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High school seems like a fantasy of opportunities to choose paths for your future. Correct? Jason doesn't seem to approve of that. His colleague, Kaden, who is very social, tells Jason to stop being pessimistic and stop dissing happiness. Now that his friend doesn't agree with him, Jason doesn't know what to do. He's not social but he could give it a try. He decides to try each club to see where he is decent in that club. News from his mom state that his sister died. He sent to investigate what caused the fall of the writers club. Can Jason come back alive?

Mystery / Horror
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Very Funny, Kaden

"There's no point in entering a club. They're just a waste of space and time. There's no way I will be able to pursue my goal if that happens. Sorry to say but I won't be able to accompany you, Kaden." I said. "Damn, how pessimistic can one guy be?" Kaden asked. "Tell that to Arthur Schopenhauer," I answered back. "Anyways, why won't be able to join me for a walk around the park? It's not like you have a club to anything. Right?" He asked. I took out a paper from my pocket. I was waiting to show this to Kaden. "Wait! What the crap, Jason?! I didn't you were into this stuff." Kaden said. "Who said I was?" I asked. "For a reason, I knew these overzealous vibes weren't gonna last long." He answered back. "You think so?" I questioned. "I-I have no words." Kaden studdered. "I didn't have a choice," I responded. "What do you mean by that, Jace? You didn't have a choice to join the Writers' Club?" He asked. "Well, turns out my sister died. My mom had been saving a letter from her. Since I'm her favorite besides my sister in Robins City in the country God knows where it is." I said. "Being favorite be must great, right?" Kaden doubted. "What would you know, Kaden? You're an only child." I pointed out. "I'll give you that!" He accepted. "Because your mom said one of you was enough. She doesn't need 2 children in the house to run their mouths." I declared. "Hey!" Kaden yelled. "Alright, Ima goes now," I said. He waved back. I walked out of the room. But that doesn't mean that I'm out of sight, I couldn't hear. "I wonder what book Jason could write. Maybe a book called "The Pessimist's Diary". Yeah, that." He shouted. "Very funny, Kaden!" I yelled. He laughed. I remember that I had a water bottle in my backpack. I threw water at Kaden. I ran to the receptionist to ask about the Writers' Club. I hope there are no actual classes. "Ma'am," I said. "Hm?" She asked. "I went here to ask about the writers club," I stated. "I'll answer that question after I finish my boba," The receptionist reminded. "Also, nice drama with Kaden," I remembered I had a little bit of water left. I threw some water at the receptionist. "For gossiper and useless!" I shouted. "When I get my hands on you!" She cried out. The principal entered the room. "What?" He asked. "When I get my hands on you, I will give you a big hug!" She corrected. He turned around and left. "Anyway, here's the keys to the room. Check if there's anyone else and enter at your own risk." She warned. I wonder why she said to enter at your own risk. Anyways, I bet no one is there. Everyone joined the other clubs. Then, I heard some writing noises. Was someone in the club room?
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