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The Demon's Affair

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Scarlett Sage was a completely average person until she met what was supposed to be the love of her life. After a twist of fate, a bad relationship, and one triquetra, Scarlett finally found out who she really was and how to save her species from extinction. She had a royal affair.

Mystery / Romance
Lewinski Lopez
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Chapter 1: Meeting Assholes


I never planned for this day to go as horrible as it did.

Not only did I get fired from my job at the mall, but my best friend is mad at me for something I semi let him walk into.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, it was fucking raining.

Normally, I would love this kind of weather if I was cocooned in my warm and dry bed within the comfort of my room.

Unfortunately, today was not going great and I should have known this whole situation would blow up in my face eventually.

I was forced to walk in the rain and after waiting for 45 minutes at a bus station I became so irritated I almost slammed my head into a post.

The rain turned into a light drizzle ten minutes into me starting the 2 and a half-mile walk from my now ex-job to my home.

I figured that if I walked the path the bus would take eventually I’d see a bus or at the very least save myself some time getting home.

I decided to call my friend Erin again and apologize for what felt like the millionth time today.

He was being overly dramatic and now I didn’t have a ride home.

“Listen E, again I’m sorry I set you up to find out your girlfriend was cheating okay,” I said,

“I know I should have just told you and let you fix it on your own but you wouldn’t listen and every time I tried saying something your stupid girlfriend was always there interrupting,”

I let out a long and tired sigh,

“Look I’m sorry you found her in your bed with that guy but please I need you and you can’t ignore me forever,” I said,

“Call me back idiot, bye,”

I glared at my phone annoyed that it was now buzzing at me because of low battery.

I turned a corner and decided to cut through a park.

A lonely run down the park when it’s raining, I’m cold, and there is no one around.

Could this get any more depressing? I thought to myself before rolling my eyes.

“Hey sweetheart,” someone said, “come walk that cute butt of yours in my direction,” I jumped at the sound and frowned at the voice.

Looks like I spoke too soon, this day could get worse.

I kept walking ignoring whatever probably drunk guy had spoken and faced forward completely ignoring him.

I picked up my pace when I heard more than one footstep starting to walk my way.


One of the guys whistled at me and disgust took over my face.

They were only about a foot away but I could smell the nasty odor of booze and drugs they gave off.

I didn’t know what to do and I could feel myself slowly starting to panic when my heart picked up speed so fast I thought it might burst out of my chest.

If I ran I would most likely fall because of the mud.

I was easily outnumbered and one of them I’m sure would catch me if I did try to run away in a panic.

“Baby where are you going?” another man spoke up, “You just got here gorgeous,” he continued.

“Come join our little party and make it a party of five,” some other guy said stepping right in front of me.

His action forced me to stop walking and smell the cheap liquor on his breath when he talked down to me.

I stepped back and kept my face neutral.

I tried my best to even out the tone of my voice so that maybe I wouldn’t sound as scared as I felt.

“Excuse me, sir,” I said, ” I was just passing through and you’re in my way,” he looked to be an older guy somewhere in his forties.

I wanted nothing but to be home right now.

I was so shaken by my situation that I could feel an anxiety attack sneaking up on me when I desperately wanted to stay strong.

When I panic I cry and if I cry I would show weakness to these scum.

These people sure as hell didn’t look like they would be leaving me alone any time soon and I needed to get away fast if I didn’t want the situation to get worse.

One of the guys who had been about a foot away from me had moved closer to me without me noticing.

All my attention had been on getting away from the man in front of me so I only noticed him when he smacked my butt hard making me jump and someone else grabbed me from behind.

A third guy pulled my arms back in restraint.

I screamed as loud as I could not knowing what to do other than swing my legs wildly and try to kick either the guy in front of me or the one behind but the one in front of me grabbed my legs as I continued to scream at the top of my lungs.

“Jack go grab something to shut her up, ” A man walked up to us and put some kind of dirty cloth in my mouth preventing me from screaming then he groped my breast while two other men walked up to us and watched.

They all laughed as I struggled against the three guys who held me down and touched me all over.

I began to cry and moved around as much as I could wanting all of this to stop.

I couldn’t believe that it was actually about to happen to me.

“Gail, Grab the knife and cut her shirt off,” one of them hollered and all of them laughed when my eyes widened and I struggled even more with no success in my struggle to escape.

My tears started to blind me and I felt one of them cut my shirt down the middle before ripping it away completely.

I squeezed my eyes shut as hard as I could, way past panic and fear.

I kept repeating in my head that this could not be happening to me while at the same time I tried everything I could to move as much as possible.

My attempts were useless.

I couldn’t get them off of me.

They were too strong and held me down with ease.

One of them slapped me so hard I saw stars and instantly got a headache which forced me to stop moving.

The hit made me stop struggling completely and I went limp as I prepared my mind to go blank for what would happen next.

I gave up completely and I scanned my mind for a place in my head that was anywhere but here.

Tears just continued to cloud my vision and I allowed hopelessness to creep in.

Just as I began to accept that I couldn’t fight my way out of this situation, I heard a deep growl but it didn’t sound like any animal I’d ever heard.

I questioned if I was turning lucid or if my attackers drugged me at some point without me noticing.

The restraining hands were suddenly gone and soon after the dirty feeling of hands touching every inch of my body was gone.

It was a relief my body welcomed because my muscles had already begun to ache due to the force they were using.

Their grips had been too tight and I felt like I was suffocating while at the same time I was ready to throw up any second as a physical response of disgust with my own self.

It was a feeling I didn’t think I could describe.

I knew in the back of my head that it wasn’t my fault but it didn’t stop me from feeling dirty and questioning where I went wrong.

I heard screaming and some snaps but I just continued to squeeze my eyes shut.

I had pulled out the dirty cloth in my mouth and covered my ears too.

I was afraid of what was happening to my offenders and what else would happen to me tonight. In my completely out of its state of mind, closing my eyes and holding myself as best I could while I rocked back and forth like a scared child was somehow making me feel safe.

It suddenly fell silent around me and I couldn’t hear the screaming or loud snapping anymore.

Not even faintly through my hands could my ears process the breathing of anyone else aside from my own.

“Are you alright?” A deep voice full of worry asked but the concern in his voice didn’t stop me from jumping in fear.

I opened my eyes just to widened them when I took in the sight before me.

Five dead bodies laid surrounded me and a man covered in splats of blood was crouched down in front of me.

I backed up terrified of what this man was capable of.

I saw no weapon in his hands so how he had managed to make all these grown men look as if they’d been mauled by a bear was beyond me.

My relief to see they weren’t a threat was short-lived as a new fear for the person who had saved me developed.

I almost wished he hadn’t saved me considering he

had just killed my attackers with his bare hands and made it look like a wild animal did it.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said softly as if trying to comfort me.

I shook in fear unsure of his true intentions, “G-get away from me,” I said in a raspy voice.

I didn’t recognize my own terrified voice and I wondered if I would ever get over any of this if I lived to see another day.

He may have just saved me but he killed my offenders with his bare hands in less than a minute.

On a dangerous scale, I’d take my chances with the five guys despite how relieved I still felt about not being taken advantage of sexually.

It was just my luck that the first time a man willingly touched me was to hurt me.

“I won’t hurt you I promise,” the stranger said, “please look at me,” the man was very muscular and tall so he looked strange crouched down to my level.

He kept his gray eyes on me when he made very slow movements in an effort to remove his jacket.

I watched his every move still shaking and very much fearing for my life.

I jumped when he pulled his jacket around my shoulder to cover the exposed top half of my body.

It didn’t get far enough for them to take off my underwear but my bra was nowhere to be seen.

It was still freezing cold but the sudden shame I felt was nothing compared to the numbing cold taking over me.

I continued to shake from both fear and disbelief which I think the man had taken as me being cold and that’s why he had given me his jacket.

There had been a gentle rain so I hadn’t noticed when the water turned to soft snow clumps that melted as soon as they hit the ground.

It was cold enough for the water to freeze but it wasn’t cold enough for it to stick around.

I couldn’t feel it, all I felt was numb and my brain was trying to process it all.

It felt like my brain wasn’t working fast enough and I could still feel those men’s dirty hands on my body.

I let out a broken sob and I didn’t care that I looked pathetic sitting there naked and shaking in front of the stranger that was likely about to kill me at any second.

“Hey,” he said caressing my cheek.

He uselessly wiped at the stream coming down my cheeks and I flinched at the contact his hand made with the cheek one of the men had slapped “Can you look at me?” he said, “I promise you I won’t hurt you,”

When he spoke I froze completely not trusting him, “I give you my word that from this day forward I will never let anyone hurt you,” he sounded pissed off for some reason and despite his reassuring words, I felt like I was going to die soon.

“You are under my protection now,” he said, my eyes widened as I thought the worst, and I made the mistake of looking the man in the eyes.

His eyes turned red as he spoke and I suddenly couldn’t move at all.

I held my breath when he came closer and I waited for him to strike but instead, he placed his hand on my cheek again.

I flinched at his touch again when a sharp pain shot up my cheek.

When I shrank away from him, the man let out a growl that sounded exactly like the one I’d heard before the men were killed.

I squeezed my eyes closed, “look at me,” he whispered softly.

I followed instructions afraid of what he might do to me if I didn’t.

His now crimson eyes paralyzed me and I felt exhaustion take over.

“I’m sorry,” he said and with that my eyes got droopy and I was out like a light.



So what did you guys think? Comment and vote your opinion on the first chapter.

Comment if you liked it comment if you didn’t it’s more fun that way anyway.

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