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chapter two

after oliva gets done talking with her friends about what happened she leaves to go check this amusement park out. oliva what are you doing days jasmine dont go in there that how all three of our friends disappeared says jasmine. okay now your just talking nonsense says oliva what no im not says jasmine she thats how it all happened says ashley.

in fact ashley read stories about the fun house says jasmine what about the fun house says oliva. why this amusement park shut i think is cause of the fun house says ashley. plys whoever went in there would either end up dead or never dound says jasmine.

well if thats the case then we should call the police beause as of right now this place is now a crime scene says oliva. no way says ashley. then what do you want to do says oliva. our best bet is call a private investagator that way we wont get the police involved says jasmine. okay fine lets do that then says oliva.

oliva jasmine and ashley all go to the police station to file a report of a crime. after they get done reporting the crime they all get back home. when all the sudden ashley hears a voice outside from her house sounding like her friend hannah saying help me ashley. ashley gets up and goes to the amusement park but once she get there thre is no sign of hannah anywhere.

are you alright ashley says oliva yes im fine says ashley. you dont seem fine you need to sit down says jasmine. what made you come here in the first place says oliva. i thought i heard hannah calling for help says ashley. okay obviously you need to rest and you also to find a way to keep your mind off of this says jasmine. so go home and rest says oliva.

oliva takes ashley home in her car to rest after she stops and drops her off. oliva heads back to jasmine. but once she gets there jasmine is gone just like the others. looks like it just her now. she goes back to pick up ashley. what happened says ashley i dont know i left to take you home she was still here but once i got back she was gone says oliva.

things just start getting stranger and stranger says ashley. i know we should contact the rest of our friends says oliva. why said ashley. i am tired of waiting around it time to take our own action and start looking for them says oliva. ill go get mid and farah says ashley ill go get victoria and amie says oliva. they get the rest of them and start searching or raelynn and hannah and jessica. when all of the sudden ashley spots something behind the fun house.

i found something says ashley what did you find says oliva its some sort of trapped door that leads under the fun house says ashley. odd i wonder if the people who shut down the amusement park knew about this says ashley. well lets go check it out says farah. im not so sure about this says ashley. what do you mean says victoria. something is very off says ashley.

look do you want to find them says oliva of course i do says ashley. why dont we look and see if they are in here says amie i just dont think its a good idea or safe says ashley. what makes you think that says mia. just by the look of it says ashley. i thnk she makes a good point says mia maybe we should look somewhere lese besides its locked anyway says farah. lets go somewhere else and look says mia. umm oliva says victoria. i found something says mia. what is it says oliva its a warning sign says mia.

a warning thats strange says victoria i know especially when your looking for missing people says amie. mia goes on her phone and looks up what warning signs mean in an abandoned amusement park says oliva. mia goes on her phone while shes goes into the fun house while shes walking. mia get out of there says oliva. but she doesnt hear her.
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