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Alexander’s pov:

we reach the William’s mansion, mom and dad had already reached before Jade and me.

As I enter Aunt Amelia embraces me in a tight hug, she pulled off from the hug and gave me a big smile “Nice to see you Alex welcome home.”

“Woah, so it’s like I am totally forgotten, and not welcomed in here” Jade said with a pouting face.

And all of us cracked into a laughter

“Of course, you are always welcomed little boy, she tossed Jade’s hair and he gave her a hug”

After all the greetings we all settle down in the hall. The Williams have a wonderful house with a lot of lightings, fluffy couches, big windows extending from the roof to the floor and pretty chandeliers hanging, few portraits and statues. It is so relaxing.

“So, we all know the purpose we are gathered here” says uncle David with a smile.

“Alex, so the reason we met here today is to plan on your wedding, and introduce you to someone, your mom and I agreed that you will give us a chance to decide on your marriage, so we did not want to delay it, and we arranged the meeting today...” he dragged off

I gave a clam and composed look “Yes, I am very well aware of everything because Jade let out everything from his mouth, from the necessary things to the most unnecessary things”. I sigh and shake my head in discontent

They all turn their heads to Jade and give him a glare.

“What, did I do why are you all looking at me like that, wasn’t that the reason I was called for because none of you’ll can achieve talking to him” Jade shrugged.

My phone started to Buzz! Buzz!! I pull my phone out my pocket and the caller id displayed the name Scarlet.

“Excuse me, I need to get this call” not giving a chance for anyone to say anything I stroll towards the garden.

“Hello” I said

“Hey Alex, this is Scarlet”

“Yup, I can recognize, is everything ok?”

“It’s Chris, he is bugged with a case and stressing a lot, I am not able to calm him down nor help him, he is too obsessed he has a stalker as well, who he challenging him at every point when he proceeds the case provoking him, only you can help him Alex”

“Ok, so that’s the matter, Josh told me that a RAW officer called, but it did not strike me that it was Chris”. I scratch the nape of my neck with confusion.

“Where is he Scarlet? I hope your along with him not letting him alone”

“He is in the garden walking, no mood to talk to anyone, not even me he has almost smashed the office, he has discovered everything about the case, he says he is missing out on someone, I don’t know I am not of any help either… her voice cracks… I can’t see him like this, please help”.

“Don’t worry Scarlet, I will leave tomorrow and be in LA soon, tell him that I will meet up and stop worrying, keeping my hands in my pockets I think, and yeah I will drop him a message you stop worrying and leave him alone”.

And I cut the line, slipping my phone into my pocket and turn around, and bump into to someone causing them to lose balance and fall, but I stretch out my hands and grab them saving them from falling. And I look at the person, her hair was as waves of pure earth, softly reflecting the lights around the garden; each strand moving freely in an ocean born breeze, a compliment to her stillness. With eyes of river waters, in glossy serenity, her aura seeped into the summer air between us. And in that moment, in that fraction of time, her smile was in every god given feature, and I knew it felt like home.

I divert my mind from her and loosen my grip from her waist helping her straighten up.

“I am sorry did not look ahead,” I said looking away from her.

She gave me a smile “Alex”

I looked up to her with confusion “Do I know you, sorry I don’t recognize”. With my hands in my pant pockets.

“well, we do know each other, it’s just that we haven’t met for a long time,”

She moved closer to me and whispered in my ears “because the last time we met we were building sand castles” and she backed off giving me a wide smile

I look at her in shock, is she who I am thinking about, she looks so different, suddenly I was snapped out of my thoughts

“Hey Alexander” I hear a manly voice behind me. I turn and see two people in their mid-50’s, and yes I recognize them.

“Mr.& Mrs. Johnson” I give them a smile, I met them quite recently at mom and dad’s wedding anniversary, what are they doing here, I think to myself.

“seems like you have met our daughter, after all introduction not required for the childhood buddies” says Mr. Johnson with a laugh.

I turn towards the girl standing behind me, and utter her name

“Mishal?” I say that with my eyebrows furrowed.


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