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Author’s pov:

After that night Alexander spoke to his parents and said he will consider the decision of getting married to Mishal, but he will need his time, and no one will force him or rush him into anything. And they all agreed to it.

The next day morning Alexander left to Los Angeles to meet his best friend Chris who was in need of his help. But unfortunately, things took a turn and Alexander had to extend his stay there for more than two days.

On the other hand, Jasmine was not interested in any of these matter’s and she was rather thinking on how to move her relationship with Jordon who has been ignoring her call and messages since their fight.

Jasmine liked him, she did not mean to insult him at the same time she held her prestige high and never wanted to introduce him to anyone since he was not from the rich circle, she thought she would be humiliated by her friends because they were engaged to big business people.

Jasmine decided to let things go, and try and talk to her parents and introduce Jordon to everyone after all heart is the one that matters, she thought. While being in deep thought her phone started to ring… The caller id displayed Jordon’s name

“Hey, sorry for not calling or texting, just been busy”

Jasmine kept quiet; he normally calls her pretty girl but today there was nothing just a blank Hey.

Hey, no it’s fine even I have been a bit busy with work, since day is not well”

“So, what’s plans for your birthday the day after tomorrow?”

“No plans as such, as usual my parents will be throwing up a party for me in the evening.”

“yeah, I know that it’s nice, you have someone to take care of your needs and keep you happy” Jordon said in a sad voice.

“Yeah, let’s just leave that aside now, for the past two years you haven’t gifted me nor surprised me with anything, what a boyfriend you are,” she sighs

“don’t worry this birthday will be a special one for you and the way I surprise you, you will be shocked. As long as you give me a little time of yours and not make any excuse”

“Oh! Wow I can’t wait for the day to arrive, and sure I will give you my time and spend the day of my birthday with you” she says with a huge smile on her face.

“Thanks, I won’ be spoiling your parents surprise, so you can spend the day with me and get back in the evening for your party”

“Yes, that will be a good idea, the day of my birthday is yours, I am going to spend it with you, no disturbances, no bodyguards and my phone shall be turned off, is that fine Mr. handsome?”

“Yes, thanks jazz I think that will do to spend time with you”.

“ok got to go, having some office work to do, see you soon love you!”

The line cuts and Jordon mutters to himself, it’s going to be the best birthday ever pretty girl and he smiles.


They both meet at a particular point, Jasmine leaves back her bodyguards and informs her parents she is going to meet her friends.

“Hey pretty girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Jordon gives her big hug and leaves a kiss on her cheeks.

“Hi, thanks handsome” Jasmine says with a smile. And later pouts at him, “still no gift for my birthday”

Jordon laugh, “have some patience Jazz we have the whole day, what’s the hurry.

“Here you can drive my car today” Jasmine throws her BMW car keys to Jordon.

They both get into the car and Jordon drives off, after a long time of prevailed silence between them, Jordon decides to speak up “pretty girl, I am taking you to Seneca”.

Jasmine moves her head which was outside the window enjoying the breeze and looks at Jordon with a Shock expression.

“Are, you serious Mr. Scott you want to surprise me on my birthday by taking me to a lake, which is like a 35km drive?” she shrugs her shoulders and throws her arms in the air.

“just calm down sweetheart, you are going to love it I promise”, he smirks and continues to focus on the drive.

Few hours later~

They reach the lake, the lake side looks so deserted, it’s one of the deepest lakes in New York. At a distance there is a Boat house decorated with lights and decorations. Jasmine’s lips stretch into a sweet smile.

“Hold on why don’t why tie this mask around our faces, that’s what’s going to give us a feel of a perfect birthday” Said Jordon.

Jasmine immediately grabbed a mask that was prettily designed in pink color and adorned with colorful stones around it

A boy walks up to them and greets Jasmine and Jordon

“I hope everything is ready and taken care off” asks Jordon.

The boy nods and Jordon lead Jasmine towards the boat,

Jasmine turns around and asks, “isn’t anyone accompanying us on the ride, the lake is deep its risky to go alone”

“trust me pretty girl, nothing will go wrong just enjoy the ride and the scenery” says Jordon nudging her into the boat.

Soon they reach the center of the lake and Jordon stops the boat and goes to the sit out where Jasmine was seated.

“so, you wanted your gift right, I got you your gift, don’t you want to see it?”

Jasmine sits up straight with excitement plastered over her face “yes of course I would like to see what you got me,” she rubs both her palms eagerly to see what her gift is.

Jasmine never had to be so excited because she has the best, but still it was special for her because it is her first gift from Jordon the person whom she loved.

With one hand Jordon gave her the gift and he had his other hand hid behind his back.

Jasmine suddenly notice that he is hiding something behind him and she becomes a little uncomfortable.

“What are you holding in your hand behind your back?” asks Jasmine

“nothing sweets just bend down and open the gift I gave you, later you can find out what’s in my hand”

Jasmine still wasn’t convinced and decided to peek and she found him holding a hammer behind his back.

She starts to stutter, “why, are you having a hammer in your hand Jordon?” her breath starts to hitch as he moves closer to her.

“You my pretty girl is going to pay for whatever you have done to me, I loved you but you never really accepted me and kept me like your secret toy playing around with my feelings” says Jordon in a very angry tone, his eyes were red, ready to unleash the furry within him

“What are you saying?”, she tries to keeping moving away and keeps stepping back, “I did not do anything Jordon I loved you too, why ...why don’t we sit and discuss it rather than jumping into any wrong conclusions” her stuttering continues

“Sorry pretty girl, I gave into you enough, so it’s time to say good bye now”.

“But. Jordon… he never lets her complete and smacks the hammer across her head”. BANG!!


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