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when a bunch teenagers go off exploring and they come across an amusement park but when their friends keep going missing they start to wonder if someone was following them

Mystery / Thriller
Briana Marquardt
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

one day jessica and her friends left their houses around 10 o clock to go look something that they read about when they came across an amusement park. wow this amusement park is amazing says jessica what are you doing jessica get out of there says hannah. why are you scraed says jessica i am not scared says hannah. then i dare you to come in here then says jessica alright fine says hannah

but once hannah comes in jessica disappears out of the distance knowing hannah is alone for the moment she starts to think the worset of what happend to her. jessica this isnt funny i did what you told me and then all of the sudden you disappear says hannah. kayla whats wrong says kayla. jessica just disappears right when i came in says hannah.

i am sure she is fine she is problay just messing with you says kayla when all of the sudden kayla has a vision of jessica trapped somewhere. what is it said hannah i had a vision what was it says hannah. jessica is trpapped somewhere says kayla that means someone took her says kayla. but who were the onlys here says hannah. well what do we do says jessica nothing at the moment says kayla. but when kayla looked away from hannah she was gone without a trace.

oh come on you guys this isnt funny you know i have anxeity when someone i care about goes missing says kayla. kayla starts to pace back and forth and bitting her nails starts to shake. whats wrong says raelynn well hannah and jessica are missing says kayla. okay first you need to calm down and take a breath says raelynn your right says kayla. she calms down and takes a deep breath. okay kayla when the last time you saw hannah says raelynn when i as talking to her just a mintue ago says kayla.

where was that says raelynn right next to the rollercoaster says kayla. okay lets go see says raelynn no i dont want to lose you as well says kayla. you wont i promise says raelynn okay says kayla. but when kayla and raelynn walked over there kayla looks away from raelynn for a second and she was gone. how come everyone who kayla talks to disappears maybe it has to do with her or maybe shes the one thats doing it. but she doesnt know that she is.

with everyone who kayla talks to disappears including jessica raelynn and hannah. maybe kayla needs to seperate herself from her friends to find out whats going on with her. kayla runs away from all her friends as far as possible she thinks she is going crazy and maybe this is all a dream.

this cant be happening its all a dream its not real says kayla when her friends saw her running they go chasing after her. kayla where are you going says ashley stay away from me i dont want you to disappear either ashley says kayla. what makes you think that says ashley. everyone ive been around goes missing says kayla. thats not true says ashley how do you know that says kayla. i just do now would stop running says ashley.

im sorry i cant its for your own safety says kayla oh come seriously your just predicting things that might not happen or that isnt true says ashley. ashley goes and gets jasmine. whats wrong with kayla says jasmine shes thinking that everyone shes been around disappears says ashley. there has to be way we can get her to stop thinking that says jasmine ive tried she still wont believe me says ashley.

how come you seem so calm? says ashley its called smoking says jasmine. i dont smoke says ashley try it says jasmine. no thanks says ashley it helps you keep calm down says jasmine. ive got a reputation to keep that goes with being the head cheerleader so no thanks says ashley. do you think we should call sadie says jasmine why would we call sadie says ashley.

i dont know i just thought maybe she could help says jasmine well i mean i dont know you think im something else other than calling someone else says ashley. why says jasmine because calling one of our friends here sadie can also disappear says ashley. your right says jasmine.

theres just something strange about whats going on in this amusement park says ashley what do you mean says jasmine. i feel like ive heard stories about this amusement park before says ashley how can you be so sure says jasmine. i just am says ashley. well should go investiagate then says jasmine. why would we go investigate says ashley. maybe it could lead somewhere like to where our three friends are says jasmine.

yeah but we wont even know if those answers we come up with are true or not says ashley. im just worried something bad happened to our friens says jasmine. you mean besides them disappearing out of nowhere and without a trace says ashley. yes exactly that says jasmine. all im thinking about is that they're safe says ashley. why would they be safe when we dont even know we who took them says jasmine.

i think i remember the stories about this amusement park says ashley what did they say about it says jasmine it said that millions of teenagers come to visit and ended up going inside the fun house and a day later they ended up either on the street dead or never found says ashley. we need to find our friends fast and soon says jasmine dont worry we will says ashley.

i would hate to find either one of my friends dead on the street says jasmine. trust me i dont either says ashley. did the stories tell you who took the teenagers? says jasmine. sadly it didnt says ashley. do you think its time to call the police says jasmine. even if we do we will problay be the main suspects says ashley. what maks you think that says jasmine because we were the ones who last saw them alive says ashley

wait so all the stories said was about the fun house not anywhere else in the amusement park says jasmine. yes just the fun house says ashley. kinda makes me wonder if maybe they shut down this amusement park cause of teenagers went missing when they were in the fun house says jasmine. maybe we just need to look into other stories about this amusement park says ashley. but maybe those stories wont lead us anywhere though says jasmine

is there anyone we know that we can ask to help says ashley. maybe there is one person says jasmine who says ashley. oliva says jasmine thats right i heard she is on expert in figuring things like this out says ashley. great ill go find her right now says jasmine.

jasmine finds oliva and tells her what happened. oliva we need your help says jasmine my help why do need my help says oliva. all three our friends oliva disappeared out of nowhere and without a trace says jasmine. like who says oliva well there is jessica raelynn and hannah says jasmine. do you guys know who took them says oliva. at this point no we dont says jasmine. i dont know how to help says oliva. yoou have to know a way to help says ashley. arent you worried about them says jasmine but at this point all we can do is let the police take care of it says oliva. what makes you think that the police will help when me and jasmine were the last ones to see them before they disappeared? says ashley. for all we know we can be the main suspects in the case says jasmine.

i seriously think that you guys will be safe says oliva how do you know what says ashley. because my dad is a police officer so you have nothing to worry about says oliva.

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