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Author’s pov:

Alexander and Mishal were best buddies from young because their dads were business partners, but they lost touch and got separated when Mishal went to Australia for high school. Alexander is meeting her after 16 years.

Mishal gave him a smile when he said her name, “How are you Angry bird?” she asks Alex

“I am fine, you look so different from the time we were together,”

They all laughed, “obviously I look different because we are all grown, and are no more kids Alex” Mishal said and burst into a fit laughter.

“came let’s go in its getting quite cold out here”, Alex said walking towards the house.

Everyone greeted each other and settled down the ladies were seated in the living room, while all the men were seated at the bar in the house.

“So, Alex how is work, all well?” asked Mr. Johnson

Sipping on his brandy drink, Alexander nods, “All well Mr. Johnson I will be leaving to L.A regarding some work tomorrow”

“That’s news to me Alex, don’t you think you should keep your mom and me informed about it” Mr. James glare at Alex

“Dad it was a sudden call I received some time ago, don’t worry I will always keep you’ll informed, I will be back in 2 to 3 days’ time”

“chill James, they are grown kids they know wat they are doing and Alex is quite a responsible one he knows what he is doing, give them their space” says Mr. Johnson

“so, you like Mishal Alex?” Mr. James asks

Alexander keeps his glass down on the table “Dad, Mishal is a friend of mine, I like her as she is but I don’t get it why you’ll are trying to get us married?”

“That’s because she is your friend and she knows about you, and you will be comfortable with her” Jade says

“But she is my friend, how can I marry her?”

All of them in the room laugh, and Alexander stares at everyone

“who said friends cannot get married?” Mr. Johnson speaks, in fact it’s more of a gain as you both will know, and understand each other.

“Anyways dad I told you, I need time to decide, I am not confirming immediately for my wedding, so just give me some time to think over it, and I will talk to scarlet if that is fine” says Alexander

Everyone shrugs and give a “FINE!!” together and continue their drinks.

~sometime later…

Alexander and Mishal are walking in the garden trying to get to know each other, and Alexander starts the conversation

“So, our parents want us to get married, what is your view on it?”

With her arms folded across her chest, she continues walking and looking down, “what view should I have if they want to get us married, it’s a good decision only, I don’t mind getting married to you”

Alexander stops and looks at her confused, she also halts when she noticed Alexander stop

“What? I like you, unless you have someone in your life and don’t want to marry me” says Mishal

“No, not like that it’s just that I don’t want to get married as of now, and the work I do is really not safe, I don’t want to drag anyone and keep them in a risk situation,”

“ok, let’s take our time, get to know each other and then decide if we want to get married, or the other reason is you don’t like me” said Mishal with a smile.

“no, no nothing like that, you’re my friend Scarlet it will just take time to change my feelings for you and I am not ready for any relationship now, I am just doing this for my parents, and secondly I never expected you here”

She keeps her hand on his shoulder and he feels a jolt of electricity in his body “Take your time Alex, I will just let you know, that I will stand by the decision you take, it’s just that... she pauses for a moment I like you from the time dad showed me your profile, you are my friend but I will be more than happy to have a husband like you”

Alex turns towards her and looks into her eyes, and places her hands in between his hands, “ I can’t promise you that I will give you all the love Mishal, I have my past and I would like to get to know you and take me time to talk to you about everything and decide, as long as you will wait for me, I can’t promise to change myself completely but I will try as long as I have my best friend beside me”

“I will take whatever you give me Alex, as long as you can love me”.

Mishal gives him a smile and engulfs him into a hug.


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