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The story is about a junior high school boy named Kiel Nuez he is just an ordinary boy who lobes MYSTERIES one day he went on a magic show and met the world's greatest magician Arthur Baker, Arthur thought Kiel Magic tricks a year have past Arthur had a public magic show in a theme park when suddenly something went wrong and Arthur had an accident he's body was never found and called him dead 2 years have past when Kiel knew that Arthur was murdered by a group of men and he was the original Kiel The Gentleman Thief Kiel took the place as the replacement of Arthur, will Kiel find the men who killed his mentor?

Mystery / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

KIEL: A-A heist challenge?!

News: Thats right BEN! also known as Ben The Shadow Thief or 1334 an international thief send an advance note challenging KIEL on a heist competition

KIEL: Hi my name is Kiel Nuez Believe it or not I'm a thief.. I'm still in highschool with my best friend Rachel Perez it all started back in my 2nd year of junior high...

KIEL: the pandemic that happened 2 years ago finally ended last year and I'm in 8th grade now and its really boring I've played alot of games including mystery puzzles I finished reading SHERLOCK HOLMES *sigh*

(Notice something)

KIEL:Hmm? A magic show? Arthur Baker a world renowned magician.. and the show will atart at 2/21/22 8:30 p.m.

KIEL: interesting...

Student: look there she is... So ugly isn't she hahaha what is she even doing here she deserves to be in a garbage can not just that she's also flat as board hahaha..

Student 2: But isn't she the mayor's grand daughter's childhood friend? not just that she always score the highest in every exams..

Student: Shut up! You'll ruin the fun hahaha

KIEL: They're bullying her again well sucks to be her..

Teacher: Okay class go back to your desk homeroom is starting

"30 mins later"

Teacher: okay you can go and buy your foods at the canteen but come back right after you got your foods

ALL:Yes ma'am

"5 mins later"

Clyde: Eating bread again huh?

KIEL: so what? I like it so mind your own business.

Clyde: seriously you will never get a girlfriend if your like that

KIEL: so what it's not like I need one

KIEL: by the way are u guys free on sunday?

Clyde: sunday? Why?

KIEL:Well there's a magic show on sunday wanna come?

Clyde: magic show huh that's interesting but sorry Kiel you see.. we have a date..

KIEL:Wait a date? Since when did you guys...

*A few days have passed*

KIEL:Seriously watching the show alone huh..

Lady:ticket please..thank you

*A few moments later*

Your beloved magician has finally arrived!! (Said by the magician lively)

*Audience clapping*

KIEL: A smoke to hide his entrance.. and that sound is a trapdoor.. no one noticed? Probably because the clapping of the audience covered it,not just that but some people intentionally clapped really loud.... Oh i see..

Magician: before I start my first trick I need an assistant, who would be willing to join for my my first trick?

Is it okay if i could join you (said by an old man)

Magician: of course! Now the first tri-.........

*A few moments later*
*The show ended*

KIEL: alright this my chance let's see if my deduction is correct...

KIEL: I new it there is a trapdoor here also that chair that the old man used I knew It!! There's a hole in the middle big enough for the legs to fit in..

Arthur:your pretty observant boy.. you deduct my trick

KIEL:Well it's pretty easy actually to think that a world renowned magician would use a cheap trick and the audience didn't even found out about it..

Magician: "well expect the unexpected from a magcian boy".. and you know you're pretty observant thats unusual for a teenager to be solving mysteries.. who are you young man?

Kiel Nuez, just an ordinary junior high kid that love mysteries that riddles kinda bored me

Arthur: oh, so riddles bored you huh? Well then I will give you a riddle and once you solved the riddle correctly I'll teach you hiw I do my magic tricks.

Solving a mystery is thrilling but creating your own mysteries with magic tricks Mm (said by KIEL in his thoughts)

Arthur: so what do you think?

KIEL: sure! Give me your best shot!

Arthur: Bury deep,
Pile on stones,
My mind will always
Dig up them bones

"Bury deep pile on stones my mind will always dig up thep bones" (Said by KIEL while writing on a paper)

Arthur: you'll have until this coming sunday. Good luck!

KIEL: until sunday huh alright then, I'm going home for now see ya'!

Albert: Sir are you sure about this? I mean we won't be able to come home to london for a long time.

Arthur: it's fine Albert, that kid he will become a great magician probably even surpass myself.

Albert: I bet your right Sir Arthur-

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