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Alexander pov:

“Hey Josh, have you got the case reports settled?” I ask my secretary. Walking around in my cabin.

“Yes Alex, all done and closed”

“I am happy after all the hard work Pereira is finally down to where he has to be now”

“so, as of now no more cases on my wing?”

“No Alex, all done and clear, you have a meeting with the NYPD head on Monday, he wanted you to help out in some investigation”.

“hmm…I give him a nod and look at my phone, and its 6 in the evening, and I remember the Dinner at the Williams mansion”.

“ok Josh I am done for the day, keep me updated if there is anything, and keep a reminder on me for tomorrow’s meeting, and…the door bangs wide open, and to my shock I find my younger brother Jade standing Infront of me”

“what the HELL Jade!!! I yell, don’t you have manners to knock and come in, this is my office not our house”, I give him a glare while he gives me a smirk.

“Relax bro, I guess I can just walk in your office as long as there is no girl in here” he says it with a wicked smile playing on his lips.

“cut the crap Jade, Josh I am going home you can also leave, come on Jade” and I walk towards the parking lot and get into my Mercedes car and start buckling up as Jade gets into the passenger seat not ready to utter a word, as he saw my angry face.

I started to drive, not ready to start a conversation at all, I was not interested, Jade is my younger brother 23 years old, way different from me, college Romeo, goes to business school In London because he wants to take over the business after dad. Always stays in the partying character.

“Ok, I am sorry let’s get over this and stop being grumpy” he says turning his head slightly towards me.

“How can I get over the crap you spoke in my office Infront of my co-worker, and I you have the nerve to just barge into my office, and who do you think gave you the right” I said it with a scowl on my face.

“ok, my fault wrong timing, and the second thing you are my brother I have the right on you,” he said with a huff throwing up his hands in the air

“what are you doing in New York, you did not tell me you were coming, is there a reason behind it?” concentrating on the road still

“Well it’s a surprise for you, but…he dragged mom and dad knew about it, because they were the ones who called me over to be with you and support you”

“for what??” I give him a confused look

“Because you are going to try to get married, and mom and dad are eager for you to accept the proposal”

My anger rises as he continues talking, I am really not interested to get married I just said I will meet the girl, and they are trying to fix me up.

“mom and dad are eager for you to get married, settle down and be happy with the right person, one choice goes wrong doesn’t mean everything goes wrong, you need to let your heart move further bro, mom trusts that this is going to work out, she is dad’s business partners daughter, they found her to be the perfect for you, why don’t you give them a chance? Why don’t you give yourself a chance?”

Without saying anything I continue to concentrate on the road my grip on the steering loosens.

“Alex, I know what you’re going through are you still blaming yourself for what happened to Ana, she is our sister I know you care but at one point you need to move on”

I suddenly press against the breaks and the car comes to and immediate halt causing Jade to move front and back from his seat.

“Just shut up Jade, why did you have to bring about Ana now?” I look at him with anger boiling from within.

He gives me and unbelievable look

“were you trying to kill me, what do you think you were doing?”

“Just answer my question, and don’t change the topic”

“listen Alex, I know you still getting those wired dreams, you need to get out of it, you tried your best to keep tabs even when she was gone, you tried finding out what was wrong, but found nothing, we all know that, just try to move on a little”

“Don’t tell me to get over things because I can’t, yes she haunts me every night, every day, how am I supposed to move on Jade” I yell

“Yelling is not going to serve the purpose bro, you need to discover things out of your workspace, get yourself some rest, talk to someone, express how you feel, we all know your strong but you need to break the barriers, and all you need is someone to heal your broken heart, so just keep everything in mind and give yourself a chance”.

I look and him and continue to drive.

We finally reach home, to get dressed, parking the car I get down and walk into the house not giving him a chance to talk anymore.

I undo my clothes and sort them in the dirty clothes basket, and turn on the shower in the bathroom, with my hands placed on the bathroom tiles, Jades words resound in my mind. I throw my head back and take a breath.

I walk into my wardrobe and choose a black Armani suit to wear, I get dressed and stand in the mirror combing my hair, and Jade’s words come into my mind again.

“you need to discover things out of your workspace, get yourself some rest, talk to someone, express how you feel, we all know your strong but you need to break the barriers, and all you need is someone to heal your broken heart, so just keep everything in mind and give yourself a chance”

I look and myself in the mirror, and sigh in defeat, this guy has messed my brains.

“I think I should give myself a chance” I mummer


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