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Author’s pov:

Losing balance Jasmine slips over the banister and falls into the lake. Jordon tries to grab her but it was too late. Immediately he tries to abscond from there, he takes the boat back to the deck and hands it over to the worker who helped him arranging things and he left.

Few hours later, a couple hired a boat and went boating in the lake, and at a distance they found Jasmine floating in the water, Jasmine had actually worn a life jacket because she was scared and the lake was also deep, due to the life jacket she did not drown henceforth she was floating in the water. The couple immediately called the Life guard savers to rescue the dead Jasmine and a complaint was filed with the police.

~At 7.00 pm

Evening dawned, the birthday party was arranged at the William’s mansion, time went by and there were no signs of Jasmine, her dad call for all the security guards and found out that she went out to meet her friends without the guards. He unleashed his frustration on all of them, he asked the guards to trace her car location.

Meanwhile Jasmine’s friends Esha and Meera appeared and said they haven’t met her for the past few days, at that moment everyone started to get worried.

Suddenly a police vehicle entered into the driveway, with sirens blaring, they all got worried as the Sheriff approached her father “Mr. David Williams?”

“yes, it’s me”

“sir, we would like you to come with us to the hospital,” the officer halted for a moment analyzed the questioning look on everyone’s faces and then he spoke again “it’s your daughter, she has been murdered”

Everyone was shocked of what they heard and they try to take in the piece of information given by the inspector general.

“no, that can’t be happening officer, you must be mistaking someone else to be my daughter, it can’t be” Mr. Williams stuttered

“sir, we have confirmed, with the car and number plate and tests as well, please let us not wait anymore it’s been a long time already, come along with us to finish the procedures”

He mother, her friends and family totally break down on the news. Alexander was reaching New York from Los Angeles the next day morning. Jade informed Alexander about the news, and Alex organized some people to investigate and stand for support until he reaches.

Everyone mourned the demise of Jasmine Williams, and were left thinking on who could do such a thing and why?

Alexander reaches New York the next day evening as his flight was delayed due to weather issues, he was unable to see Jasmine for the last, from the airport Alex immediately drives off to William’s mansion to meet his uncle and aunt.

On the way home Alexander makes a call to his assistant Josh, “Hey Josh I want you to listen to me clearly, find out all the details and investigations done on Jasmine’s case and get to the higher authorities and try to move the case to our department, I would like to handle it personally, you get it”

“Yes Alex, on it” says Josh.

As soon as Alex enter the house, he sees a big Frame of Jasmine fixed in the center of the house with wording “you will deeply be missed”.

Alex consoles a heart broken mother who has lost her one and only daughter, Alex couldn’t afford to break down at this moment because he needs to find the culprit who took away his cousin sister from him.

Alexander walks out of the house with a heavy heart and recollects what happened with his own sister, he lost her and now he lost Jasmine too in whom he found his sister’s smiling face. He kept is palms on his face and sat out in the garden quietly.

Suddenly he found a hand touch his shoulder, “Are you ok Alex?” he recognized this voice it was Mishal he took away his palms from his face and looked at her. And he nodded

Mishal sat beside him wanting to comfort her best friend, and the person whom she loved, “let it go Alex, let yourself free don’t hold back, you share what’s on your mind with me, I promise to keep it as a secret”

Alexander rested back on the chair and looked up into the sky, “first it was Ana who left me, now it is Jazz, after Ana Jazz was everything for me, I found Ana in her I always vowed to protect her and now when she needed me the most I was not there to save her, I was a useless brother not able to save my own blood sister, nor was I able to save Jasmine”. He said and a lone tear escaped his eye.

Mishal rubbed his shoulder to comfort him, she stood in front of him, “You weren’t a useless brother, you were the best brother to her, what life takes a toll on them you can’t blame yourself for it Alex, if you really want to do your best, find hope and fine the culprit who killed Jasmine and punish him,” she said looking into his eyes.

He dragged her closed to him, and places his head on her stomach and hugged her, she hugged him back and placed her chin on his head.

“Alex” said Josh, Alexander pulled away from Mishal and looked at him. “what is it?” asks Alex.

“As you asked, Jasmine’s case has been handed over to the CBI, the officer general in the police department will hand over the file on whatever investigation has been made, and you will have to collect it personally from them After 2 weeks from now”.

“I sure, will nail the culprit pretty soon, he underestimated by laying his hand on my sister, I will definitely drain his blood from his body, and show him that I can make his life hell on earth” Alexander mutters with his eyebrows arched with anger displayed in his eyes.


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