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Small towns talk, especially when a long-time resident dies mysteriously on the mountain bordering the sleepy village of Bon Resi. Sybil Deerborn, like any curious person, wants to know why a quiet older man who used to be a thriving member of the community was targeted. What makes it more troublesome is the carefully, yet disturbingly planned out threats against her life when she begins to investigate. With the appearance of an old acquaintance right around the time of the murder, who only seems to stir up trouble with every breath he takes, Sybil begins to wonder if maybe the murders are much closer to home than she anticipated. All of her evidence thus far points to one person, but no matter how close she gets to the truth, something leads her to believe there's more to this than what meets the eye. Throwing herself into the midst of a murder investigation maybe wasn't the best idea, but what does Sybil have to lose? One event after another, digging up secrets that were nothing but hearsay, Sybil realizes that perhaps she unearthed a secret far too dangerous for even her liking. But Sybil Deerborn is determined, and as some would say very stubborn. She won't stop until everything comes to light, even if it means risking her life to do so.

Mystery / Thriller
Murielle Gingras
4.7 7 reviews
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That was all it took to blow my cover. My weight had been too much for the glass windows on the roof, and had inevitably given way.

I tumbled through, falling onto the hard cement below. As soon as I hit the ground, my breath escaped me. I had completely knocked the wind out of my lungs, choking on each desperate gasp.

Grasping at my sides, hoping I could find a way to quicken the process, I pushed myself through the shards of glass on the floor.

In the distance I could hear the echoes of feet being laid carefully on the ground, approaching me as every second passed.

I coughed up a little bit of blood onto my chin, my lungs restricting. I wheezed painfully, trying to pull myself together.

I thanked whatever God was out there for giving us a full moon tonight, as it cascaded gently through the open roof and into the building. It illuminated some of the darkness, making it easier for me to identify my surroundings.

Then a door at the other side of the large room pried open, the metal squealed as the door extended. A figure appeared, but I couldn’t make out whether it was male or female.

It took a few steps cautiously towards me, and that’s when I knew. My entire world felt like it was crashing down around me, the truth was standing right in front of me.

“You?...” I stammered, just barely able to vocalize the word.

That’s when I knew the truth...

Never trust anyone.

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