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Alexander’s pov:

I never like delaying my cases, but now I had to wait for two weeks to start my investigation on Jasmine’s case because the inspector generals Have to finish their part in this case and submit the files to me, protocols to be followed for cases take by the CBI.

The past two weeks have been really stressful for the family, mom and dad were staying at the William’s mansion to comfort uncle and aunt. I have been at home as I didn’t want to weaken myself with memories and distract my mind from focusing on this case.

I woke up from sleep and headed to the bathroom and had a relaxing shower, got dressed and left to the sheriff’s office. I walked into the sheriff’s office and ask for officer Samuel. And I was guided into a cabin.

“Mr. Alexander Knight” asks the officer and brings his hand forward for a handshake, I also bring out my hand, “I am officer Samuel, the one who was handling Miss. Jasmine Williams case, please take a seat”.

“Can you give me a run through report on the case as far as you have investigated?”

“Yes sure Mr. knight”

“The girl was found floating in the lake, due to the life vest support, that’s how a couple was able to spot her. Minutes from her death she suffered from high palpitation, she was brutally hit on her head with a heavy weight, but we have still not managed to find the object, so far, no finger prints as such. And no one in her house knew where she went and with whom she went. The boating men also hadn’t noticed her with anyone, we tried assuming a lot of thing but was of no use, and no clues also sir, whoever has done it has planned it very well.” Say Samuel

“hmm… case seems to be tricky but this guy is not going to get away with it, anyways I will take it from here, thank you” I say and I walk out of the place.

“Josh, get me a little more information on her friends, ask her guards where she travels who she meets all CCTV footage and get a note of all her phone calls and messages and me at the office” and I get into my car and drive of trying to figure out who would try hurting.

Jasmine is my cousin and must keep all emotions aside and secondly, I don’t know much about her because I haven’t been that close, let’s see what the story has in store for us.

An hour later~


“Come in” I let out a hoarse voice with my eyebrows furrowed.

Alex, I have collected all the details about Jasmine so far, she has two close friends Esha Stephan’s and Meera Malhotra she has been hanging out with them most of the days, apart from them she is very closed to a boy and has had regular contacts and photos, but haven’t been introduced to anyone, his name is Jordon Scott we don’t have much information about him, Jasmine’s security guards told us that whenever she was with him she used to drive away all guards because Jordon didn’t like to be bodyguarded, and for the message records she has been having some misunderstanding and fight with Mr. Scott, here are the copy of the messages we downloaded said Josh placing the papers in front of me on the table, and sir the rest of the investigation and statement taken from her friends and guards are here he said and kept the recorder on the table, I nod in response

“so, the only thing the hits in the way is the boy, right?” straightening myself up from the chair I walk towards the glass window across the table with my hands inside my pocket, looking outside I noticed the yellow ball of fire changed to hues of orange, and then almost tangerine. It merged with the sky, like juice-mix dissolving in a glass of water. The clouds were cotton-candy, as though they blushed at the warm touch of the sun. Silhouettes of birds flew home across a sky that was now magenta; and the sun was half into the water, but its reflection in the sea made it look complete. The mauve of the dusky sky intensified, and in just a while, the biggest star had set, giving way to a thousand others.

“hmm… is there anything else about the boy as of now?” I ask Josh

“No, Alex as of now we have nothing but our team is working on retrieving information about him, as far as we received nothing to suspect but it’s just his address and he doesn’t have a stable phone number”

I let a sigh and turn towards Josh with a smirk on my face “a person not having a stable phone number says it all, that sure is a good piece of information to make him a suspect, get me to meet Jasmine friends tomorrow at the investigation room at 9 sharp, I would like to talk to them myself”

Josh gives me a yes in response and leaves my room, I play all the recordings and so far, the only target common in every piece of information on my table is Jordon Scott.


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