Through the maze

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Chapter 3

It was about February now, Braxton and I got closer than when we first met, I was seventeen now as Braxton was eighteen, he knew these woods like the back of his hand, the city was north, but there was a small town that was deserted south of us. No one went there and there was still a lot of loot there. Braxton was coming back from it, a lot of things in his backpack. “Anything good” “I mean, more stuff to live off of, beans, canned fruits, stuff like that,” He responded back with, emptying out his backpack on the small desk he had in the little hut, along the floor a rug, blankets on the ground to cover them up when they were colder and try to sleep more comfortably. I then got up and helped Braxton immediately as I hummed some random tune that came to mind, not a certain song, just a random tune to fill the silence. We both ate on the floor, gobbling down the canned foods, both a can in a hand as we talked, cracking jokes and just talking about some random topics, along with the plan on how to safely get to the city, that was for sure. Soon throwing the cans away in the corner to wash out later, using them to drink out for water so we didn’t always worry about having to scavenge and find any bottles, even if we did have pure water, we still boiled in case, anything could happen, and luckily we were near a lake. Before Braxton and I knew it, night came, I sat on the ground in my own world, my breath seeable since it was so cold, but it was February so it made sense. I soon went under the blanket as so did Braxton, snuggling me. It’s a funny thing, how we can get attached to someone very fast. I don’t know what I would honestly do if I lost Braxton, I got attached, even the loneliest of people need someone and get attached themselves to someone they want to stay forever, I feel like we get attached, a mechanism so we don’t have to feel so lonely and we can lean on someone and tell them our darkest secrets. Though when they leave, we don’t want to trust anyone, which creates trust issues. I see where they are coming from with that. I soon felt shaking, making me flinch and wake up. I saw Braxton a few inches from my face, asking if I was alright, I just stared him in the eyes for a few minutes then nodded as I sat up. I then cleared my throat as Braxton started to speak, “Ah why don’t you go wash up, I found shampoo, and a little body wash.” “What am I supposed to dry myself off with” “I didn’t think that was something we would have to worry about at this point” Braxton said making me roll my eyes, “just use your sweatshirt, I found clothes while at the town, hopefully all their your size, now go to the lake, I’ll get the clothes ready for you.” I just nodded to his statement then went to go wash off like he said, it wasn’t the best, but I did feel cleaner than before. I dried my hair off with my sweatshirt like Braxton said then wrapped around my parts. “Jackson!” I heard my name, Braxton called my name, so I went over, making sure that my stuff was covered up still. He then threw some boxers at me as he turned away, after I finished with that and told him, he threw me some pants that were a little baggy, then a plain grey shirt, loose on me also, but I couldn’t complain, they were better than my other clothes. I thanked Braxton as he gave me a small dimple smile, god that smile was the best thing in the world at the moment. “How many more days till we can go?” I asked as he looked at me, “Maybe a few more weeks?” “Weeks?!” “That’s what I said, isn’t it?” Braxton said a bit sarcastically. I crossed my arms as I just nodded a bit. “Fine” I said as I looked at him, his hair now a bit passed his shoulders, mine was just above them. “Do you want me to cut your hair?” “Actually that wouldn’t be a bad idea, thanks Jackie” I nodded, he only called me that, but it just made the nickname more special to me. “Ok sit down on the ground” I said as Braxton did so, grabbing my pocket knife, cutting away the hair in sections, there were a few scraggly pieces, but it was short again. “I’ll cut your hair also,” he said as I thanked him. I then turned around as he used it on me now. I got lost in thought, how was this whole thing with the city going to be? Were we going to be ok? Would he find his family? Soon I heard Braxton say he was done as I thanked him quietly, I guess he could see something was bugging me, “What’s one your mind?” “Ah, just thinking about how this whole city thing is going to work.” “Change your mind?” “No no, just nervous is all” “That’s normal, but hey I promise that we will get out of that place no matter what.” He nodded which I nodded, a bit relieved, “Come on, we got a lot more practice to do before we even go, will worry about it when we actually go to the city.” So that’s what we did, practicing more as the weeks got closer.

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