Through the maze

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Chapter 4

We had a day left until the day we decided to leave. It was cold, really cold. I was curled up in one of the blankets as Braxton was creating a shank out of wood, it worked in case anything happened to the knives so it was a smart move. I exhaled as my breath showed in the air, Braxton saw and wrapped me in another one, “What about you?” “If I get cold, I’ll cuddle into you if I have to,” I nodded quickly watching him make the shank with his pocket knife to create it. I yawned and leaned into Braxton’s shoulder as I took his warmth. Soon I looked up, seeing his cheeks red, I couldn’t tell if he was blushing or if it was the weather and I haven’t noticed until now. “I can go into the town really fast and try to find anything?” “If you want, but still be careful and take a blanket to keep you warm.” I nod as I get up and get everything ready, soon going into the cold weather, snow falling to the ground, I then start towards the town, my teeth chatter as I hear the snow crunch under my feet. After a few I make it to the town, buildings with their windows broken, I keep walking, seeing the big clothing and food store. I start to walk around, seeing some things, I unzip my bag, seeing batteries, those could help out if I see flashlights, and if they take a certain battery. I keep walking, clothes that don’t fit, more shoes, shoes then food, shit, nevermind needs a microwave, wait no no, we can put it over the fire, so I grab it quickly, I wonder if there is any weapons, I then found walkie talkies, that could help out extremely. I grab those then keep walking, grabbing cereals, Gatorades, trying to find unspoiled milk, much more things, though I find the medical stuff and grab all of it, we need it so I take all of it and stuff it in my bag. After a while of searching, I head back, it was a quiet walk, no birds chirping, it’s so dead and it hurts to see. I get back, seeing Braxton finish up his little creation. “Looks good” “Just finished up” He nodded as he blew off the shavings of the wood. I then go to the table, and put everything on it, organizing it. “Microwavable stuff won’t work” “Over the fire?” “I guess we could try that” Braxton nodded, so that’s what we did, I had a small smile on my face, so did Braxton, this is probably the happiest I’ve been happy in a while, slowly I leaned on him again, this time, I could tell he was blushing, it was cute.“You’re bisexual, huh? “How did you-” “Your handkerchief, it’s the colors” “Observant, huh?” “Hey what else can you do when you’re bored” I laughed a little bit. Soon night finally came, I sat by the door of the hut outside, looking at the moon, sounds funny, but the sky doesn’t look any different, looks the same to me, soon I feel something draped over my shoulders, making me flinch, Braxton was there, he apologised, he put a blanket on me again, “No it’s ok, I was about to just come in” “Ah, then come on, i’m cold and would like to steal some warmth from you” He joked, making me laugh a bit, both of us going inside the little hut. We both got comfortable on the ground the best we could, cuddling into one another for warmth, and in the blanket, I heard Braxton snore, usually I was out before him, I smiled as I just took in his features, I smiled as I then saw he shifted as I panicked thinking I woke him up, so looked away for a moment until I noticed I didn’t, I then smiled slightly as he soon fell asleep. I felt moving making me open my eyes, Braxton apologised as I said it was alright, rubbing my eyes a bit then stretched before finally getting up, but lost my balance because I tripped over a blanket, but I didn’t hit the ground, Braxton caught me, I looked up into his emerald green eyes as he looked into my china blue ones. I could feel my cheeks heat up, as I snapped out of it and thanked him quickly, him nodding and saying welcome, well, that was awkward, but was I guess nice in a way too. I looked at my watch that I had on my wrist, I forgot I even had it really. “What time do we plan to leave?” “Noon?” “It’s already almost noon, it’s eleven fifty-two” “Let’s go at two then, I want to get these walkie talkies ready before anything” I nod to Braxton’s response. I get it, so I helped him, we got our things packed, everything was soon ready. We both wrap a blanket around us to keep us warm through the harsh winter. It was a weird silence so I broke it, “How have you been keeping track of the day’s date?” “It was on my sister’s birthday” “You have a sister?” “Yeah, she would be five; her name was Abby” He smiles, but there’s some sadness with it and it’s not hard to tell” “What about you?” “I also have a younger sister; she would be about ten, her name was Bailey” “I see” I nod as we both go silent again, though night comes“ Ok, we’re a few miles away from the city, but we need rest, eat some food and drink some water, don’t forget to pee also if you need to.” “Yeah I know” I said, so that’s what I did, Braxton doing the same thing, soon both cuddling by a tree. Morning comes, and we both keep walking to our destination. I shiver slightly, so does Braxton, so he pulls me over in his embrace as we keep walking towards the city. “Damnit, why does it have to be so cold” I whined as Braxton laughs quietly, “Will try and find a place soon” “Yeah in like five miles” “Calm down, will get there soon, just keep walking” He said as I groaned a bit, but kept walking. After about twenty minutes I started to complain again until he put his palm over my mouth. “Stop, we’re almost there” He said, soon it just ended up on us bickering and walking until we both stopped, city buildings could be seen along with people, but they looked mindless, and the people that were looking for me at the woods, Braxton then pulls me with him, hiding us both. I then look over at him, “There’s no turning back now Jackie.” He whispers into my ear softly which gives me shivers, where is this going to lead us now?

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