am almost bored now

“Jazz when are you going to show us your boyfriend?” asks Meera

“Not now, he is not available he is busy”

“you always, say the same thing when we want to see him, why are you hiding the handsome hunk?” “you never even tell us about him much,” Esha sighs and leans back on her chair.

What where am I busy? She never even told me about her friends wanting to see me. What is she trying to hide?

No, I can’t let her drop me out of her life, I think I should go speak to her now.

I drop the newspaper on the stand and I remove my cap and walk towards her table.

“Hey Jasmine” I said with a smirk on my face

Her eyes literally pop out in shock. Her friends look at me with a, “who are you expression?”

She slowly stands up from her table “what are you doing here?”

“woah! That was rude, no hi and directly you hit me with a question pretty girl” I give her a smirk and look over to her friends who are ogling me right now.

“Pretty Girl!!” They say in unison.

Jasmine sighs and gives me a glare.

“Wouldn’t you introduce me to your friends?”

“so, you are Jordon, aren’t you?” asks Esha

“yes, young lady I am Jordan Scott, Jasmine’s boyfriend”, nice to meet you I drag wanting to know her name.

“it’s Esha,” she brings out her hand to greet me

“I am Meera” says her another friend.

“Nice meeting you’ll”

“Finally, we get to see you” This girl always keeps making excuses from bringing you with her, says Meera.

oh, actually I…

And Jasmine interrupted me “Sorry girls, got some urgent work I got to get home, I will bring Jordon the next time and we can have a conversation.”

She never let me say bye to her friends and she dragged me out of the hotel, and we got into her car and drove of, she did not speak a word and only found anger in her face. She pulled over at a park got down from the car came around and opened my door, which means I need to get out of the car.

“what do you think you were doing?” she furrows her eyebrows in frustration and asks me

“well, I was just saying hi to your friends and introducing myself, since you didn’t do it” I say keeping my hands in the hair shrugging.

“Where you following me? How did you know I was at the hotel, why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“I was not following you, I just dropped in to meet a person regarding work, when I saw you with your friends having lunch”

“Don’t lie you can even afford that place and you were their”

“Oh, don’t get to the lying part, because we clearly know who is lying,” I said in anger

“You did not want to have lunch with me today saying that you were spending time with your family.” And you are here chilling with your friends.

“Because I did not want to have lunch with you today, because I wanted to have something exquisite to eat, not got to a small douche place that I don’t like” she rolled her eyes and said it.

“So, you did want to have lunch with me because I can’t afford your expensive lunch, you did not introduce me to your friend since I am not of your level, right?”

She looked to the ground and did not speak for sometime

“It’s not that you cannot afford my lunch, I just wanted to spend time with my friends and I did not want to tell this and hurt you, and yeah I did not introduce you to my friends thinking that they might not like you”

I just stand their glaring at her

“I am sorry” she mutters

I walk closer to her and give her a hug. “It’s ok I understand”.

She frees from the hug looks up to me and gives me a smile. And her phone rings.

Oh no! she exclaims

“I have some family coming home for dinner, I will have to get home soon before they arrive, bye”

“And yeah, sorry I won’t be able to drop you please get a taxi, will text you later, love you!!”


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