Through the maze

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Jackson wakes up in the woods, not knowing anything. What's going on? Where is everyone? My family? Friends? The world changed, a lot, everyone acting like mindless zombies, but not him? What did he miss?

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Chapter 1

I woke up in the middle of the forest. It was dark, and cold. I moved my hand up to my face, sap and mud covering them as I rubbed my eye, I don’t remember anything, what happened? Why am I in the forest? Where’s my family? I slowly get up, my legs like jelly and move forward. I seem to not recall anything. Only thing I remember is saying goodbye to my mom this morning, my mom..the navy blue dress she wore, black hair going down her lower back with precious green eyes that hold the entire world. I walk, only thing I hear is my feet crunching beneath me, I then hear sounds of beeping. I look towards my right seeing a semi truck backing up, I hide behind a tree and peer my head around and see two people get out, as they open the back of the door, my eyes widen in fear, there are other people in the semi, but they look...lifeless. I back up slowly only for my feet to meet a stick as it cracked. My breath hitches then the people from the driver and passenger side come over with flashlights, I take a deep breath and run as fast as my legs would. My breathing turning into pants as I hear the two run behind me. I’m stopped at a ledge and I look back, I then close my eyes and jump


I’m laying in the ground, my back against the hard earth ground. My vision is hazy and everything hurts. Slowly, I sit up, the men or women that were chasing after me are now gone, or I think so anyway. It’s dark, nighttime I believe, I carefully get up and begin walking. I don’t know where i’m going, don’t know the direction either, but I just want at least out of these woods, they’re eerie. Slow small breaths leave my mouth as I hugged myself for warmth even though I am wearing a worn-out grey sweatshirt that now has holes in them. Shuddering from October well maybe October night, I keep walking until I come into a clearing, two paths, one heading right, then one ahead. I just stared at both for a while before going forwards still, my feet meeting dirt as I moved along the way. Noises could be heard around me, like rabbits running around in bushes, deer hopping away from me, and much more. I soon couldn’t move, too tired to walk so decided to lie by a tree for the night. My eyes felt heavy, I wanted to figure out everything that was going on. Soon I feel myself drifting off to sleep, I feel like i’m on clouds again and life is normal like it used to be.


I wake up to clouds covering the sky making it cloudy. I groan quietly when I sit up, my head is throbbing, same with my hands and everything else in my body, probably from last night’s events. As I get up, I look around a bit more, squinting my eyes, I can see more of the trees and what they look like now, even if it isn’t the brightest day. I sigh quietly, what even happened? Why was I in the forest? So many questions fill my head again but get shaken away when I hear rustling in the bushes. I stand still, not wanting something to run at me. Slowly sitting up fully something runs out, a rabbit. I stare at it then hear my stomach growl, I gulp looking back at the rabbit. I didn’t want to eat that! No, I wouldn’t be able to see myself the same if I did so. I keep staring at it as my stomach rumbles. I sit there still, thinking about whether to do it or not. Taking out my pocket knife that I always carry on me along with matches and a lighter just in case, I slowly and carefully make my way towards the rabbit feasting on grass that isn’t dead like everything else. Next thing I know, I have blood splattered on my shirt along with a dead rabbit on its side, lifeless big eyes looking at me, guilt slowly taking over, but I shake it off, “I have to survive and this is one way I have too,” I whisper to myself as I slowly pick it up, I start to look around for sticks so I can start a small fire. After gutting the small mammal and getting off the fur of it, I start to put it under the fire and let it roast for a while as I stare into the fire just thinking of my next move, what do I do now? Where is everyone, who were those people that were chasing me? So many thoughts run through my head as I then shake them off for now, eating the rabbit after a bit. I soon feel full as I then look around again, maybe I should stay here until tomorrow and figure things out from there.

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