Through the maze

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Chapter 5

I gulped harshly as I heard Braxton’s words, giving him a small nod to confirm I understood what he said. No turning back, just like he said, no time to turn back, we made it and we were here, now going to figure out the place, maybe in the future even fix it if it was possible anyways, who knows if there was a way to fix this whole mess that happened about eight months ago, back in July of last year. “What do we do?” I whispered as Braxton shrugged for a moment, “Just..let me think” He whispered back to me. We sat there in silence for a moment until he grabbed my hand, leading me. He was leading me the backway of the city, “Why are we going this way?” “As someone that surveyed the area a bit beforehand, no one goes back there, they are worried about the main way in, that’s the way they travel back in from coming back from the woods.” “That makes sense; I guess” I nodded as we carefully walk there, soon making it the backway, “Well, that wasn’t so bad-” Braxton got cut off by a gun at his chest, making us both stop, a female stood there, but she didn’t look like she was part of the government. “Who are you guys?” She whispered, “We could ask you the same” I snapped until Braxton gave me a glare making me instantly shut up. “We’re just here to find some supplies, maybe find our families” He said as she lowered the gun. “Names?” “Braxton and Jackson” Braxton said as he kept his hands up before slowly lowering them once the gun went down itself. “Samantha, but I go by Sammy, follow me, and don’t do anything stupid, keep your voice down also, even though we’re farther away, doesn’t mean they can’t hear gunshots, maybe screaming” Sammy explained as the two trailed behind her liked lost puppies. I then took in my surroundings; the block looked familiar. I then realised it was the one with the gaming stores, along with the arcade, across from it was a pizza parlor that he would usually hang out afterwards when they were done from across the street. It hurt my heart to see that this was once a lively place, now dead and broke down, with everything else in their city. I just looked down, holding onto Braxton’s hand without realising it since I was used to his affection at this point, of course I didn’t want to seem clingy, but I just wanted touch at the moment and the hand holding had that. Sammy then led us to an abandoned building; it was the old library. “You live here?” I asked, making Braxton elbow my side, “I don’t mean it in a rude way, i’m surprised because it still looks in good shape” I said as Sammy smiled a bit, “it’s better than other places, that’s for sure” She said, nodding. All of us then walked in, books were missing from the shelves and many were scattered, but it was really calm and quiet in there, I accidentally kicked on, picking it up, it was a Harry Potter one, I nod then put it back on a shelf, Sammy showing us around the place still. She then showed a room, looked like it used to be an old film room, but clean, and the films were all cleaned out, blankets, and necessities were now placed in there. “You’re both welcomed to stay, but if either you do something strange, you’re gone” She said firmly making Braxton and I both nodded understanding what she meant. As some weeks went by Braxton and Sammy went out more than me because I was still what they called a “Baby” they didn’t want me hurt which I understand, and I still didn’t apparently know how to survive on my own, but I wanted to still go. So what I did instead in the meantime was clean the whole library up. I looked at my watch; it was four, the sun set quicker because of it being winter, soon I saw them return with more foods and such which made me smile a bit, so we ate and talked, thinking of what to do next, asking Sammy to come with us, only if she decided to though. Soon we all huddled in the blanket, either one on the side of me, soon sleeping, Braxton fell asleep quick, but Sammy and I stayed up a little longer, having a lot in common, soon though she fell asleep in my arms as I just held her, Braxton had his back to us, so I just let him do his thing instead. Finally, I got my mind to just rest as I finally fell asleep myself, probably the best I had in a very long time since this whole thing started. It was nice to just sleep hard and not have to worry about things until morning at least. When morning did arrive, I found myself on the floor by myself, guess the other two were already up, I folded the blankets up once more then went to try and find the other two. I found Sammy, waving to her as she made breakfast with the microwavable dinners I found at the store a while back. “Morning Jack,” She said. “Morning Sammy, where’s Braxton?” “Went to use the restroom, should be back soon” She said as I nodded to her response, I talked with her until Braxton came back, us both waving as we hung in the break room, she made the food, going in one of the drawers as she luckily found some silverware, maybe it wasn’t the best food, but it was better than skinning and eating a rabbit that you killed with a pocket knife in my opinion. So we quietly ate no one had anything to say really, well I know I didn’t have anything to say. Braxton let out a sigh, making me lift my head in curiosity, it sounded stressed, but I could be wrong, “You ok?” Sammy asked, beating me to my question I was going to ask. “Yeah just thinking, nothing new” Braxton says as he nods a bit. Soon silence again, slightly getting awkward, but not as bad as I expected. Once we finish, I throw away the food in one of the trash cans here that seems to be in pretty good condition. Nothing really exciting happens that day, soon night just arrives, I cuddle into Braxton more, he’s more of my comfort now than anything, it’s nice. I sigh quietly, realising I’m staying up longer than I did before, I don’t know why though, but I can kinda talk to the two when the other is asleep. “Braxton?” “Yes Jackie?” “You miss your family?” “Of course, why?” “Just curious, I was wondering if you were going to look for them also while we were here.” “I’m going to try, but I don’t want to get my hopes up since they can be gone, or even dead in this case.” I nod to his answer, and I shift, looking up at him as I can kinda see him, he’s looking at me that’s all I know, I give a small smile, half asleep now, though I feel lips come in contact with my forehead. It’s Braxton’s, “Night Jackie, sleep well, I want you to for as long as you can.” He whispers to me before I slowly fall asleep this time for good.

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